Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Best Shapeshifters Build & Team Comp (9.17)

Our Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Shapeshifters Build features a look at this currently popular team comp in the 9.17 patch! This build takes advantage of the recently buffed Shapeshifters class, and utilizes a full set of them to overpower your opponents.

Shapeshifters Build

Carries ~ Shyvana > Gnar / Swain

  • Shyvana ~ Hextech Gunblade / Warmog’s Armor / Thornmail. We make raid boss Shyvana here with sustain from Hextech & Warmog’s Armor. Guardian Angel can also work, but without healing it can be lackluster.
  • Swain ~ Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel. After that the 3rd slot has some flexibility you can put Redemption in to heal him when he revives from Guardian Angel or Rabadon’s Deathcap for more damage. You can also give him more survivability with Thornmail / Dragon’s Claw.
  • Gnar ~ Guardian Angel. This is to make sure he gets an ult off, and with the recent mana reduction it is easier to land them now. Gnar can benefit from attack speed and mana items which will enable quicker transforms. Any items that you get that do not work on Shyvana or Swain can go on Gnar.

Team Breakdown

  • Shapeshifters ~ Elise / Nidalee / Jayce / Shyvana / Gnar / Swain
  • Dragon ~ Shyvana / Aurelion Sol / Pantheon (Shyvana+1)
  • Others ~ Aurelion Sol / Leona / Pantheon

The build plays similar to Nobles in the sense you just keep the T1-2 units till you find Swain & Gnar and then go up to 6 Shapeshifters. At L7 you’ll be looking to have Pantheon or Aurelion Sol in and then after hitting L8 you will want Leona & Pantheon.


  • Shyvana wants to be front & center getting hit by both guardians. After that try to make sure she does not get hushed.
  • Gnar can be upfront with a Guardian Angel although it can work without depending on what you are facing. Normally, Gnar is 2nd row or backline to give him some time to ultimate.
  • Swain can be placed up front but this depends on if he is 2* and has a Guardian Angel. Normally, place him to be hit by double guardian for the extra armor.
  • Elise & Nidalee are both expendable and should be used to soak up damage and as Assassin / hook bait. You can also place them in the corners to try draw away AoE abilities.
    Jayce can either be up front or mid-row depending on how you use him. He can be very effective if you place him so he knocks away / stuns a high value front liner like Cho’Gath.

Leveling Guide

Pick up the early Shapeshifters you find. If you manage to 2* a Jayce it can be worth running 3 Shapeshifters early with Jayce carrying you. If you give him items make sure to pick up an extra copy so you can move the items later. You can also run the standard Knights + Damage opening if you have trouble finding Jayce/Shapeshifters.

Mid game 5-6

You want to be looking for Shyvana and trying to get her to 2*. After that it will allow you to use her to make sure you hit 3 Shapeshifters. If you find an early Leona then you can run Guardians till you find either Aurelion Sol or Pantheon for Dragon.

Late game 7-9

At this point you’ll be looking to hit 6 Shapeshifters when you find Swain & Gnar. At L7 you will want to use Aurelion Sol or Pantheon to give Shyvana the Dragon bonus. Then at L8 you will want to use Leona + Pantheon to get the Guardian buff, make sure it hits the high value Shapeshifters Gnar/Shyvana/Swain.

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