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Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Scribing Guide (2024)

Everything you need to know.

Scribing is a new system in Elder Scrolls Online that allows players to unlock new skills and customize them to their heart's content! This system, which was released in June with the Gold Road Chapter—gives players the ability to build their way. Since its teaser release in January, players have been anxiously waiting to delve into how this mechanic works.

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Look no further! This guide is here to deliver everything you could possibly want to know.

Complete Scribing Guide for ESO

ESO Scribing's main function is to add new custom skills into already existing skill lines, including the weapon skill line, world, PVP, and guild skills. Unlocking these allows greater roleplay potential and enables a more personal touch to build your character.

How does Scribing work in Elder Scrolls Online?

The Scribing system may seem complicated and confusing at first, but as you test it out and experiment it becomes much more straightforward. There are three necessary components to scribing: Grimoires, Scripts, and Inks.

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What are Grimoires?

Grimoires are ESO skills that you would like to customize. With this update, the system currently has added 11 new skills (Grimoires) to the following skill lines:

  • Destruction Staff
  • Restoration Staff
  • Dual Wield
  • Two Hander
  • Bow
  • One Hand and Shield
  • Fighters Guild
  • Mages Guild
  • Assault
  • Soul Magic

With the exception of Soul Magic, every skill line on this list has one Grimoire skill to customize. Soul Magic is currently the only skill with two.

I suspect with future updates and patches there will be more added to this list, however right now only the existing skill lines are customizable.

Where to get Grimoires

First, you must complete the Wing of the Indrik quest line and earn the rank of apprentice in the Grimior skill line in order to unlock the merchant shop to purchase Grimoires. After completion, Grimoire and Script Vendor Chronicler Firandil will be available to sell all Grimoires in The Scholarium.

Upon first purchase a grimoire costs 50,000 gold (ouch!) but a discount is given for purchases following using alternative characters lowering the price to 10,000 gold. Currently, there are two exceptions to this price, but more may pop up in the future:

  • Wield Soul is unavailable for purchase. It is only awarded upon completing the Scribing tutorial quest. As of right now, there are no other methods to obtain the Wield Soul skill in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Soul Burst is also given as an award for completing the final quest in the Scribing test line, but it seems it may also be available for purchase after completion for 10,000 gold.

List of Grimoires

Below are all the Grimoires we know about:

GrimoireSkill LineDescriptionRequirements
Elemental ExplosionDestruction StaffChannel the power in your staff to fling a bolt of volatile magic, causing an elemental explosion at the target location.Destruction Staff Apprentice (Rank 25)
Mender’s BondRestoration StaffTether yourself to an ally, manifesting a life link between you and them.Restoration Staff Apprentice (Rank 25)
Shield ThrowOne Hand and ShieldHurl your shield at an enemy, which then returns to you.One Hand and Shield Apprentice (Rank 25)
SmashTwo Handed RankDrag your weapon along the ground to smash a cone in front of you.Two-Handed Apprentice (Rank 25)
Soul BurstSoul MagicUnleash a powerful burst of soul magic around you.Complete the final quest in the Scribing quest line.
Wield SoulSoul MagicLaunch a concentrated blast of soul magic at a target.Complete the Scribing tutorial quest.
TorchbearerFighters GuildConjure an imbued torch and sweep the area in front of you three times with its power.Fighters Guild Skill Apprentice (Rank 5)
TrampleAssaultPierce the air with a shrill whistle, calling your mount forth to trample enemies in a line. This ability cannot be re-activated while your mount is already attacking.Alliance War Skill Apprentice (Rank 5 in Assault and Support)
Traveling KnifeDual WieldTwirl and throw an enchanted dagger at an enemy, which returns to you after a short delay and hits additional enemies in the path.Dual Wield Apprentice (Rank 25)
Ulfsild’s ContingencyMages GuildImbue yourself with the magical runes of Ulfsild. These runes trigger when you cast an ability with a cost, causing a burst of magic around you.Mages Guild Skill Apprentice (rank 5)
VaultDual WieldFire a burst at your feet while flipping backward 15 meters.Bow Apprentice (Rank 25)

What are Scripts?

Each Grimoire you purchase can be customized and personalized using Scripts. Scripts hold unique effects that slot into Grimoires and cause damage-type changes, buffs, debuffs, and other interesting effects.

Where to get Scripts

Scripts can be earned through the Scribing questline, daily quest rewards, or purchased from the Scholarium and Infinite Archive Vendors. Once a Script is purchased and in your inventory, you can consume it to permanently unlock that Script effect for the Scribing system.

Scripts are technically not reusable or recyclable, but you are able to deposit a script into your bank and transfer it to another character after buying or looting from an alternative character.

Script Types

There are three different kinds of Scripts in ESO: Focus Scripts, Signature Scripts, and Affix Scripts.

Focus Scripts

Focus scripts define and add to the skill's main effects, including damage type, healing, or utility. Focus Scripts also determines whether the ability it takes Magicka or Stamina to use.

Since Focus Scripts affect the main function, this is the most important consideration to make when Scribing. Some Focus Scripts are unable to be combined with Signature Scripts or Affix Scripts as certain combinations are not possible.

Here's the list of current Focus Scripts in the game:

  • Physical
  • Poison
  • Bleed
  • Disease
  • Frost
  • Magic
  • Multi-Target
  • Pull
  • Stun
  • Taunt
  • Immobilize
  • Heal
  • Damage Shield
  • Mitigation
  • Ultimate Generation
Signature Scripts

Signature Scripts alter the Focus Script attached to the Grimoire by adding some more buffs and effects. Some Signature Scripts are based on class and have amazing potential for character depth and personalization. The variety allows you to customize everything from class to weapon type and more!

Here's the list of current Signature Scripts in Elder Scrolls Online:

  • Damage Over Time
  • Snare
  • Life Leech
  • Status Effect
  • Class Mastery
  • Damage Shield
  • Deflect
  • Weapon Passive
  • Bonus Damage
  • Resource Restore
  • Mobility
  • Defiance
  • Heal Over Time
  • Block Mitigation
  • Immobilize
  • Soul Infusion
Affix Scripts

Finally, Affix Scripts offers a major/minor buff/debuff as an extra effect to the new custom skill you've been handcrafting during this process. With all of these variables, there seems to be an infinite amount of combinations for you to test out and find which one fits your playstyle the best!

Here's the list of current Affix Scripts in the game:

  • Major Brutality and Sorcery (20% Weapon and Spell Damage)
  • Minor Force (Critical Damage)
  • Major Savagery and Prophecy (Critical Chance)
  • Minor Expedition (move speed)
  • Minor and Major Vulnerability (increased damage taken)
  • Minor and Major Maim (reduced damage done)
  • Minor Lifesteal (heal on attack)
  • Minor and Major Evasion (reduced AOE damage)
  • Off Balance (bonus heavy attack damage)
  • Major Cowardice (reduce enemy Weapon and Spell Damage)
  • Major Resolve (bonus Armor)
  • Major Vitality (increased Healing Done)
  • Minor Brittle (increased Critical Damage taken)
  • Minor Breach (reduced enemy Armor)
  • Minor Courage (increased Weapon and Spell Damage)

What are Inks?

Inks, also known as Luminous Ink, is the newly introduced currency in the Gold Road Scribing System in Elder Scrolls Online. It's the resource needed to craft or modify skills and complete the process of sealing your skills within your Grimoire. Each Script or Scribed skill consumes Luminous Ink.

How to Get Luminous Ink

As it is a new resource, more methods of obtaining Luminous Ink are being revealed every day. Here are the methods we know of so far:

  • Luminous Ink is awarded after completing the Indrik, Gryphon, Dragon, and Netch Luminary Wing questlines (12 total)
  • After completing the quest “The Wing of the Indrik, “Luminous Ink will sometimes drop from defeated enemies
  • After completing the quest “The Wing of the Netch, “Luminous Ink will sometimes drop from harvesting crafting materials
  • You can buy the Luminous Ink from other players directly or through the ESO Guild Trader system
  • After completing the Indrik and Netch wings on one character, all of your other characters will be able to get Luminous Ink from the world from defeated enemies and harvested materials

As well as the listed methods, any enemies that drop loot have a chance to drop Luminous Ink as well. If farming is a necessity, look for areas with a lot of easily-felled enemies and go to town.

A new mechanic always brings new excitement, and for those of us who take character customization to the extreme, this update is here to deliver!

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