A scientist in armour shows of a pest trapped in a vacuum gun in Abiotic Factor.
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How To Kill Pests in Abiotic Factor

Won't somebody eradicate this bouncing scourge?

So you've secured a supply of clean water and you're growing your own food in Abiotic Factor. Now its time to turn your attention to the monsters roaming around. If you're having trouble killing pests without taking too much damage yourself, keep reading for loadouts, tactics and bonus uses.

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Best way to Kill Pests in Abiotic Factor

Pests are the most numerous enemy in the early game. Though weak and unarmoured, their unconventional jump attack and sheer numbers can pose a threat to the unwary. Never fear, there are a number of tactics and weapon loadouts you can use to dispatch them with ease.

Immobilise and Stomp

1st person POV of a pest in a net (Abiotic Factor).
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Ahh yes, the old ways are the best. This is the least resource hungry and easiest tactic to implement. Craft yourself a Throw Net from some cloth scrap, approach the Pest and, when in range, throw the net over it. This will immediately stunlock the monster allowing you to get close enough to stomp (default E). It should only take one or two hits to finish it off.

Kill from Range

1st person POV of a scientist defending himself with a crossbow from pests (Abiotic Factor).
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The makeshift crossbow recipe becomes available once you've picked up a rubber band ball. You'll need to take the rubber band ball, a desk leg, a stapler, and some plastic scrap to a powered crafting bench. To make bolts you'll need as many pens and pieces of metal scrap as you can find.

Once unlocked and loaded, attacking pests from range becomes a viable option. Remember: your accuracy will be terrible in the early game so make sure you take plenty of ammunition. To make it even easier, try to sneak up on the pests when they aren't moving. Get your shot off before they spot you and move onto the next.

Shield Wall

1st Person POV as a scientist attacks a pest with a hammer and shield (Abiotic Factor).
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For those players who prefer to go toe-to-toe (or toe-to-spiky head) with enemies, equip a cafeteria tray shield and any one-handed melee weapon you can get. Strafing is your friend here; sidestep as soon as they hop up to spring themselves at you and they should go flying past. Now close the range and slam them while they're recovering. Try to pick somewhere narrow to fight them, that way you can chase them down before they jump again. If you aren't quick enough to get out of the way, you can always bring your shield up with right mouse button to negate the damage.

Vacuum Gun

1st person POV of a scientist holding a vacuum gun loaded with an alien pest (Abiotic Factor).
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The recipe for the vacuum should become available once you've killed and picked up a piece of raw carbuncle. Combine the raw carbuncle, an energy brick, a metal pipe, and a pressure gauge at a powered crafting bench.

Once built, the vacuum can suck up any pests who stray near. Once loaded into the gun you can launch them as living projectiles into the nearest wall. Alternatively feel free to blast them into other pests to explode in a shower of goop. This is especially useful during portal attacks on your base, where an entire wave of pests can be cleaned up with ease.

Pest Trap

An alien pest stuck in a trap. 1st Person POV as the scientist tries to feed it a grenade (Abiotic Factor).
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Instead of killing pests you can always use a tray of nachos and some basic office supplies to fashion a pest trap. Once you've caught one you can tame it by feeding it. This will allow you to give the tamed pest a custom name.

Or, once you've secured power cells from Flathill by going through the perforation on level 3, you'll get the option to build a pest wheel. Capturing a pest with this allows it to generate power for you when the lights go out at night.

If you need more help getting beyond Abiotic Factor's office sector, check out How to unlock the keypad hacker right here on Pro Game Guides.

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How To Kill Pests in Abiotic Factor

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