Seven Knights 2 welcomes Dark Dragon of Destruction Scott and Mythic Grade Pets in its latest Update

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Seven Knights 2, Netmarble’s popular mobile MMORPG sequel, has just received a new Legendary+ Hero, a new Mythic Pet, and a brace of time-limited events in its latest content update. 

Starting right now you, can acquire Dark Dragon of Destruction, Scott, a Legendary+ Defense type character with ranged abilities. 

Scott is deadly against Healers since he grants an immovable burning effect every three attacks. Plus, he recovers 100% of his HP and inflicts various unremovable effects on enemies whenever an ally dies. Scott’s Ultimate Skill, meanwhile, deals damage to every enemy within a circular blast radius. If an enemy is burning, they take extra damage.

He's a fearsome addition to any squad—particularly a squad that’s facing off against a squad with a healer in it. 

Also included in the latest Seven Knights 2 update is the first Mythic-grade pet. Fangs of Vengeance Cale increases attack speed for all allies, grants fixed damage, and increases critical strike rate. On top of all that, Cale revives dead allies and removes debuffs when disabled. 

To celebrate this month’s fresh haul of sweet new stuff, Netmarble is running a host of events between May 10 and June 7. First up, there’s the 1.5 Year Anniversary check-in event, which is set to last until May 24. This one sees you receiving Gold, Pet Summon Tickets, Pet Fragment Chests, Lucky Fortune Cookies, and a ton of other rewards just for checking in. 

Then there’s the 1.5 Year Anniversary Lucky! Fortune Cookie Event. Also due to end on May 24, this event lets you exchange Fortune Cookies for various rewards, including Lucky Special Tickets. You can exchange these Lucky Special Tickets for pet-related items like Legendary+ Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, Pet Fragment Chests, and more. 

The 1.5 Year Anniversary Lucky Today, Lucky Tomorrow! event, also ending on May 24, lets you exchange two different types of Coins for Lucky Boxes, Pet Fragment Chests, and Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, among other goodies. 

Lastly, there’s the Scott’s Dark Dragon Power Summoning Event and the Lucky Event of Casper, which celebrate the new arrivals. 

The first lets you earn Scott’s Dark Dragon Power Coins to link with Seven Knights Pass for various rewards, and the second lets you complete a variety of in-game missions in order to obtain Casper’s Lucky Coins. Link these with Casper’s Seven Knights Pass to acquire even more loot.

Download Seven Knights 2 for free right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, or PC.

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