Temtem Traits List – All Currently Known Traits!

We've got a full look at all of the Traits you can find in Temtem! Traits give your Temtem boosts to certain Technique types, prevent status effects, resist damage, and a whole lot of other different things. Each Temtem can have one of two different Traits, so you will want to make sure your particular Temtem has the one you will get the most benefit from. These are selected at random, but you can influence the outcome during breeding by utilizing items.

Traits List

Name Description
Aerobic When attacking with Wind, gets SPDEF- and SPD +.
Air Specialist +15% damage with Wind techniques.
Amphibian When attacked with a Water technique, increases SPD by 1 stage.
Anaerobic When attacking with Toxic, gets SPDEF+ and SPATK-.
Apothecary When attacking with a Special technique, the target gets Poisoned for 1 turn if it's a rival or Regenerated for 1 turn if it's an ally.
Avenger When an ally is knocked-out, increases SPATK and SPD by 1 stage.
Benefactor When an ally is damaged, restores 10% of max HP.
Botanist +15% damage with Nature techniques.
Botanophobia When attacked with a Nature technique, increases damage by 100%.
Brawny Physical techniques do 20% more damage.
Bully While allies outnumber rivals, techniques inflict +30% damage.
Caffeinated Prevents the Asleep Status condition.
Callosity When attacked by a Physical technique, increases DEF by 1 stage.
Camaraderie When attacked, reduces 50% damage if both allies are part of the same evolutionary line.
Channeler Damage done with Special techniques is increased by 25%.
Cold-Natured Instead of getting Cold, the Temtem gets Frozen.
Demoralize When entering the battlefield, decreases enemy team SPD by 1 stage.
Determined Prevents negative stat stage changes.
Electric Synthesize When attacked with an Electric technique, restores HP instead of receiving damage.
Energy Reserves If HP is below 25% by the end of the turn, gets Vigorized for 2 turns.
Fainted Curse When knocked-out, the attacker loses 50% of max HP.
Fast Charge When a Digital ally enters the battlefield, gets SPD +2.
Fever Rush When getting a Status condition, increases ATK by 1 stage.
Flawed Crystal When attacked by a Mental, Toxic, or Electric Technique, increases damage by 50%.
Friendship Immune to ally's offensive techniques.
Furor When HP is below 33%, techniques do 33% more damage.
Guardian Prevents the Cold, Burned, Poisoned, and Doomed condition status on the ally.
Hover When attacked with an Earth technique, reduces damage by 50%.
Hydrologist +15% damage with Water techniques.
Immunity Resists damage from Toxic techniques.
Individualist Techniques targeting the ally will fail.
Last Rush Increases ATK, SPATK and SPD by 50% while being the last standing allied Temtem.
Loneliness Synergies won't work on both allies.
Mental Alliance Increases SPATK by 15% if an ally is Mental.
Mirroring When attacked with a Special technique, the attacker gets 20% knockback damage.
Mithridatism Prevents the Poisoned status condition.
Motivator At the start of the turn, allies restore 10% of STA.
Mucous Resists damage from Electric techniques and prevents the Cold and Burned condition status.
Neutrality Prevents all Status Conditions.
Parrier Damage taken from Physical techniques is reduced by 30%.
Patient Restores 10% of max STA when using a Hold technique.
Plethoric Temtem has 30% more SPD when HP is full.
Power Nap At the start of the turn, restores 15% of max HP of an Asleep Temtem.
Prideful When attacking, gets ATK+, SPATK+ and SPD+ if the target gets knocked-out.
Protector When entering the battlefield, the ally gets DEF+ and SDPEF+.
Provident When attacked by a Fire, Earth, or Melee technique, increases SPDEF by 1 Stage.
Punching Bag Damage taken from Melee techniques is reduced by 30%.
Puppet Master While HP is below 40%, received rival techniques get redirected to the ally.
Pyromaniac +15% damage with Fire techniques.
Receptive When getting a favorable status condition, increases its turns by 1.
Rejuvenate When attacking with a Physical technique, restore 15% of max HP.
Resilient Cannot be knocked-out due to overexertion.
Resistant When getting a negative status condition, decreases its turns by 1.
Rested Increases ATK and SPATK by 20% during the first 2 turns the Temtem is on the battlefield.
Scavenger Restores 15% of max HP if another Temtem is knocked-out.
Settling Increases ATK by 5% for each turn the Temtem stays on the battlefield.
Shared Pain When receiving a consecutive attack in the same turn, the technique gets redirected to the ally.
Soft Touch When attacking an Asleep condition target, it won't wake up.
Spoilsport +25% damage with multi-target techniques.
Strong Liver When attacked with a Toxic technique, restores HP instead of receiving damage.
Synergy Master Damage done with synergy techniques is increased by 25% while the Temtem participate in the synergy.
Thick Skin When attacked by a Fire technique, reduces damage by 50%.
Tireless Prevents the overexertion turn penalization.
Toxic Affinity Toxic techniques get a damage boost of the same type.
Toxic Farewell When knocked-out, the attacker gets the Poisoned status condition for 2 turns.
Toxic Skin When attacked with a Physical technique, the attacker gets Poisoned for 2 turns.
Trance When attacked, gets Asleep condition for 2 turns, SPATK +2 and SPDEF +2 if HP is below 30%.
Trauma Decreases DEF by 1 stage if hit by a physical technique, and decreases SPDEF by 1 stage if hit by a special technique.
Tri-Apothecary When attacking with a Special technique, the target gets Poisoned for 3 turns if it's a rival or Regenerated for 3 turns if it's an ally.
Vigorous Damage done when overexerting is increased by 50%.
Warm-Blooded Prevents the Cold Status condition.
Water Affinity Water techniques get a damage boost of the same type.
Withdrawal When resting, restores 15% of max HP and removes the Asleep condition.
Wrecked Farewell When knocked-out by overexerting damage, every Temtem loses 25% of max HP.
Zen When getting the Asleep status condition, gets DEF +1 and SPDEF +1.