The Stonewall Bracer Echo in Wuthering Waves
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10 Best Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Know the best Echoes in Wuthering Waves!

Picking the right Echo that matches your gameplay style is essential in determining the overall combat capability of your character. So, if you are a newbie or a mid-level player looking for the best echoes in the game, here are some of the best ones for your study.

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Best Echoes for Beginners in Wuthering Waves

Below, I have listed the five best Wuthering Waves for beginners in the game, which will suit every type of player.

Cyan Feathered Heron - 3 Cost

A Cyan Feathered Heron in Wuthering Waves
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To kick off the list, we have the Cyan Feathered Heron. This Echo allows the players to transform into a Heron that can launch a spinning attack on enemies, which deals nearly 148% of Aero damage. While the attack numbers are great, the main highlight skill of the Echoe is that it can stop any special moves from the opponent, completely stopping the momentum of a fight and tilting the game in your favor. Use this ability in clutch scenarios and win crucial fights. I highly recommend this Echo for Aalto, Jiyan, and Yanayang builds.

Being an Elite Class Echo, there are multiple places where you can farm the Cyan Feathered Heron. But I suggest starting from the north of Desorock Highland.

Autopuppet Scout - 3 Cost

An Autopuppet Scout in Wuthering Waves
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If you're a player who enjoys a passive approach to fights, the Autopuppet Scout Echo is a great choice. This Echo allows you to transform into an Autopuppet Scout, capable of dealing Glacio damage and erecting three Ice Walls to block off enemies. Unlike other Echoes that are only suitable for certain characters, this one is ideal for almost every character in the game.

So, add this Echo to any character of your choice. You can farm the Autopuppet Scout to the east of Dim Forest. For other locations, turn on the tracker to find a suitable place near your character.

Tambourinist - 3 Cost

The Tambourinist in Wuthering Waves
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The Tambourinist is an excellent Echo that provides a lot of buffs over raw damage to the player. After activating the skill, the player will summon a Tambourinist who will play the Melodies of Annihilation. Any nearby allies hit with the melody will deal extra Havoc Attack for the next ten attacks. So, please add the Tambourinist to your loadout if you have a lot of Havoc-based characters like Danjin or Taoqi.

To farm the Tambourinist, I suggest you travel to Port of Guixu or turn on your tracker to find one near you.

Hoochief Cyclone - 3 Cost

A Hoochief in Wuthering Waves
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The Hoochief is another excellent Echo for beginner-level players. It's easily accessible, as you can unlock it by visiting north of Dim Forest or turning on your tracker to find one near you.

This Echo transforms the player into a Hoochief that delivers a powerful smack, dealing 149% Aero damage. It also has a very low cooldown, making it suitable for spammy players. Use the Echo in character builds like Jianxin and Yanyang.

Stonewall Bracer - 3 Cost

A Stonewall Bracer in Wuthering Waves
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The Stonewall Bracer is a solid Echo in Wuthering Waves. Firstly, you will become a giant avatar -Bracer, who will dash forward and deal physical damage. If you can connect your abilities, your character will get a bonus of 10% Shield of your total character's health pool, enabling you to be more aggressive than continue combat. On top of all these perks, the Echo also has a very low cooldown of 15 seconds, making it another spammy Echo besides Hoochief.

The Stonewall Bracer Location in Wuthering Waves
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You can find Stonewall Bracer on almost every part of the map. Still, if you want a recommendation, I would suggest going near the Tiger's Maw or the Central Plains to get the Echo.

Best overall Echoes in Wuthering Waves

The following are the best Echoes in Wuthering Waves suitable for mid to high-level players in the game.

Inferno Rider - 4 Cost

The Inferno Raider in Wuthering Waves
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The Inferno Rider Echo is a game-changer for high-level players. This high-level Echo transforms you into an inferno rider that delivers three Fusion strikes, each dealing significant damage. On top of that, each successful strike you make will allow you to gain a temporary increase in your basic and Fusion Damage for the next 15 seconds. I recommend using the Echo with characters like Chixia and Encore in the game.

Wuthering Waves circle showing inferno rider location
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You can get Inferno Rider from the central part of the Port City of Guixu in the Sea of Flames. You can also absorb one by completing a travel quest.

Crownless - 4 Cost

The Crownless in Wuthering Waves
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The Crownless is another fantastic Echo if your entire Character build is based on Havoc damage. Upon transforming into Crownless, you will deal four consecutive attacks that deal more than 50% Havoc damage per attack. While transforming, your overall Havoc and Resonance damage will increase by 12% for the next 15 seconds. Use the Echo in character builds like Danjin.

Wuthering Waves showing Crownless location
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You can get this Echo after defeating the Crownless boss roaming south of Gorges of Spirits.

Impermanence Heron - 4 Cost

The Impermanence Heron in Wuthering Waves
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Like Crownless, the Impermanence Heron also dishes out a lot of Havoc Damage to enemies. Activate the ability to transform into a Heron. Now, fly towards the enemies to deal 314% Havoc damage. There is also an alternative mode where the Imperanence Heron spits fire, dealing 25 Havoc damage per attack. Additionally, there are several other perks like damage boost and Resonance energy restoration during activation of the skill.

Wuthering Waves circle showing impermanence heron location
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You can get the Echo by defeating the boss, who has the same name and is located north of Desorock Highland near Camp Overwatch.

Mech Abomination - 4 Cost

The Mech Abomination in Wuthering Waves
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Mech Abomination is an Echo ability that mainly deals electro damage to enemies. After activating the skill, you will summon a Mech Waste that will deal 200 electro damage to enemies and inflict another 12% more once it explodes. During the ability, your character's overall attack stat will also be boosted by 12%.

Wuthering Waves circle showing mech abomination location
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Travel towards the southeast side of Whining Aix Mire to find the Mech Abomination boss near the Court of Savantae Ruins. Defeat it to get the Echo in the game.

Thundering Mephis - 4 Cost

The Thundering Mephis in Wuthering Waves
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To finish off the list, we have the Thundering Mephis. This Echo dishes out six consecutive strikes. The first five deal 50 damage per attack, and the last one deals 250 damage. So, connect the last one to make the most of the Echo skill. It also increases the overall Electro and Resonance Liberation damage by 12% for the next 12 seconds. I recommend including the Echo in character builds of Calcharo, Yinlin, and more.

Wuthering Waves circle showing thundering memphis location
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Eliminate the Thundering Memphis at the Desorock Island to get the Echo.

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10 Best Echoes in Wuthering Waves

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