Hypnosis is a Status class Mental type technique.

Official Hypnosis Description

A brain hack developed by Arburian Mind specialists, makes the target Asleep for 2 turns.

Hypnosis Stats

  • Type: Mental
  • Class: Status
  • Damage: 0
  • Stamina: 12
  • Hold: 1
  • Priority: 1

Temtem Who Can Learn Hypnosis by Leveling

# Name Type(s)
137 Kinu Mental / Nature
105 Toxolotl Toxic
106 Noxolotl Toxic
032 Houchic Mental
033 Tental Mental
035 Orphyll Nature / Toxic
036 Nidrasil Nature / Toxic
017 Paharac Wind
018 Granpah Wind
016 Paharo Wind

Temtem Who Can Learn Hypnosis by Breeding

# Name Type(s)
141 Pigepic Wind
129 Adoroboros Mental / Toxic

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