How to unlock all Real Estate Royale Staff in Yakuza 0

There are three types of staff in Yakuza 0 that will help with different parts of managing properties. Managers will affect the flow of cash and the overall economy of a district. Security will fend off anyone who tries to do shakedowns in their district and help Kiryu in battle when fighting in the district. Advisors will level up businesses to […]

All Pocket Circuit Parts In Yakuza 0

Pocket Circuit racing involves a lot of customization and dedication to win. A good supply of parts is needed to win races and get CP from the Completion List, but it can be hard to know where they all are. Between random Dream Machine drops, Substory completion rewards, and just buying them from the shop, […]

How to win each Pocket Circuit race in Yakuza 0

Pocket Circuit Racing is one of the more involved minigames in Yakuza 0. Each race requires players to customize their cars to compliment the track they are on. Even with the right parts, there is some RNG involved, so a few attempts may be needed. Introductory Race Soft Tires Balanced Frame High Torque Motor 2.0 […]

All Real Estate locations and prices in Yakuza 0

The Real Estate Royale substory in Yakuza 0 has players manage a real estate company as Kiryu. Buying property in each district will allow players to gain the upper hand when fighting against each district’s King. It also allows them to make more money in the long run. But where are they, and how much […]

How to find and unlock all Hostesses in Yakuza 0

There are 30 total Hostesses for recruit in Yakuza 0, with some of them needing certain substories to unlock. There are four tiers of hostess ranks ranging from Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Finding them all can be tricky, but it can aid in the Club Battles. Platinum Hostesses Six Platinum hostesses are unlocked after […]