WoW Classic: Best PvP Classes – Top Options for World PvP & Battlegrounds!

We're taking a look at all of the best PvP classes in World of Warcraft: Classic!

Our World of Warcraft: Classic Best PvP Class Guide features a look at the top options for classes if you're planning on participating in world player vs. player combat and heading into the battlegrounds.

About Engineering in PvP

If you're very serious about PvP then you are going to want to utilize the Engineering profession. You can wear the Goblin Rocket Helmet that will stun an enemy for 30 seconds! You'll have access to Goblin Sapper Charge which can deal massive damage to groups of enemies. There's Dense Dynamite that inflicts Fire Damage to enemies in a 5 yard radius, and finally you've got Iron Grenade that deals damage and stuns targets for 3 seconds. If those weren't enough, then you'll also have access to some powerful Reflector Trinkets that can bounce certain elemental spells back at their caster. Overall, this is hands down the best profession for any serious PvPer.

Best PvP Classes List

Here's a look at the top classes for PvP in WoW: Classic depending on which style of PvP you want to engage in.

World/General PvP: Rogue

Rogue is one of the most powerful and fun classes to run in World PvP. You can largely pick and choose when you will take a fight, and you even if you get outnumbered you can still fend them off. High skill players can even win fights where they are out numbered by a couple of people. You have a lot of CC, and even some additional stun if you are an Engineer and are packing Iron Grenades and/or wearing a Goblin Rocket Helmet.

Best Alliance Race for Rogue

Dwarf is likely the best all-around class for Rogue if you are going to play Alliance. However, it's a toss up between Dwarves and Gnomes. Dwarves have Stoneform which removes Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects and will grant you immunity against them for 8 seconds. You also get your armor raise by 10% once this is engaged. It makes the Dwarf class extremely strong when battling against other Rogues. So, if you're going to do a lot of World PvP, that's the recommended race.

If, however, you're going to be playing more Battleground, then Gnome might be the better choice. You won't need to worry about Rogues as much, so having the Escape Artist build give you an escape from crowd control effects is very powerful.

Best Horde Race for Rogue

Orcs are going to be the best choice for PvP Rogues in Horde because of the power of Hardiness. It's basically the best racial ability in the game, and gives you a passive that increases your chance to resist Stun effects by 25%. Stuns are extremely common in PvP, so getting to resist those more often is going to win you a lot of fights.

Battlegrounds: Warrior

Warrior is an absolute beast in any type of pre-made Battlegrounds where you can reliably have a healer to keep you up and cleared of snare effects. Paladin in particular is super important due to Blessing of Freedom which grants immunity from movement impairing effects for 10 seconds. Arms Warriors dominate in this mode and are extremely hard to take down and deal tons of damage.

Best Alliance Race for Warrior

Just like Rogue you have the choice of going Dwarf or Gnome. Stoneform is extremely good against Rogue and any other class that might have Bleed, Poison, or Disease effects. Gnome is generally better all-around, because you can break snares which are one of your main weaknesses.

Best Horde Race for Warrior

Orc is the best option, and again it's because of how powerful Hardiness ends up being. You get a chance to resist a lot of stuns, which is something that is extremely valuable in PvP. You also have Blood Fury to up your damage, and Axe Specialization which are helpful in PvE if you decide to go that route.

Battlegrounds: Druid

Druids are hands down one of the best classes if you plan to run a lot of Warsong Gulch. They are extremely hard to stop if they can get the flag. You can stealth in, grab the flag, sprint out in cat form, switch to travel form, and then heal yourself if you start to get too low on health. If you have any type of team that can distract the enemy, you're going to be running it in for points pretty easily.

Best Alliance Race for Druid

Night Elf is the best option for Druid because Shadowmeld will increase your stealth level when you are Prowling around. Quickness is also decent, although 1% extra Dodge is pretty minor.

Best Horde Race for Druid

Tauren is going to best for you with Druid. War Stomp is very solid, and can get you out of some sticky situations.

General PvP: Mage

Mage's are super fun and powerful in PvP with all of their various controlling abilities which can snare and deal tons of damage to your enemies. They are good in World PvP and Battlegrounds, and can be leveled up quite quickly. If you're looking for a versatile class in PvP, then Mage is going to be one of the best options.

Best Alliance Race for Mage

Gnome is hands down the best for Mage. You get the Expansive Mind racial which gives you a slight boost in your total mana and damage, plus you also get Escape Artist which will help clear any immobilization effects on your character. They also get the Engineering Specialization racial, which is nice since PvP is so reliant on Engineering.

Best Horde Race for Mage

Undead is probably the best option just for Will of the Forsaken. However, Troll has Berserking which can give you a boost in attack if you are dropping low in health often. However, that likely means you are going to die unless you've got a healer friend with you.

General PvP: Warlock

Warlock is a great class in just about all PvP situations. Your ability to use Fear, Death Coil, or Howl of Terror to CC your enemies gives you a lot of time to setup big damage spells. You also have access to healing stones which will give you additional health, and you can sacrifice your pet for a nice big shield to help you survive.

Best Alliance Race for Warlock

Just like for Mage, the best race for Alliance Warlocks is Gnome. You get the slight boost with Expansive Mind, and Escape Artist is very strong.

Best Horde Race for Warlock

You have two solid options on Horde: Orc and Undead. Orc benefits from getting bonus resist to stuns, and Undead can shake Charm, Fear, and Sleep effects with Will of the Forsaken. It's largely up to you which you deem more important.

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