Tears of Themis Labyrinth Pavilion Way of Choices walkthrough – Blizzardous Threads of Red event

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The Tears of Themis Blizzardous Threads of Red event runs from January 12, 2023, to February 2, 2023, and is open to all attorneys who have completed the X-Note Main Story 2-28. After completing the event tutorial, you'll be able to explore the Villa Courtyard, which houses a building called the Labyrinth. Inside the Labyrinth Pavilion, you can explore four rooms to collect Artifacts, Silk Pouches, and more.

After completing the Way of Adversity, Way of Truth, and Way of Mystery, you can begin exploring the Way of Choices, where you can get the following collectibles:

  • x2 Silk Pouch
  • x1 Key (White Chess Piece)

This walkthrough will show you an exact path to follow. As there are no mini-maps, we recommend following this guide from start to end to avoid confusion.

All Labyrinth Pavilion Way of Choices Artifact, Silk Pouch, & Exit locations – Tears of Themis

This stage is extremely tough as the AoE of the security lights is really wide and NPCs are sandwiched close to each other, giving you a narrow room for escape. Try to be patient whenever there are roaming maids or wide lights nearby.

Silk Pouch #1

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Start on Rosa's side. Head east until the edge and go north until you see the table with a sparkling spot. Wait for the NPC to pass by, then go left until you're at the edge of the room, then move downward, where you'll find a switch. Interact with it to open a gate on the male lead's side. Then you need to keep heading north while avoiding all the maids.

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Slither through another set of roaming NPCs and keep heading north from the left side until you reach the topmost edge. Then turn left and park Rosa by the exit.

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Switch to the male lead's side. Go downward and turn right to find a switch. Interact with it to open a gate on Rosa's side, but be careful about the roaming NPC. Then head south and keep heading right until you find a narrow corridor leading downward that's housing a switch at the bottom. Interact with it to remove some of the silk screens on the other side of the room.

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Wait until the male NPC moves upward, then carefully cross to the right side. Keep turning right until you find the exit, then head north. You need to avoid a series of lights by passing through a narrow path going left. The path from the bottom of the flashlights is wider, so we recommend crossing from there. The maids won't move, but their lights are quick. As soon as the light faces upward, run left to get through.

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Once you see the first silk screen, hide behind it and wait for the NPC to pass by. When she's gone, keep heading left until you find the switch. Interact with it to open a gate in another part of the room. After that, keep heading left while carefully avoiding the maids (stay on the bottom part as it's wider).

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Once the male lead is at the leftmost side of the room, head downward, and you'll be back at your starting point. Turn right and keep going until you see the bookshelf with some space behind it. Enter that small space to find a sparkling spot, which you must interact with to get a Silk Pouch.

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Key - White Chess Piece

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Go down and keep turning right until you reach the area patrolled by the male NPC. Wait until he moves downward before making your move. You need to pass through the silk screens to find a sparkling Chest. Interact with it to get the Key called White Chess Piece.

While the male NPC is still preoccupied at the bottom, quickly exit the partition and turn right to find the room's exit. You can leave the male lead here—his job is done.

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Silk Pouch #2

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Switch to Rosa's side. This part is quite nerve-wracking, as there are very narrow spaces for you to move through. Try to be patient and tread carefully. From the exit, turn left and head downward. Wait until the maid passes by, then keep going down until you find a stationary maid.

In this segment, stay on the right side as it's wider. Wait until the light moves away before passing. You'll find a switch sandwiched between two NPCs. Interact with it to open a nearby gate. From here, you need to keep heading downward.

There's a moving maid who's hard to avoid, so try hiding behind a silk screen on the right side when she's close. Once you're at the bottom, turn right until the edge of the room.

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You're back at the starting point. After turning right, go north until you see a familiar landmark: the sparkling table. Keep to your right and keep going upward until you see the sword display case. Wait for the maid to pass, then proceed upward and quickly interact with the sparkling spot to get the second Silk Pouch.


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Get out of the partition and turn left. Be careful about the roaming NPCs! Then head north until you reach the edge, and turn left to find the exit. This completes the four rooms under Labyrinth Pavilion.

At this point, you should have collected the following from all four rooms:

  • Artifact 2/2
  • Key 2/2
  • Silk Pouch 6/9

You'll also be able to participate in the Challenge mode as soon as it unlocks.

Don't forget to use your collectibles in the Villa Rooms. Check out our Tears of Themis Villa Rooms guide – Blizzardous Threads of Red event here on Pro Game Guides.

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Tears of Themis Labyrinth Pavilion Way of Choices walkthrough – Blizzardous Threads of Red event

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