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I adore tower defense games, so I couldn't pass up a chance to play Roblox All Star Tower Defense. Like that is not enough, the towers in the game are anime characters from legendary shows like One Piece and Naruto. The game offers more than 100+ characters for you to unlock, so which ones should you look for? I found it tough to understand the value and potential of each character, so I decided to test them all. Here's an All Star Tower Defense tier list of the best ASTD characters for you to choose from.

All Characters in All Star Tower Defense, Ranked

Best ASTD Characters (S Tier)

S Tier Character NameTypeRarity
Lucci (Heaven)Ground7
Star KingHybrid7
Black Stache (Timeskip)Support6
Demon of EmotionGround6
Ruffy (Mystical)Ground6
Ikki (Dark)Ground6
Kura (Darkness)Ground6
ZIO (Ascended)Ground6
Light Marine (Serious)Air6
Ms. Love TSGround6
Orange Head (Gildarts)Ground6
The Boys (Eustass Kidd)Ground6
Loving Pillar (Mitsuri Kanroji)Hybrid6
Death (Ryuk)Ground6
Super MugeHybrid6
Zaruto (Path)Ground6
Legendary Leader (Uchiha Madara)Hybrid6
Zazashi (Perfection)Ground6
Kosuke (Full Samurai)Ground 6
Demonside (Ultimate)Air6
Bellma (Super Money Corp)Support5
Star Boy (Giorno Giovanna)Ground5
Onwin (Erwin)Support5
The Patriot (Funny Valentine)Ground5
Mysterious X (Satoru Gojou)Ground5
Dr. Heart (Trafalgar Law)Air5

A Tier ASTD Characters

A Tier Character NameTypeRarity
Crow (After)Hybrid6
Ice X MarineGround6
Ruffy (Snake SSS)Ground6
Jokato Koju IVGround6
Mysterious X (VOID)Support6
King of Heroes (Gilgamesh)Hybrid6
Hirito (Omega)Hybrid6
Organs (Outrage)Hybrid6
Tokens (Gotenks)Hybrid6
The Strongest Curse (Sukuna)Ground6
Flaming Tiger (Justice)Ground6
Bird Magician (Avdol)Ground5
Rodoroki (Enraged)Ground5
Ruffy (Kid)Ground5
Jenos (Overdrive)Hill5
Buddha Chairman (Netero)Ground5
Kura (Light Yagami)Ground5
Paper Beauty (Awaken)Ground5
Zorro (Draccule Mihawk)Hill5
Janji (Wedding)Ground5
Alligator (Awakened)Ground5
Wish (Whis)Support5
Koku Black Pink (Goku Black SSR)Hill5
Spider BossGround5
Bellma (Money Corp)Support4
Flower MagusSupport4
Sword (Maid)Support4
Salesman (Escanor)Support4

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B Tier All Star Tower Defense Characters

B Tier Character NameTypeRarity
Golden Supreme Leader (Golden Frieza)Hill6
Mikato (Minato)Ground6
Ganyu (July)Air5
Ice Queen (B)Ground6
Whitestache (Final)Ground6
The PathGround6
Joke Da Fool (Hisoka)Ground5
The AssistantGround5
Meta-Knight (Suzaku)Ground5
Ice Marine (Admiral Aokiji)Ground5
Super Future T (Future Trunks)Ground5
Silver XGround5
Mountain Cannon (Garp)Ground5
Blinding Lights (Fujitora)Ground5
Tyrant (Bartholomew Kuma)Hybrid5
Demon Spirit Detective (Yusuke)Ground5
Super Boo (Super Buu)Ground5
Legendary Borul (Broly SSJ)Hill5
Fire Boy (Shinra)Ground5
Tornado Girl (Tatsumaki)Hybrid5
Amen (Armin Arlert)Ground5
Venom (Magellan)Ground5
Card Collector, YugoHill5
Renitsu (Zenitsu)Ground5
Handsome JOGround5

C Tier ASTD Characters

C Tier Character NameTypeRarity
Club Beast (Kaido)Ground6
All-Powerful (All Might) Ground 5
Troy Honda (Roy Mustang)Air5
Humble- Swordman (Tanjiro)Ground5
Zazashi (Ultimate) Ground 5
Undertaker (Overhaul)Ground5
Ginbei (Jinbei)Ground5
Hirito (Kirito)Ground5
Ice Queen (Rukia)Ground5
4- Eye Sorcerer (Kento Nanami)Ground5
Flaming Tiger (Rengoku)Ground5
Fire Officer (Benimaru)Ground5
Jokato Koju (Jotaro Kujo)Ground5
Kogan (Gohan )Ground5
Gate (Gilgamesh)Ground5
Toad-Master (Jiraiya)Ground5
Ikki (Blood War)Hill5
Red Servant (Emiya)Ground5
Tatsu (Half)Ground5
Tony Stark (Coyote Stark)Ground5
Crazwind (Sanemi Shinazugawa)Ground5
Koku (Alternative)Ground4
Blossom (Cherry)Ground4
Kriffin (Awakened)Hill4

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D Tier ASTD Characters

D Tier ASTD Character NameTypeRarity
Supreme Leader (Frieza Final Form)Hill5
Airren (Eren Yeager)Ground5
Black Stache (Blackbeard)Ground5
Falcon (Hawks)Ground5
Stampede (100%) - MobGround5
Worl (Infinite Power)Ground5
Crazwind (Sanemi Shinazugawa)Ground5
Plant Man (Zetsu)Ground5
Pang (Pain)Ground5
Whitestache (Whitebeard)Ground5
Genie (Aladdin)Ground5
Spade (Ace)Hill5
Duhrai (Darui)Ground5
Killer (Lightspeed)Ground5
Ultra KokuHill5
Yoshaga Kiryu (Yoshikage Kira)Ground5
"God" Captain ("God" Usopp)Ground5
Mina (Strong)Ground5
Hammer Giant (War Hammer Titan)Ground5
Lucky Green (Yuno)Hill5
Gen (Gon)Ground4
Shirtless Magician (Gray Fullbuster)Ground4
Alligator (Crocodile)Ground4
Janji TS (Sanji TS)Ground4
Masked Captain (Sniper King)Hill4
Borul (Broly)Hill4
Ikki (Mask)Ground4
Purple Smoke (Pannacotta Fugo)Ground4
One-I (Kaneki)Ground4
Koku DripHill4
Grizsloth (King)Hill4
Maskice (Haku)Ground4
Xerxes (Edward Elric)Ground4
Finch (Nico Robin)Ground4
Blossom (Sakura)Ground3
Kid T (Kid Trunks)Ground3
Boggi"The Clown" (Buggy "The Clown")Ground3
Ryugo (Ryuko)Ground3

E Tier ASTD Characters

D Tier Character NameTypeRarity
Snakeomaru (Orochimaru)Ground4
Organs (Guts)Ground4
Taara (Gaara)Hill4
Pang (Demon)Hill4
Maskice (Haku)Ground4
Gash (Vash)Ground4
Stampede (Mob)Ground4
Super Koku (Goku SSJ2)Hill4
Lami TS (Nami TS)Ground4
Rodoroki (Todoroki)Ground4
Pang (Human)Ground4
Zio Brundo (Dio Brundo)Ground4
Kosuke (Rogue)Ground4
Pang (Demon)Hill4
Rhikamaru (Shikamaru)Ground4
Lex (Levi)Ground4
Lemari (Temari)Ground4
Inoyaza (Inuyasha)Ground4
Tatsu (Natsu)Ground4
Ninenine TS (Tenten Shippuden)Ground4
Koro TS (Zoro Timeskip)Ground4
Hirito GGOGround4
Supreme Leader (Frieza)Hill4
Spirit Detective (Yusuke)Ground4
Killer (Killua)Ground4
Koku (Goku)Hill3
Ruffy (Luffy)Ground3
Captain (Usopp)Ground3
Koro (Zoro)Ground3
Worl (Deku)Ground3
Anti Magician (Asta)Ground3
Wrathdioas (Meliodas)Air3
Kosuke (Sasuke)Ground3
Uru (Uryu)Single3
Boulder Li (Rock Lee)Ground3
Limilia (Emilia)Hill3
Kid Zaruto (Kid Naruto)Summoner3
Ninenine (Tenten)Ground3
Ruwabara (Kuwabara)Ground3
Ikki (Ichigo)Ground3
Jon Jo (Jonathan Joestar)Ground3
Zaruto (Naruto)Ground3
Sonku (Senku)Ground3
Bomba (Bakugo)Ground3

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