Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 Guide – Locations, List, & How to Get Eggs!

We're taking a look at all of the information surrounding the Roblox Egg Hunt in 2020 with this guide. We've got a full egg list, checklist, locations, and information on all the games that will feature eggs that you can collect! We also have a guide on how to collect all of the eggs that have been scattered across each of these Roblox games.

Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 Release Date

Looks like Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 has started early and you can start collecting eggs as of April 6th/7th, 2020. The event lasted for three weeks, and ended on April 28th, 2020.

Egg Checklist

If you want to keep track of the eggs you're collecting, you can use the following checklist (credit to Bloxy News Twitter).

List of Eggs

Here's a look at all of the eggs that will be available in the Egg Hunt. Some of the egg names were abbreviated to fit them onto the image! Please credit Pro Game Guides if you use the following image elsewhere.


You can get an item that allows you to view all the possible eggs you get, as well as view all the ones you've collected by getting the Eggphone item! Once you have the item, you'll be able to access it in any game that is participating in the Egg Hunt.

Other Eggs

There's three eggs you can get that need to be shot out of special launchers. There's a Developer, Influencer, and Admin Launcher. The developer ones will obviously be available to developers of games. The Influencer Launcher will be given to your favorite YouTubers and Roblox personalities, and they will likely advertise games you can join up to so you can collect the egg. Finally, there's the Admin Launcher that will be likely used only by Roblox employees. I also believe the Admin Launcher will be for sale at some point as well.

Collect All Eggs

If you're able to collect all 49 eggs, you will be given the FabergEgg of the New Decade! You will receive this within two weeks of the end of the Egg Hunt 2020 event.

Egg Hunt 2020 Guide

We've got a bunch of the eggs listed below with the game you will be able to obtain them in. I'm including videos on how to get each one, and going through trying to add some more tips on each of them as I attempt to collect them all myself!

Adopt Me, Chick! (Adopt Me!)

Brainfreeze Egg (Break In)

Britannegg (Sinking Ship: Britannic)

Cheggered Flag (Ultimate Driving: Westover)

Chocolate Bunny Egg (Egg Simulator)

This is a long one because you pretty much just have to play the entire game. Look for the icon labeled Egg Hunt and you'll find all of the objectives you need to complete. Collect a bunch of eggs, chocolate bunnies, gems, and a whole lot more to get your Chocolate Bunny Egg! I found that you need to always be on the look out for the chocolate bunnies, because you need 25 of them and they can be scarce. Make sure to upgrade your bag after you sell some eggs, so you can purchase pets in the shop to hatch. Check the quests log to see what you need to do to complete one of those because it's required to finish the challenge!

Despacitegg (Robloxian High School)

Deteggctive W. Wolf (A Wolf or Other)

Jump into a game and you will need to locate a golden egg that spawns randomly on the map. You can get this no matter what character you end up starting out being. Then you'll need to survive until the end of the game with the egg, or hope that the Wolf is killed by the Sheriff (if you aren't the Wolf). This is pretty hard to do if you aren't the Wolf or the Sheriff, so keep trying and hopefully you get lucky!

Doc Holidegg (The Wild West)

Dreggon's Breath (Treasure Quest)

Dragon Eggventure (Dragon Adventures)

Eg (eg!)

Egg of Cthulu (Scuba Diving at Quill Lake)

I really like this one, because it's simple yet there's some gameplay elements to obtaining the egg. Follow the red and white eggs to the quest giver, then go down into the basement of the tower. You can still follow the eggs, which will lead you to a red and blue door. Pick a side and complete the puzzles (you have to do both). The blue side is a parkour type little jumping portion, and then a disappearing platform you need to run across to obtain the blue key. The red side is a couple of simple puzzles, one requires you to light up all the lights (from left to right, flip 2 and 4). The other is a matching game, where you need to pair pictures together! Complete that to obtain the red key. Bring both of these keys to the middle room, and you will obtain the Egg of Cthulu egg!

Egg of Hearts (Astral Hearts)

Egg of Hidden Treasures (Build a Boat for Treasure)

Egg of the High Skies (Plane Crazy)

Egg of the Shard Seeker (Shard Seekers)

Eggcentric Time Capsule (Speed Race)

The hardest part about this one is actually getting to play the right map. You need to play the map called Heist. It should randomly be an option and once it is you can obtain the egg by completing the race. Just run through as normal and avoid all the laser beams. You'll eventually see the egg which you then need to grab and finish the rest of the race. Once you finish, you will have earned the Eggcentric Time Capsule egg!

Eggchanted (Royale High)

Eggcicle (Ski Resort)

Eggmunition (Bad Business)

A really easy one to get, you just need to get eliminations in the game. I got it within about 30 seconds of playing the game, so you shouldn't have too much trouble unless you never play FPS games.

Eggobot (Robot Inc.)

This is a really easy one to do! Jump into the game and ignore the tutorial if you've never played the game before. Run around and collect five eggs while avoiding other players and robots (they will attack you if you get too close). Once you've collected five eggs, you will then need to collect 10 more eggs. Run around the map and collect those and you will then earn the Eggobot egg!

Eggraging Shark of the Sea (Sharkbite)

Pretty difficult one if you don't find a game where people are just allowing you to grab the item you need. The shark spawns with a key attached to a rope on its tail. You need to touch the key to obtain it and open the vault at the lobby area. Try to join up with some friends so you can have a better chance to get the key. Otherwise, you can try to kill the shark and grab the key afterwards. Once you've gotten the key, run over to the big vault door that is on the ground in the lobby. You'll drop down into a secret cave area where you can collect the Eggraging Shark of the Sea egg!

Eggsplosive Artifact of Energy (Deathrun)

Epic Egg (Epic Minigames)

This is a pretty easy one, you just need to join up and play the Egg Juggernaut minigame. If you get that game, then you'll have to defeat the big bunny and you can then collect the egg.

Fried Chicken Egg (Zombie Rush)

Ghastly Egg (Ghost Simulator)

Giga Zombegg (Zombie Strike)

Jump in a game and hit the big green play button. You want to join or create a game for [EVENT] Egg Mech Zombie which is listed under Boss. When you find a game, you'll just need to shoot the egg boss over and over again until it runs out of health. Avoid any of the red circles on the ground and jump over the rings when the Egg Zombie pounds the ground. The egg will eventually become stationary and fire off larger eggs, just avoid these and continue doing damage until its dead to earn the Giga Zombegg!

Gourmet Egg (Restaurant Tycoon 2)

Heroic Egg of Owlsomeness (Hero Havoc)

This one is a bit tedious, but isn't too difficult. Go into the game and look for an evil looking Easter Bunny. Talk to it and you will receive a quest to go into the forest and retrieve eggs from Owols. To get to the forest, you need to head to the big blue portal and select The Forest and teleport there. Fight the brown Owols that spawn at this location, you will need to fight a lot of them because they don't always drop an egg. Keep this up until you've collected 10! Return to the green portal and teleport back to The Town. Talk to the evil Easter Bunny and you will be given the egg!

iEgg 12 Max Pro (Texting Simulator)

This one is really easy, just run across the map and find the guy near a van. Talk to him and he'll start the egg quest for you. You need to now go to one of the terminals, it has a red arrow pointing down over it. There's one pretty close to the van. Go to the terminal and it will ask you to enter a sequence of 0s and 1s. If you are on PC, you can do this easily on the keyboard. You can use the same terminal over and over again to eventually complete the egg. Once you've got all the egg fragments, you will be rewarded with the iEgg 12 Max Pro!

Invasion Egg (Mad City)

Lost Egg of the Minery (Minery)

Talk to Algy the Eggsplorer who has a large egg over his head. He will give you coordinates that you need to go to to obtain the egg. You need to mine yourself there, focus on getting to the X and Z coordinate. The Y is how high or low you are on the map, so that can be easily mined to when you get to X and Z. You will eventually come to some blocks that can't be mined. You have to just mine around in this area and kind of run into the egg. It's basically a maze, so you just gotta get a bit lucky to run into the egg.

Marine Egghibit (Flop)

This egg is a pretty annoying to do, so only go for it if you've got a tolerance for pain. While I can't verify this for sure, it appears the egg you need can be found under the purple hat on the bookshelf (that's where I found mine). You need to get onto the shelf (use the elevator at the base of the shelf), grab the hat, and then move it to reveal the egg. Grab the egg and take it over to the frying pan in the kitchen. Just jump into the frying pan with the egg attached to you. It will turn into a cooked egg, and you then need to bring it over to the Roblox character and feed it to him. You just need to drop the egg on the red conveyor that leads to his mouth. He should eat the fried egg and you will be rewarded with the Marine Egghibit egg!

My Droplegg (My Droplets)

Join up in the game and adopt a pet real quick. Once you're in the actual game, you will talk to a large Easter bunny who wants you to collect flowers. These are all around the map you are currently on. They are much larger than the little pink flowers you see on the ground. You will find them near buildings in the starting area, and other places on the map. Run up to on and pick it up, you then need to take it over to the big green bunny. You can only carry one at a time, so you need to run back and forth quite a few times to complete it! Check out the video below to see exactly where you need to go.

Poached Egg of the Sea (Whatever Floats Your Boat)

Roundcat Egg (Super Doomspire)

Royal Egg of the Bearers (Bear)

Saber Boss Egg (Saber Simulator)

Once you enter the game, either look for the egg icon on your screen and hit that or look for the bright yellow portal that says Easter Event on it. Enter that portal and walk into the circle with the bunnies nearby. You will then be required to run around and collect 100 eggs. They spawn in this area, so just run around collecting them. Bring those eggs back to the quest circle and it will open up the large door. Go through there and jump across the parkour section and face off against the boss rabbit. You just need to take out your saber and wack him 50 times. Once you've done that, you will receive the Saber Boss Egg!

Samurai Egg (Dungeon Quest)

Shady Subjeggct (Murder)

Supercharged Striker Egg (Super Striker League)

Join up into a game and an egg with a force field around it will spawn. You can tackle into this egg over and over again to break the shield. Once the shield is broken, you will need to grab the egg before someone else does! Eggs will respawn multiple times in a game, so you don't need to leave if someone else grabs it.

Swarming Egg of the Hive (Bee Swarm Simulator)

Tenteggcle Alien (Theme Park: Gravity Oasis)

Run through the entrance and a scientist guy will flag you down and tell you to retrieve three scrap. To get the scrap, you just need to ride a roller coaster three times. You can ride the same one three times, so no need to do a different one. Return to the scientist and jump onto the teleporter pad that is next to him.

From there you need to run through this area finding items and progressing through the level. You'll first need to locate a ladder, then run through some vents, find a keycard, collect gears, and more. It's pretty easy, you just need to keep moving forward. If you're struggling, check out the video below!

The Eggtherian (Monsters of Etheria)

Time Traveler's Egg (Time Travel Eggventures)

Tiny Tank Egg (Tiny Tanks)

It's a pretty simple egg, just play the game and destroy the other team's tanks. One of your eliminations will eventually drop the egg, and you can run it over to collect it and you will be rewarded with the Tiny Tank Egg!

Tower of Eggs (Tower Defense Simulator)

Venture Egg (Venture Land)

Talk to the eyeball egg gal that is right at spawn to get the egg hunt quest. Then jump in your vehicle and drive around the map running into eggs. They are all over the place, I found quite a few on the beach. You need to destroy 30 eggs, once you do you will be rewarded with the Venture Egg!

Wicked Egg of Calamity (Hotel Stories)

This is a pretty easy one, you just need to enter the Egg Hunt Mission Eggpossible and run through the story. It's all pretty self-explanatory and once you beat the final group of snakes you will obtain the egg. Here's a video if you're having trouble.

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  1. I’m closing comments because everything I’m getting is just asking about the FabergEgg of the New Decade. If you collected 49 eggs you will receive it within a few days of the event ending.

    This has now been changed to TWO WEEKS after the event ended. So, you won’t have it for a bit unfortunately.

  2. Can I still get the eggmin egg?

    1. I believe if someone has the cannon they can still shoot them out for people.

  3. Collected all 49 eggs, but didnt get the Fabergegg of the new decade! How do I get the bonus egg???

    1. It will be awarded in the next few days!

  4. Can I still get the eggs that come from the egg launchers?

    1. For today you can, not sure afterwards.

  5. I can’t get the whatever floats ur boat egg! I got all of the EXECPT the whatever floats ur boat egg. I am so annoyed! I have watched like 20 yt videos! I have stole and kept my egg safe so many times! I wanna start crying pls help 🙁

    1. Have you interacted with the egg? If you havent then go to the podiam where the orb is and press f (I dont remember the keybind) then survive a round then you’ll get it. Hope this helps get the egg and complete the egg hunt!

      1. Oh yeah forgot to say it will say if you want to start the egg hunt or something like that when that message appears click yes then like I said before surivive a round and then you get the egg.

  6. Is there a domunois sorry if I spelt that wrong I saw an egg domunouis
    and the egg hunt group showed it and said you would get it when you get all the eggs.

    1. I’m not aware of any egg dominus for 2020.

      1. It’s now an egg dominus, it is the eggsicle egg, from the ski resort lol

  7. I didn’t get the Faber egg I have completed all 49 eggs plus the 3 YouTube, admin and developer egg. But still doesn’t have the Faber egg I thought when the even ends you automatically get it.

    1. The event is still going, you should hopefully get it tomorrow.

  8. Can we still get eggs on april 28th?

    1. I believe you can still.

      1. I can even get them at 29th.

        1. They announced on Twitter it will be released to people within the next few days.

  9. hi i am hussien i want to thank you very much i got all eggs in egg hunt 2020

  10. PLS help me i have 43 eggs and i need 10 more and i don’t know what egg i need cuz i only found 9 and i have no idea which one i need pls help

    1. Use the Eggphone item in game to see which you are missing:

  11. will we be able to keep them 4ever

    1. Yes!

  12. I dont understand how to get the three launched eggs? HELP

    1. You need to join a game where people have the launchers and they are sharing eggs. Look for someone like DeeterPlays on YouTube.

  13. I got all eggs even youtube, admin and devoloper .
    When will I get Faber egg and are there any robux whennu get it ?
    P.S. tnx Deeter for those eggs!

    1. You’ll get it at the end of the event.

  14. thanks for the help!

  15. Hi, I have a question: As the egg hunt ends the 28th day, is that day included, I mean would we be able to get eggs even the 28th day?

    1. Yes you will be able to get the eggs


    1. Just go on mobile the give you the egg for free

      1. In both Monsters Of Etheria and Tiny Tanks

  17. Will you be able to get the eggveloper and starcreator egg even if you are not a creator or developer

    1. You have to go into a game where someone has a launcher of those and you can collect them when they fire them in the game.

  18. hi! i got every egg, including the three launched eggs (which aren’t needed to obtain the faberegg), yet i still haven’t gotten the faberegg. do you know why this could be? i joined a game to check my eggs and i have 52/53, the one missing being thee faberegg. do i just have to wait?

    1. Yes I have gotten all eggs (exception for eggmin and star creator) and haven’t gotten the FabergeEgg I don’t know the problem maybe we get the FabergEgg at the end of the hunt either way we need to report this to Roblox incase this is some sort of bug that needs fixing.

      1. I have just figured out that to get the fabergegg you must have all the eggs (double check to make sure you haven’t missed one (exception for eggmin, etc.)). You have to wait till the event is over to get the egg.

    2. Hey Peter do you know who gave you the launched eggs because I need the admin one and the developer one still?

      1. yeah totally! it was deeterplays, he’s the youtuber that made the videos in this article. you can join his game by going to his account. if he’s online and playing a game you can join him and he launches eggs! his roblox account name is DeeterPlays.

    3. It’s supposed to be given out after the event.

  19. Thanks I got all the eggs

  20. will any of these eggs be on sale as limited items after the event

    1. I hope tht is the case bc I got 52 and of 53

      1. that isnt the case, these eggs are event exclusive items so they wont be for sale, including the launch eggs and fabergegg

        1. Will you able to trade the eggs?

          1. No,trust me bc i Fried it before in Egg Hunt 2019

  21. Thanks for the guide! Helps a lot.

  22. can anyone help me get the MURDER egg I know what u have to do to get it but it took me about 48 rounds and no luck I have collected 48 eggs and I don’t want to miss the very special egg because of MURDER egg so if you could help me I would be so happy my username is XxXxAlice27301xXxX

    1. if you keep playing if you are the egg head you will get it if you are killed so just keep playing it took me ages.

      1. Or just AFK; the murderer will (hopefully) kill you every round until you die as the egg person.

  23. I got all of the eggs but when I went into a game to look at them they were all gone do you know what happened

    1. There are bugs with the egg phone. It doesn’t always show all of your eggs. This happened to me, but I checked back later and they were there.

    2. Did you maybe log into a different account? Or maybe just wait a day and check again it could’ve just been a lag.

  24. How do i collect the final egg? Ive gotten literally all the other eggs

    1. You have to wait for the event to be over.

      1. TYSM OMG :))

  25. How do i get the extra eggs? I’ve gotten the ELEGGTRIFYING EGGMIN OF 2020 but i can’t find the others.

  26. I spend hour after hour on the game called MURDER and nothing so if I could get it some how or have a hack on getting it I would be happy

    1. you have to get killed if you have the egg and your a bystander if your a murderer than you kill the person with the egg

      1. i know that but i have a vip server and my friend join me and we played and played after an hour and then another and then another and nothing

  27. thanks so much for making this article! im having tons of fun doing this hunt.

  28. I got many eggs from watching these vids <3

  29. Hey, I have some easy methods to collect the Tiny Tank Egg and Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020!

    Tiny Tank Egg: Simply join up Tiny Tanks on a mobile phone and get the egg!

    Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020: Join up Gu4rana on Roblox! He is public and is wiling to give out Admin Eggs!

    1. U also can get Eggtherian with easiest way too…. Just play it on mobile and done…

      1. I know, I was going to add this Eggtheria but I forgot.

  30. I have all 49 eggs and I know I have to wait till the 28th to the 50 one but how do I get the other 3????

    1. Those 3 are the Star Creaeggtor, Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020, and the Eggveloper Egg of “X,Y,Z”. You get them by joining the game of an admin, developer, or a video star, and having them shoot the eggs out of special launchers they have.