Tchia Review: A heartfelt delight worth exploring

Tchia is a cozy and charming adventure inspired by the real-world island of New Caledonia. While developer Awaceb took some liberties, the world of New Caledonia is easily recognizable in Tchia. Being able to experience this culture through Tchia’s world and gameplay enhances the thrill I experienced during my playthrough but doesn’t distract from how […]

This open world game encourages traveling through authentic exploration

One of the hardest challenges of crafting an open world is making it fun to explore. Many games fail to do so, either not having good movement options or lacking points of interest. However, Tchia aims to craft enjoyable exploration through an authentic experience. The Tchia Twitter states, “Glide, climb, swim, sail… Discover the smoothness […]

Everything included in the Oléti Edition of Tchia

Tchia is developed by Awaceb and published by Kepler Interactive. To celebrate its release, Awaceb has announced a special Oléti Edition of Tchia that includes various in-game items from other titles published by Keplar Interactive. This may leave you wondering what comes in the Oléti Edition of Tchia. Tchia Oléti Edition – All Contents The […]

Tchia shows off its real life inspirations

Tchia may be a fictional game set in an imaginary world, but it takes great pride in its real-life roots and inspirations. Developer Awaceb uses the real people, cultures, and locations of New Caledonia to craft the heartwarming and rich world of Tchia. The Awaceb YouTube channel uploaded its third episode in its developer mini-series, […]

Travel across mysterious islands to rescue your father in Tchia

The real-world New Caledonia has inspired a beautiful island and the culture within it in Tchia. To add a mystery, the developers have implemented a dark undertone to see players embark on a daring journey across the archipelago. What is Tchia’s plot? The Awaceb YouTube channel uploaded a gameplay trailer in which Meavora, the cruel […]