How do you cross the wrecked ship in Soulstice?

Soulstice is a spectacle fighter game where you play as sisters Briar and Lute, who seek to cleanse the city of Ilden of evil. The game features unique hack and slash mechanics and allows you to play two characters simultaneously during combat. While the combat is relatively straightforward, the game’s exploration can sometimes be confusing. Here’s how […]

How to do an air hike in Soulstice

Since Soulstice is a game that derives inspiration from the beloved Devil May Cry series, there is one thing Devil May Cry fans are dying to know about this spectacle fighter. Can you do an air hike? The answer is yes, and the maneuver is cinematic and fun to pull off. From the first level, Soulstice […]

How to complete the red crystal room in Soulstice

Soulstice is a spectacle fighter game focusing on two sisters, Briar and Lute. They explore together, discover their land’s history together, and even fight alongside one another. While traversing the level Echoes from the Past, a tricky puzzle brings the player’s exploration to a halt. Here’s how to complete the red crystal room in Soulstice. […]

How to destroy the Cobalt Vein on Ildenmere Bridge in Soulstice

Soulstice is a spectacle fighter that focuses on two sisters with extraordinary powers, Briar and Lute. Each sister brings different skills to the table, working in harmony during combat to defeat evil. One of Lute’s unique skills is the Evocation Field, which temporarily reveals objects in the spirit realm and gives them substance. Using this ability, she […]

What are the red, blue, and green orbs for in Soulstice?

Soulstice is a spectacle fighter game inspired by the Devil May Cry series, centering around two sisters named Briar and Lute. These sisters fight evil alongside one another, solving puzzles and discovering the source of widespread evil. Upon defeat, enemies drop red, blue, and green orbs. Here’s an explanation of the red, blue, and green […]