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WoW Classic: Fishing Skill Level By Zone

Our WoW Classic: Fishing Skill Level By Zone List features a look at how much you will have to have leveled your fishing up to fish in certain zones without finding junk in the water! In general, you will want to stick to places that are around the same level. This is particularly important if you are on a PvP server, because you'll be a prime target for getting ganked. Fishing can be a very lucrative profession, so leveling it up in the right areas is a great way to gain some gold!

Fishing Level By Zone Requirements

Once you reach the following skill levels in fishing, you should be able to fish at the listed areas without ever fishing up junk. Each time you cast, you should only catch fish that are available in those specific waters. Some areas have multiple sections that might have higher level requirements.

  • Fishing Skill 25 (Level 1-10 Zones)
    • Azuremyst Isle
    • Dun Morogh
    • Durotar
    • Elwynn Forest
    • Eversong Woods
    • Mulgore
    • Teldrassil
    • Tirisfal Glades
  • Fishing Skill 75 (Level 11-20 Zones, Capital Cities)
    • The Barrens
    • Blackfathom Deeps
    • Bloodmyst Isle
    • Darkshore
    • Darnassus
    • The Deadmines
    • Ghostlands
    • Ironforge
    • Loch Modan
    • Orgrimmar
    • Silverpine Forest
    • Stormwind City
    • Thunder Bluff
    • Undercity
    • The Wailing Caverns
    • Westfall
  • Fishing Skill 150 (Level 21-30 Zones)
    • Ashenvale
    • Duskwood
    • Hillsbrad Foothills
    • Redridge Mountains
    • Stonetalon Mountains
    • Wetlands
  • Fishing Skill 225 (Level 31-40 zones)
    • Alterac Mountains
    • Arathi Highlands
    • Desolace
    • Dustwallow Marsh
    • Scarlet Monastery
    • Stranglethorn Vale
    • Swamp of Sorrows
    • Thousand Needles
  • Fishing Skill 300 (Level 40-55+ Zones)
    • Azshara
    • Felwood
    • Feralas
    • The Hinterlands
    • Maraudon
    • Moonglade
    • Stranglethorn Vale (Jaguero Isle Only)
    • Tanaris
    • The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
    • Un'Goro Crater
    • Western Plaguelands
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