All Civilizations Mastery Achievements and Rewards in Age of Empires IV

Each of the different nations within Age of Empires IV has 15 masteries available for them to unlock. Each one requires different actions of the player and offers a special reward. Players can complete all 15 for their nation, however, they must be done in the order presented. English Masteries Nice Try, Spy Required: Kill […]

How to Pick up a Relic in Age of Empires IV

In Age of Empires IV matches, Relics are placed throughout the map to collect gold passively. They are sparse, but they can definitely contribute to a winning formula during a match, as they can easily replace gold-mining villagers that players can better use somewhere else. For this reason, it’s a good idea to collect them […]

All military units in Age of Empires IV

Relic Entertainment has added a long array of military units in the Age of Empires IV. While some military units like the Battering Ram and Siege Tower are common to everyone, Others are exclusive to their respective civilization. So, here is a list of all the military units in Age of Empires IV.  English Civilization Barracks Hardened […]