All answers to the Trial of Love in Tears of Themis – Stellis Anniversary event Festive Games guide

How well do you know Luke, Marius, Artem, and Vyn?

The Tears of Themis Anniversary event, Blissful Fête, runs throughout July and brings plenty of Stellis Celebrations for attorneys to enjoy and resources to farm for the coveted Shadow of Themis limited banner. From July 5, 2022, to July 30, 2022, you can play various Festive Games with your favorite male leads to earn S-Chips and Likes Celebration Stickers.

One of the Festive Games you can play is called the Trial of Love. Head to the Stellis Celebration menu above the X-Note, select Festive Games, and choose the Compatibility Test to begin.

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How to play Trial of Love in the Tears of Themis Anniversary event

Upon starting the game, you can choose any male lead to accompany you to play the Trial of Love, a Compatibility Test where you need to answer questions related to your male lead of choice. The mechanics are fairly simple: DAVIS will ask a question and give you three choices. Choose the correct answer to score points.

You need to answer all the questions correctly to get the S-Chip reward. There are four stages that unlock throughout the event, so make sure to check back once in a while. Don't forget to claim your rewards manually by clicking each reward above the score line (under stages)!

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All answers to the Trial of Love Compatibility Test in the Tears of Themis Anniversary Festive Games

Below are all the questions and answers for each male lead in the Trial of Love Festive Games. However, we recommend using Ctrl+F to search for the question you need an answer to, as there may be some overlaps between the questions for love interests. If you find a question that has been miscategorized or an incorrect answer, let us know in the comments below!

Luke Pearce

When entering a laboratory, which of the following attires is prohibited?Vest with shorts
When Luke was young, he couldn't be found at the Starry Light Show becauseThe Land God
No matter where he is or what he's doing, what does Luke always place first?Your safety
How many abs does Luke have?8
Rather than share his troubles with you, Luke would much ratherAccept sole responsibility
Which of the following is Luke not good at?Come up with a name
Luke once said "aqui te amo" to you. What does it mean in Spanish?I love you
142857 is a mysterious number. What is 2 times this number?285714
"Roses are red..." What is the next phrase to this love poem?Violets are blue
Which of the following is not a metal?Oxygen
When surviving in the wilderness, how can you find a fresh source of water?Look for animals and insects, such as birds or frogs
What's the name of Luke's antique shop?Time's Antiquities
Street skateboarding was evolved from which sport?Surfing
In middle school, you and Luke played charades. Which of the following words did Luke not guess?Eggplant
Can Luke handle spicy food?Not good at it
Which of the following does Luke belong to?Economic and Technological Crime Division, National Security Bureau
Luke's birthday is in December. Which of the 24 solar terms is closest to Luke's birthday?Winter solstice
In the escape room, what was the name of the damaged AI robot?Zero
What's the most important thing to Luke?Sherlock Holmes' treasure chest
Peanut, Luke's pet, is a type ofMyna
Luke enjoyed watching darts competition when he was young. The dartboard is divided into how many parts?20
Twenty Love Poems and A Desperate Song is a collection of poems by:Neruda
What kind of cuisine is Luke's tomato omelette?Home cooking
Luke once made a specialty cocktail for you. Its name was:Angel's Kiss
Does Luke talk in his sleep?No
What is the precipitation rate of "light rain"?<10 mm per hour
When you pretend to be angry, what would Luke do?Explain to you in a panic
What job did Luke take in a bar while on a detective case?Bartender
When you're lost in a forest without a compass, what can you use with the sun to determine your direction?Pointer watch
What is Luke's codename in NXX?Raven
Which of the following is not conductive?Rubber gloves
Does Luke smoke?No
Luke showcased his skateboarding prowess to you on a variety show. How many wheels does a skateboard have?4
In what major did Luke get accepted into National Central University?Bioengineering
What hidden hobbies did Luke secretly have in high school?Skateboarding
What self-defense tool was hidden in the lipstick Luke gave you?Anesthetic needle
You and Luke took a course at the Faerie Academy. Where is the academy located on Skadi Island?Vikya
What is the true identity of "Sphynx?"Aaron Yishmir
When you get lost unexpectedly in a cave or other place, you can use the echo to determine where the exit. If the echo gets smaller, it meansThere's a path ahead
When you and Luke were young, which neighbor's house did you two frequent for dinner?Granny Jones
Where did you and Luke promise to go together at the age of 18?Prague
How did Luke get accepted into National Central University?Special recruitment
No matter if it's a workday or a holiday, what time does Luke wake up in the morning?5:30 AM
Luke explained that it's easy to discover if flower petals are poisonous, because:The petals will wilt from the poison
If you were stranded on a remote island and a ship is passing by an island, how can you send out an SOS signal?Make a fire

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Marius von Hagen

The peacock dance is the traditional dance of which nationality?Dai
Which of the following works is not by Vincent van Gogh?The Mona Lisa
If Marius were to invite you to skiing, where would the most likely place be?The Alps
What is the name of the project launched by Pax Art Foundation to train young artists?Young Champion
"My love for you is true and unyielding, from now until forever." This is the language of flowers for which flower?Gandiflorum Flower
Marius hopes that the young artist training program will provide a platform for young artists, as well asProtect their dream
Marius spent New Year's Eve with you to watchHorror movie
Marius' mother Carenina Orinn is close friends with Mrs. Leicester. What do we usually call a deep friendship between women?Bosom Friends
Which of the following is not a type of street dance?Belly dancing
Who is Marius' assistant?Vincent Kim
In order not to make you worry, what will Marius do when he isn't feeling well?Just kidding
Medusa is commonly seen in Greek mythology. What is unique about her?Her snake hair
What is the name of the membership-based household services company affiliated with Pax Group?HomeCare Household Services
What is the name of von Hagen badge?Aquarian Serpent
Marius' other identity is?Z
What did Marius wear on his neck during the "Electrifying Night"?Choker
What is the name of Marius' mother?Carenina Orinn
Marius used traditional colors to paint the historic sites he visited. Which of these colors is not a shade of red?blue green
Which of the following toys did Marius like to play with when he was young?Block-building
Where is the Stellis Art Gallery located?On Stellis University campus
Marius' birthday is in theSummer
In Greek, omega is which letter of the alphabet?Last one
Marius saw an orange cat on campus and wanted to paint it for you. Which of the following colors will combine to make orange?Red and yellow
What Greek letter did Marius paint on your arm during the body painting?Alpha
The purpose of Marius' variety show, It's Big Brain Time, is to raise money for patients with what kind of disease?Alzheimer's Disease
What is the name of the von Hagen estate butler?Payton Way
What is the name of Marius' father?Austin von Hagen
What was the top tier art school that Marius attended?Florence
In which of the following places did Marius visit on Skadi Island?Seti Falls
Marius and you are trying out street graffiti, what tool would the two of you use:Spray Paint
Flourishing under Louis XV, Rococo art and architecture is light, delicate and complex. When did Rococo art begin?18th Century
Where is the famous painting Mona Lisa currently being stored?Louvre Museum
In ballet, what is the name of the technique where the female dancer tiptoes on one foot and spins around quickly by retracting her arms and legs?Pirouette
What is Marius studying at Stellis University?Graduate Student
Marius' major is?Classical oil painting
Which of the following places does Marius have a mental barrier?Dark enclosed spaces
"Would you like some coke and fries?" Marius once said this during a variety show while applying for which job?Receptionist
The Augustus Tulip is a myth from which century?17th Century
"The Mona Lisa" is the work of which artist?Da Vinci
Which of the following flowers has the shortest bloom period?Tongue
Which of the following painters did the mysterious artist "Z" mimic his artistic style?Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
Marius used to have a dog that was formerly a stray. Why do dogs stick out their tongue and pant?Cool themselves
What is the name of the stray dog that Marius took in?Rella
With backing from Pax Group, the Stellis University Exhibition Hall displayed "The Card Players." It is the work of which artist?Cézanne
Where did you and Marius first meet?Stellis University
Van Kerrel, a supporter of Marius' art, worked at Lester Auction House as a?Appraiser
What time does Marius usually wake up on workdays?6:05 AM
Marius is telling you the names of various colors in his studio. Which of the following is not a cool color?Red
Which of the following is not a primary color?Pink

Artem Wing

Artem's mother isDr. Garner
Is a contract signed by a person without capacity legal?No
Groupies violate which basic personal right of others?Personal rights
Which of the following accessories does Artem not wear?Oversleeve
What color are Artem's cuff-links?Blue
There are three basic requirements for any evidence presented in court, which of the following is not one of them?Artistic Value
What is the famous Broadway show consisted of one type of animal?Cats
Artem considered tossing Introduction to the Psychology of Romance into the paper shredder. The shredded paper counts as?Recyclable
What time does Artem usually wake up on workdays?7:00 AM
Will Artem black out after drinking?No
Artem prefers to read:Paperback books
Which of the following is not an attorney from Baldr Legal Office?Kiki Bennet
Between 7:45AM and 8:30AM, Artem is usually...Swimming
At Cloudbreak Temple, who did Artem pray for safety?Neil Hume
Artem is currently?Senior Attorney
Artem is great at making coffee. Which of the following drinks doesn't contain caffeine?Soda
Do contracts signed under the threat of force or by means of fraud have legal binding?No
You and Artem performed in which play at the Stellis University celebration?Othello
When did Artem meet Neil Hume?Middle school
"Justice is blind" comes from the figure of which blindfolded Greek goddess?Themis
Contract bridge is played by how many players?4
Bullying others on campus is wrong. Is it illegal to intentionally harm others as a form of campus violence?Yes
You and Artem performed which dance at the Stellis University New Year's ball?Tango
What is Evelyn Fuller's profession?Editor for a magazine
Artem is almost 30 years old. In ancient times, what was 30 years old called?Year in which they become independent
Which of the following is not Kiki Bennet's idol?Estelle Marino
Gordon Grant invested in the illegal drug known as X03A, developed by Moonriver Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Which harmful substance does it contain?NXX
What gun did Artem use in the skeet shooting contest?Shotgun
Artem graduated from which university?Stellis University
In a basketball game, how many points is a shot made outside the 3-point line worth?3 points
How many digits are the case file numbers for the NXX missing persons case?3
When you were nervousbeing out in public for the first time as Artem's partner, Artem said to youTrust in yourself. Trust in me.
Medilla, the creator of Vesper Box, is?Hacker
When Artem was young, how did he and his father interact?Basketball
What specialty dessert did Artem order for you on Skadi Island?Cilantro chocolate
Complete the phrase: My entirety is yours, as my mind, my heart, my soul, ...?needs you to become a whole
During the Stellis Film Festival, you and Artem participated in a dubbing contest to which film?About Time
Who is the captain of the Stellis criminal investigation police squad?Darius Morgan
Who founded Themis Law Firm?Celestine Taylor
Rather than being a perfect robot, Artem would prefer to beImperfect person
In the Treasure Island event, what gift for Artem did you make out of seashells?Wind chime
What kind of books would you most likely find on Artem's reading list?Cooking Books
What language are the lyrics from Argentina's tango song, "Por Una Cabeza?"Spanish
Which of the following is not a NXX member?Celestine Taylor
What does Artem keep with him at all times to process any work matters in a timely manner?Tablet
Which of the following is not one of Shakespeare's four great tragedies?A Midsummer Night's Dream

Vyn Richter

What was Huangmei Opera originally called?Caicha Opera
Which of the following is a predominant figure in classical music?Beethoven
Who was Erin Modero's primary physician in the Manor of Hermes?Grady
The "pirouette rotation" in dressage comes from which dance form?Ballet
What glass product did Vyn gift you on Skadi Island?Rose
In Vyn's dressage duel, which piece did you play for Vyn?Salut d'Amour
What is the color of Vyn's eyes?Golden
In the Manor of Hermes, the lobotomy that Grady was going to perform on Grady, also known as the "Nobel's Shame," was awarded the Nobel prize in 1949 for which category?Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
What is the identity of You-Know-Who, the leader behind the PUA training organization?Wesley Dunn
Which of the following is not a type of Psychotherapy?Abusive Psychotherapy
What is the name of Vyn's mother?Richter
Because patients trust their doctors, drugs that have no therapeutic effect have been shown to relieve symptoms. This effect is calledPlacebo Effect
Which poker card did Vyn use in your first encounter with him?Ace of Hearts
In horticulture, plants are usually trimmed based on which principle in botany?Apical dominance
Dr. Richter treats Kirstie Gonzales, who is a patient with multiple personality disorder, which is also known asDissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
"People's first impressions will dominate." In Vyn's open psychology class, what effects did he teach?Primacy effect
Who was "god of thunder" in Norse mythology?Thor
What time does Vyn wake up during weekdays?9:00 AM
When Vyn was evaluating you to become a member of NXX, he was playing "Emperor," which is a string quartet in C major played by which musician?Haydn
What is the color of Vyn's hair?Silver
Who invented the Tesla Coil Vyn showed you?Tesla
What is the correct name of the mental disorder that Janus Beaufort has?Bipoolar disorder
Stellis Ballet Troupe tours around the world in many countries. What do most male performers wear on their feet?Shoes with soft sole
Vyn is making tea at NXX Headquarters. Which type of tea is it most likely to be?Black tea
Does everyone with autism excel at something?No
Where did you and Vyn first meet?Study, Vyn's Residence
In psychology, what is another name for autism?Autistic disorder
Freud divided our consciousness into the unconscious, conscious, and what?Subconscious
Which of the following would best describe Vyn?Gentleman
Which of the following psychologists was the founder of the school of psychoanalysis?Sigmund Freud
Believing your increased heartbeat is due to meeting another person, not nervousness. This is a psychological phenomenon known asThe suspension bridge effect
After experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, the involuntary and repeated flashback of the memory most closely represents which of the following mental illness symptoms?Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Letting visitors recreate life by placing a combination of toys in a box filled with sand. This clinical technique is known in psychology asSandplay Therapy
On which hand does Vyn usually wear his watch?Left Hand
Where is Vyn's hometown?Svart
Vyn is primarily responsible for the investigation and study of what cases?Mental disorder cases
Oedipus complex is a term used by the psychoanalytic school of psychology. Which character in Greek mythology did this originate from?Oedipus
Vyn is exceptional at learning new things. In the ancient town of the neighboring province, he learned toBicycle
Which of the following sports is Vyn good in?Polo
One of the few things that Vyn isn't good at isRepairing water pipes
The story of Odin, the god of knowledge, that Vyn read to Hugh Moss at the Mental Health Research Center comes from?Norse Mythology
Vyn invites you to watch the Street Speed Skating Competition together. Where did he say that Speed Skating first originate?Holland
What are the treatment methods for autism?FALSE
What is Vyn's middle name?Albert
The study of psychology was considered to be a branch of theology by the Church of Svart. In reality, psychology isA science
Vyn used magic to give you a gift. What was it?Flower hairpin
Vyn is good at examiningGrape Wine
Vyn invited you to a piano recital by Richard Clayderman. Which famous piano pieces are you likely to hear in the recital?Maricge D'amour
"Salut d'Amour" is a musical work by which English composer?Edward Elgar
What is the name of Vyn's butler?Ogier Wechsler
When you are expressing your gratitude and thanks to Vyn, he will mostly respond withMy pleasure

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