How to keep everyone alive in The Quarry

Keeping everyone alive in The Quarry is an arduous task, making players plan ahead from even the earliest parts of the game. Players seeking to get the Rough Night achievement can do so on subsequent playthroughs or on a new game, so here’s how to keep everyone alive in The Quarry. How to save everyone […]

Can you save Kaylee in The Quarry?

There are so many decisions to make in The Quarry that you’lll likely have no idea if you’ve chosen wisely until later. Yet out of the many choices you pick, one of them may be outside your control, and that is if you can save Kaylee Hackett in The Quarry. Can Kaylee Hackett be saved […]

How to do Don’t Breathe events in The Quarry

The Quarry is an interactive cinematic experience filled with drama, romance, and plenty of horrors. Go along for the ride as nine camp counselors stuck at Hackett’s Quarry camp are threatened by a sadistic evil force beyond comprehension. You will be kept on the very edge of your seat as you attempt to help these […]