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Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion walkthrough

Time to commit crimes!

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a short puzzle game with great jokes, secrets, and exciting riddles. You might need a few pointers to 100% this unique indie game.

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Full Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Walkthrough

To get 100% in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, you'll need to collect all the Hats, all the Extra Hearts, and all the Achievements. The sections below discuss each of these in the order you will come across them and how to ensure you get every single one to complete your collections.

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After tearing up the tax notice for Achievement: Tax Evader that has been posted to your door, you are informed by the mayor that you have committed tax evasion. Unfortunately for you, this means you now belong to Mayor Onion and need to do his bidding. The first story mission will send you out of town, but there are two things you should do before going north to Weapon Woods.

  • First, go a little bit to the right from the starting location and pick up the watering can in front of Old Man Lemon.
  • Second, speak to Blueberry (the one with the hat in the upper right-hand corner of the screen). They will ask you to water a flower with the watering can; you will automatically pick it up once it has grown. Chat with Blueberry again, and they will ask you to deliver it to Strawberry; she is in the middle of Veggieville. Then, return to Blueberry and tell them about the letter you ripped up for the Achievement: Heartless. This also gets Turnip Boy his first hat, Sun Hat, and the Achievement: Hat Wearer for getting your first hat.
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How to get the Sword from Weapons Woods in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Weapons Woods is one of the two northern exits out of the village, and it is the only one that will be available at this point. Head up into the woods to grab yourself a sword.

  • Once inside, walk up and to the right, avoiding the snails. They will damage you.
  • On the next screen, head right, then up to the next screen. There will be a plant that needs watering; use the watering can to grow the plant. It's a sword, and you will auto-pick it up for Achievement: Adventurer.
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  • Head south again and chat with the Carrot holding the stool; she's missing a child. There is also a piece of paper on a tree here; interact with it to rip it up and get the Achievement: Most Wanted.
  • Next, head left to the next screen; talk to the Blueberry there. He struggles with his Snail roommate, who won't pay his rent. It's the snail inside the fence with Blueberry; if you kill him with your new sword, he'll drop his rent money. You can give it to the Blueberry for the Achievement: Rent Money.

Layer Lane

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Head back to Veggieville, then use the sword to cut down the plants blocking the left path out of the town. This will lead to Layer Lane. Chat with everyone on this screen, especially the sassy pepper and the bell pepper named Belch running the sandwich place. Next, go to the upper left part of this screen, cut down the plants in the way of the trashcan, then interact with the trashcan to get the Achievement: Dumpster Diver.w

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For the Achievement: Contractor, there is a man in the screen above where the trashcan is located, standing on the left side of the barn. Talk to him to take his 1099 form and tear it to shreds. Next, go into the upper right-hand corner of the screen with the barn and look for the glowing trophy there. Pick it up to get Achievement: Winner.

Inside the Bustling Barn

After chatting with everyone outside the barn, you can head inside and speak with slayQueen32. She'll ask for a Tier 3 Sub, which can be purchased at Belch's sandwich stand south of the barn. This gives Achievement: Simp once you tear up slayQueen32's autograph. Head back to Belch again and chat with him to get the Achievement: Computer Wiz. Now that slayQueen32 has opened the door for you, you can head into the barn. Inside, there will be several important items.

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First, go up through the doors that slayQueen32 (3) opened, then walk over to the left door to get through the Barn. Use the watering can to water the bomb plant there twice. It will blow up, breaking open that door. Head through it, then up. In this room will be the Bomb Boots (2)needed to kick bombs. The Mayor's Office will be to the north, so get to tear up the Mayor's Book (1) for Achievement: Book Worm before continuing.

After the Office, go back south into the room where the Bomb Boots were located, then head to the east. Use the watering can and the bomb boots to water, then kick bombs at both boarded-up doors. Go right first and grab the key (5), then head south to return to the room with the locked door (7). Water the bomb flower in the northern part of this room, then kick it south to break the box over top of the second bomb flower. Water another flower, then kick it to the right, breaking down the boarded-up door.

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Get rid of the pig inside this room, then use the bomb flowers to break down the northern door. Go north, then west to take down the King Pig Boss (6). This boss battle is not too challenging; just use the bomb blooms and the boots to kick lit bombs at the pig, and it will die in three hits. This will unlock the westernmost door, where you can finally grab the Fertilizer (4). A heart plant will appear in the center of the room; water it to earn a permanent extra heart.

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Once you leave, make sure to stop by to chat with the Beet (8); he'll have a job for you to get some wood for him. Also, chat with slayQueen32 on the way out of the Barn; she'll reward you with the slayKing Crown hat.

The alley of Layer Lane

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Now that the Barn is empty of loud animals head back outside and to the south. The path just south of Belch's sandwich shop that heads to the west is now open to walk into. Head there and talk to the Blueberry wearing sunglasses; he'll give you the Wood that Beet in the Barn asked for. Once you bring the wood to Beet, he'll give you the Hard Hat. Also, solve the bomb plant puzzle in the alley to get another permanent extra heart.

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Turn in the Fertilizer to Mayor Onion and continue the story

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Head back to Veggieville to talk to Mayor Onion again. He will take your Fertilizer and task you with getting him a fork from the south. This will get the IRS Agents blocking this exit to move out of the way.

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The Plain Plains

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Now that you can go south out of town, go through the Rocky Ramp, then south again to get to the Plain Plains. To the south and west of the entrance to the Plain Plains is a little house with a fence and some carrots. Go around the fence to the north, then grab the receipt on the ground. Tear it in half to get the Achievement: Savvy Shopper.

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On the other side of the house, there is a trashcan. Interact with it to get the Carrot Baby, who has escaped their Carrot Babysitter. Take the baby north of Veggieville to the Weapon Woods and return them to the Carrot, who is holding a stool over her head. She will exchange the Stool for the baby. This is the item needed to get into the Forsaken Farmhouse.

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Forsaken Farmhouse Walkthrough

When you first enter the Forsaken Farmhouse, all the lights will be off and flooded with undead Rotten enemies. Enter new areas cautiously, as several will have powerful critters that take several hits from the sword to dispatch. Here is a map of all the crucial items in the Farmhouse:

Go into the Farmhouse, then go north. Kill all the enemies in this room to get the Face Mask (15). Head right, then use the bomb flower to continue to the right. Break the boxes there and pick up the Band-Aid (9). Next, go back into the previous room and then head north. Be careful of the grabby enemy there; it will drag you closer with its one weird, stretchy hand.

It takes two or three hits with the sword to kill. Once it's dead, water the Movemelon spot north of the left door, then water the bomb flower below it once. Kick the bomb flower at the Movemelon, breaking open the boards covering the door.

Once inside, chat with Deb (5), the Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie. She will charge you with three quests, which can be found on the Quest Board (4). She will give you a Key; use it to unlock the way to the Medicine Bottle (6) in the room with the grabby enemy you just came from. Return to the freezer and give the Nurse (1) the Face Mask, Pill Bottle, and Band-Aid.

She will give you another Key in return. Use this new Key to unlock the door right next to where the Medicine Bottle was found, then fight your way to the right. You can find the Oven Mits (7) in the second room. Water the Movemelon plant inside the room, then push it with the mitts to kill the Rotten and escape.

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Head back to the left, then left again into the room with the grabby enemy. Go south from that room; a Movemelon plant can be moved to cover the hole in the floor. This will allow you to roll a bomb from the top of the room to the closed door at the bottom. Kill the enemy (14) inside this room holding onto Carly's sibling. Also, interact with the Letter (13) in the bottom left to rip it up and earn Achievement: Draft Dodger.

Now that we have Carly's sibling, we can return the baby to Carly in the freezer (3) and get the final key. This will get us into the room with the boss battle (12), but first, we'll need to pass through the room with the second letter (11). Ripping this up will give Achievement: The Messenger.

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The Rotten Cat Apple is a little harder than the previous King Pig Boss, but it is still a relatively easy fight. The Cat Apple will spin wildly, slamming into you repeatedly if you aren't careful. Every time it stops spinning, Cat Apple will throw up a worm. Worms can be killed to get heart refills during the fight. You can hit the Cat Apple with either the sword or by watering the bomb flowers and waiting for it to land on them. Once the boss is down, water the extra heart and the Cat in the center of the room, then go north and pick up the Spray Paint (10) and restart the Generator (8).

Return to Deb (5); she will thank you for turning the generator back on and giving you the Fork. Also, don't forget the chat with the Pickled Gang (2); they will ask for a hammer and tell you where to find it. Then, go back to Veggieville to give the fork to Mayor Onion.

Back in Veggieville and Beyond

After giving the Fork to the Mayor, head down to chat with CranCran, the old cat lady just south of the Mayor. The Rotten Cat Apple dropped her kitty, and you can finally return it to her. She will give you a picture of an anime Turnip girl, and you need to rip it up to get Achievement: Waifu.

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Before continuing with the story, you'll also want to take the Spray Paint to Graffiti Guy. He is located at the edge of Weapon Woods. From town, head north into the Woods, then follow the path up and to the right. This will lead you to the screen with the Carrot Baby Sitter; walk past her and keep going to the right to the next screen. Graffiti Guy is the only NPC on this screen, and he will give you an extra heart for bringing him the Spray Paint.

In the Forgotten Forest

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Now that we can get into the Forgotten Forest, since no one is blocking the entrance, the first thing you want to do is go into the forest, then go left. Once in this significant part of the forest, take the first entrance to the Rocky Ramp, where Holly has dropped her phone. Pick it up for her and bring it back through the Plain Plains and up into the Rocky Ramp to Holly to get Achievement: Petitioner.

After that, head back into the Forgotten Forest again. Go back to the part of the forest that exits into the place to get Holly's phone, but instead of heading up, continue to the left. There will be an exit on that side of the forest. In this screen is a building and a tree with a poster on it directly north of the building. Interact with the poster to get the Achievement: Devil.

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Go inside the building and talk to Annie the Scientist avocado. After that, head out of Annie's place and go north. Here, you will be introduced to portal flowers. If you water two portal flowers, you can instantly travel between them. Head north from the first flower portals to find your first portal flower puzzle.

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  • Water the bomb flower and kick it to the north and then another to the west.
  • Water the bomb flower again, then water the two portal flowers you just bombed the rocks over.
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  • Kick the bomb into the western portal; it will roll out and crash into the third portal.
  • Water the top two portal flower spots and kick another water bomb through the easternmost one to the north.
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This will allow you to continue north; there will be a deer needing killing. It is a reasonably easy deer enemy that only takes about three hits. Once the deer is defeated, the door to the northeast will open; head inside and interact with the sketches on the floor of this cave. Bring your findings back to Annie, who is still hanging around in her place. She'll give you the key to head out south from her lab.

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There is yet another portal plant puzzle here, but this one should be a lot easier than the first one. Water the portal plants through the fences to push the Movemelon from the bottom to the top fenced-off section, then slide it over the hole.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Pick up the Turnip? item in the patch to the right with the bunny enemy. Then, head north to take on the slightly bigger deer. After defeating this massive enemy, go north to the little cave and pick up the portable portal planter, allowing you to put portals anywhere you can stand. Next, return to Annie with the Turnip? and she will give you the key to go west from her home. Use the new portal maker to get west and open the next door.

Here, you must defeat the biggest deer; this one is an actual boss fight. It will spawn up to four bunnies and deliver a lot of damage with its charge attack. After each charge, the deer spits green goo at you for ranged damage. Thankfully, there is a bomb flower and some portals to help with this fight. After it's all over, pick up the extra heart from defeating the deer, then head into the open door to the north. There will be Green Goop inside.

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To finish up in the Forgotten Woods, check in with Annie to get an Explorer's Hat. Next, talk to the newly born acorn friend standing on the giant tree stump on the east side of Annie's home; it will give you a Leaf to Buy Real Estate With.

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Next up, Turnip Boy will have to return to Veggieville to give Mayor Onion the Green Goop. He will task you with heading into the bunker located in Weapon Woods. But before heading over, you will want to go down to the easternmost screen of the Plain Plains to complete the puzzle; it requires the Portable Portal Flowers, and it gives up an extra heart.

The Grim Graveyard

First, go and chat with the IRS agents that are surrounding the Bunker in Weapon Woods. They can't get the door open, and they ask that you do to see the potato, Tot, standing near the graveyard in Veggieville. This will start the adventures into the spooky graveyard. This location is a giant riddle puzzle; if you head in the wrong direction around the cemetery, you will be sent back to the starting gate.

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  • A Top Hat is hidden in one of the graves on the first screen. Use the sword to dig up the uppermost left grave on this screen to get it.
  • To get to the next screen, you'll need to go north first.
  • On the second screen, you'll need to head to the west.
  • Once on this third screen, there will be a letter to someone's parents who have passed away. Rip it in half to get Achievement: Gravedigger. Go north between the two yellow flowers.
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  • To solve the puzzle, you'll need to water the portal flower on the other side of the fence, then use the Portable Portal item near the Movemelon plant. Push the Movemelon into the portal to take it across the fence to fill the hole. Then, head to the right to the next screen.
  • There are a lot of pumpkins, and they all seem to be telling you that the other is lying. The answer to this riddle is north.
  • On the final screen, there will be a massive grave in the center with a dollar sign on the graveyard. Dig it up, and Tot will take the Golden Shovel, giving you the old shovel in return and the Achievement: Criminal. This will allow you to get into the Bunker at last. Talk to Tot until he gives you a Letter for Tot's Father.
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Now, it's time to clean up before heading to the Bunker. First, make sure to go back to Layer Lane to get the Hammer for the Picked Gang. In the alley where you got the Wood in the left-most part of this section. He'll give you the Hammer. Go back to Veggieville, head south until you reach the Plain Plains, and head back into the Farmhouse. Get back into the freezer part of the Farmhouse by going up, right, up, and left.

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First, bring the Hammer to the Pickled Gang in the upper right-hand part of the freezer; they will give you a Fedora Hat. Talk to them again until their dialogue repeats, then leave the screen and return. This will provide you with an Extra Heart Plant.

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Next, see the potato Pops in the Icebox area; he's west of Deb. Give Pops the Letter from Tot, and he will give you another letter in return. Then, you can bring the letter back to the Graveyard to give to Tot to get the Bird Hat. If you return to Pops in the Icebox again, he'll give you a Farmer's Hat so you can match Pop's look.

Down into the Bomb Bunker

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Head to the Weapon Woods, then go up, correct, and find the hatch to the Bunker. It's located near the Carrot babysitter. Hit it with the shovel to open it up, then head down inside. On the wall in the first room in the Bunker is a safety poster; rip it up to earn Achievement: Doomsdayers. Continue to the next room, but be careful; it has three barrels that explode and split into many enemies if you get too close. Inside the fridge in this room is a slice of pizza called The Last Slice, which can used as a healing item.

Exit to the right out of the room to grab the Hair Dye. Then go back out, then up. This new type of plant will light a fire when doused with water, so be careful to take a step back after watering it. Once the boxes have burnt up, head into the right room. This room has two essential items: a Key and an old newspaper. Rip up the newspaper to get Achievement: News Boy. Water the plants in this room from left to right, but again, be careful of the flames. Once the fire dies down, pick up the Key, go back into the hallway, and open the locked door.

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In the now-unlocked upper room, there are two of the cans filled with enemies. Carefully move around them, then water the fire flower. Light yourself on fire and bring it over to the barred door on the right side of the room. Make sure to have three spare hearts to keep you alive during this process. In the next room, rip up the diary page in the upper left corner for Achievement: Liz, then light yourself on fire again to get the boxes out of the way, take the key, and pick up the Hazmat Suit. Now, you can light yourself on fire without taking damage.

Next, we have a couple of puzzles where you must water plants and set yourself on fire. These are pretty straightforward, but you must watch for canned monsters. The Large Can contain Ham enemies that will mess with your controls, so be extra careful.

Now, it's time for another Boss Battle with Liz. To defeat her, don't try to hit her with your shovel. Instead, light yourself on fire over and over again, then walk into her body. She won't be able to grab you or do much before she dies if you do. Defeating Liz will give you an extra heart. There is a small room to the left of the Boss room; go in and pick up the Laser Pointer.

Clean up Before the Final Boss

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Walk all the way to Layer Lane and talk to the spicy pepper named Edgar; he's the first NPC in this part of town, and he needs the hair dye you just picked up. In return, he'll give you the last hat, the Scissors Hat, giving you the Achievement: Fashionista.

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Just north of Edgar is Blueberry, the Real Estate Agent. Bring her the Leaf from the Newborn Acorn we got before heading into the Bunker. Head back to Veggieville and give the Mayor the Laser Pointer. After that, chat with Old Man Lemon; he will tell you how to end your long quest. Before going any further, however, you will want to check your mailbox. All the DLC hats have arrived by now. These aren't needed to complete the hat achievement, but why wouldn't you want them?

  • The Knife Hat
  • The Turkey Hat
  • The Elf Hat
  • The Birthday Candle Hat
  • The DLC Hat
  • The Ripped Taxes Hat
  • The Easter Bunny Ears
  • The Cat Ears
  • The Love Arrow Headband
  • The Valve Eyepatch

Head back to the part of the Forgotten Forest with Annie's Lab. Chat with the Acorn standing on the Tree Stump, and tell him you bought him land with his leaf. He will ask you to read the deed and tear it up to earn Achievement: Estate Agent.

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The Mysterious Mafia Base

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To enter the Mysterious Mafia Base, interact with the tree immediately north of Old Man Lemon in the back of a tree. Head inside, then left and north; look for an English Book for Dum Dums (1) to rip up to get the Achievement: Teacher. Climb down to the third level basement and hit the Nuclear Bomb (3) there three times to die and get Achievement: Destroyer of Worlds. In the second level of the basement, look for Onion's office and tear up the Book by a Tyrant (2) to get Achievement: Tyrant.

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To get past the puzzles in this area, you must use Portable Portals and the fire to get through the doors. Both sections can be completed this way. Before pushing the Movemelon into the hole for the second puzzle room, go into the office on the left and rip up the letter to Turnip Boy from his father. This will give you Achievement: Turnipchino.

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This will lead you to the final boss area; you must fight the IRS, then defeat Mayor Onion to get Achievement: Turnip Boy. For those who ripped up all the tax documents so far, there is a second boss battle, the Mayor Onion God. To kill him, head all the way right and kick the bomb toward the IRS agent. Use the bombs and fire to go left, then find the second IRS agent all the way to the left. After kicking the bomb to him, return to the Greenhouse and kick the bomb towards the final IRS agent. Completing this fight gives you achievements: Homeowner, Anarchist, and Taxation With Representation.

Post Game Tax Evasion

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Although the game is over, there is still lots to do. First, hit Continue and then check your mailbox. Inside should be a Limitless Line Ticket, allowing you to ride the brand-new train. Next up, head to the Rocky Ramp south of Veggieville; the orange dog blocking the cave on the right of this screen is now gone. Inside is the last extra heart; collecting them all gives the Achievement: Tank. The previous three achievements can only be found on the railway, so it's time to go to Sunset Station.

  • Achievement: Passenger: Faint at any point during a ride on the Train.
  • Achievement: Conductor: Defeat the Conductor.
  • Achievement: ???: Defeat the Secret Boss that will randomly spawn during runs in the Limitless Line.

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