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Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

Trade for top-tier toilet trashers!

Toilet Tower Defense (TTD) is one of the latest tower defense-style games to rocket up the Roblox experience charts, and once you play, you’ll realize why.

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It has a unique theme (inspired by the YouTube hit Skibidi Toilet) alongside fun and challenging gameplay. At the same time, it is still relatively new, making it easier to get in on the ground floor. While there aren’t a mind-boggling number of units and mechanisms yet, I’ve found there are already more than enough choices to keep the game interesting and offer varied strategies. So read on for my Toilet  Tower Defense tier list. 

Best Units Tier list - Roblox Toilet Tower Defense (TTD)

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You’ll find the absolute best units listed just below in my SS-Tier list, with other units then graded down from S and then A, B, and C, with C-Tier units being the worst. Remember that this list is my opinion, so you may well rank units differently.

Also, keep in mind that some units may not be good on most maps but may be crucial on some levels (such as Caerma Repair Drone), so their niche value may see them drop a tier or two overall, but you’ll want to have one! Also, remember to keep an eye out for units you don't have in trade offers.

  • SS-Tier units: These are the best units in the game and will always be vying for a place in your team.
  • S-Tier units: These are often easier to get than SS-Tier units but will still take you all the way to end-game while you look out for those SS-Tier units.
  • A-Tier units: Solid units you’ll see in many teams, often to end game, as well as niche units that are invaluable against certain enemy types.
  • B-Tier units: OK early to mid-game, but can usually be replaced quite quickly by committed players.
  • C-Tier units: You should try to replace these units in your team as early as possible, as there are always better options available.

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SS-Tier Toilet Tower Defense Units

Mech Cameraman

This legendary unit (Main Crate, one percent chance) evolves with each game upgrade, making its damage and effectiveness hard to pin down, but it is always awesome! It only costs $400 to put out for 6k DPS at level 5, as well as slowing enemies.  

Titan Cameraman

This unit is only available to buy with Robox (199). If you do pick it up, you’ll be investing in a high DPS unit (7.5k at level 5) with a good reach attack radius of 55.

Titan Cinemaman

The best TV unit currently in the game, this Mythic rarity unit (0.1 percent chance in Main Crate) is expensive to put out ($2,000) but, once upgraded, does massive AOE damage (15k DPS at level 6 with an attack radius of 40).

Upgraded Titan Cameraman

This Mythic tower has an eight percent chance of appearing in the Exclusive Crate and can be traded for. Once leveled up, this unit has great utility for any battle, offering AOE damage plus fire and slow effects.

Upgraded Titan Speakerman

If you’re looking for the best speaker unit in the game, look no further. This Mythic unit only costs $1,000 to place and starts to do AOE damage once upgraded to level 3. But the main pull of this unit is that at Levels 4 and 5 it can block stun attacks

S-Tier Toilet Tower Defense Units

Camera Helicopter

Found in the Main Crate (Epic, four percent chance), this unit drops minions from its placement location that will seek out enemies to shoot at. You can only place two, but they can be upgraded to increase minion DPS and spawn speed. 

Dark Speakerman

Many consider this the worst of the Legendary units due to its low DPS (1.5k at level 5), but this is made up for with a very low cost to place, making it a solid option early on. 

Engineer Cameraman

An exclusive unit with a one percent chance of appearing in the Exclusive Scientist Crate. A fun unit that starts at your base dripping minions as it goes and running over enemies until it runs out of HP. 

Jetpack Cameraman

Can only be bought in the shop with Robux. It has one of the best DPS ratings in the game, rising from 4k when spawned up to 10k at the maximum level. 

Ninja Cameraman

This legendary unit (one percent chance from the standard Main Crate) only costs 200 to place and does 2k DPS at level 5 (with a range of 30), so it is great for early game.   

Scientist Cameraman

There’s a 70 percent chance to get this unit in the Exclusive Scientist Crate. It does no damage but increases your money received at the end of each round. It is also useful on stun-heavy maps to shield attacking units, as it will be targeted to be stunned by enemies, but the stun doesn’t stop its ability. 

Titan Speakerman

While this Legendary unit has a less-than-impressive 5k DPS at level 5, it can hit multiple enemies with its attack, which makes it a solid damage dealer. 

Titan TV Man

No other Legendary unit does as much damage, reaching 4.5k fully upgraded to level 6. The downside is the $1,000 placement price and relatively low attack radius (30).

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A-Tier Toilet Tower Defense Units

Camera Repair Drone

This is the number one unstun unit in the game, which is also able to take down the Helicopter Parasite Toilet. Super useful in both Toilet HQ and Cameraman HQ, where you’ll face multiple attackers that can stun your towers. Unfortunately, it is only available for Robux, so look out for it in trades if you’re FTP.

Large Cameraman

This is an Epic unit, making it easier to get hold of than most top-tier towers, with a placement price of just $200. At level 4, it has 1k DPS but a low range of 24. However, until you find some stronger units, this is a solid early-round addition to your team.

Laser Cameraman Car

A great Legendary tier DPS that puts out 7k damage across a solid 40 radius (at level five), while costing just 300 to place.  

Medic Cameraman

If you can’t afford (or find) a Camera Repair Drone (above), Medic Cameraman is your other option for removing stuns on maps such as Toilet HQ. However, it does not attack, so be sure to remove it from your team if you’re not facing enemies using stun. It is an Epic rarity unit in the Main Crate rotation. 

Secret Agent

This unique unit needs to be played well to be effective, but when you do, it is a game-changer. It costs $1,000 to place and has a 60-second cooldown… but it does 100k damage (or 200k at level 3)! This makes it the perfect boss killer. 

B-Tier Toilet Tower Defense Units

Solid upgrades from the C-tier units below, but all can be replaced with better options above:

  • Car Speakerman
  • Large Speakerman
  • Large TV Man
  • Surveillance Camerawoman
  • TV Man
  • TV Woman

C-Tier Toilet Tower Defense Units 

Try to replace these units in your squad as quickly as possible:

  • Cameraman
  • Camerawoman
  • Large Scientist Cameraman
  • Speaker Helicopter:
  • Speakerman

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