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Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands & Cheat Codes List

Cheats are actually fun in strategy games (against bots, of course)

Age of Wonders 4 challenges your strategic playstyle and knowledge, and the game is often difficult for new RTS players to grasp, which is where Console Commands and Cheat Codes come in. In this guide, I'll walk you through all console commands and cheat codes for Age of Wonders 4.

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All Console Commands and Cheat Codes in Age of Wonders 4

To open the console command box, use this button combination: Ctrl + Alt + C. This will allow you to enter the Single Player World Map Cheat Codes.

cruijffAllow for unlimited movement within the game. This is a great cheat, so you can effectively move anywhere on the map.
allheroesAdds every hero in the recruitment pool. Heroes are specific within a map, so having this code allows you to recruit any hero regardless of the map you're playing.
barentzGain an entire map vision. If you're familiar with the Warcraft 3 "iseedeadpeople" cheat, it provides the same effect in Age of Wonders 4.
coehoornBreach walls of the selected city. This command allows you to instantly breach fortified city walls, which is one of my favorite cheats to use since it lessens the strategizing needed to siege a city.
demonenDecreases alignment by 20. You should use this if you want to make an enemy out of a certain empire.
dokterwieIncrease your turn counter by 1. This cheat allows you to basically have infinite actions, as long as you keep typing it before ending your turn.
eendrachtIncreases Build the Beacons of Unity counter for Expansion Victory
eenheidGrants all Occupy Provinces Objective for Expansion Victory
engelenIncreases alignment by 20. Allows you to increase your alignment with a certain kingdom, making them your allies in the long run.
forgeForge a random item. Not necessarily the best cheat in the game, but if you want to experiment on some random builds for your heroes, then this is a great way of acquiring items.
forgeallForge a random item for all item types. This is similar to forge, however, you get one item per item type.
forgeallchannelsForge a random item for all item types in each damage channel
freepopAdd +1 population to your selected city
gainforgeresourcesGain 100,000 gold, mana, and also binding essence. This is an essential cheat to gain free resources, helping you expand your empire and strengthen your army.
genheroAdds a random off-map hero
gencryptheroAdds a random hero in the crypt
genprisonheroAdds a random hero in the prison
hauerLevel up all units, including heroes, in your selected army. This code is a time saver and allows you to instantly be ahead of other empires in terms of army strength.
heinInstant victory. This is a fun cheat to use from time to time, and I use it whenever I'm about to lose a casual game, making it less stressful in the long run. I recommend you play Age of Wonders 4 in whatever way you prefer, as long as you're having fun.
huygensUnlock Empire Development and grants a level in every affinity
iamgodAuto win cheat in auto-combat scenarios
ikbedoelallesEnables all spells
improverelationAdvance your city's next allegiance level for the target city.
instantskillsInstant research cheat
instantforgeInstant forge cheat
leeuwenhoekFinishes all current research
makeallyInstantly form an alliance with a target empire
makeangryDecrease relations by 100 for 20 turns with a target empire. This cheat is a faster version demonen with the exception of the 20 turn limit. This ensures if you can't survive an onslaught from your selected empire, you only need to survive for 20 turns until everything returns to normal.
makecoopInstant Pact of Cooperation with the selected free city
makehappyIncrease relations by 100 for 20 turns with a target empire. This is a similar cheat to Makeangry; however, it does the opposite, and you gain an ally for 20 turns.
makeintegratedInstantly integrate the selected city into your own empire
makeloyalInstant Pact of Loyalty with any city within the map
makeneutralInstantly end war (if any) on the selected empire
makevassalAllows the selected city to become a vassal
makewarInstantly start a war with any empire within the map
martinEnable a 999 hero cap
masterskillsInstant research of all skills
oldenbarneveltProvide 100,000 imperium
optimalprimeFree and instant spell casts. This is another code similar to Dota 1's infamous WTF mode, where you can cast an unlimited number of spells instantly. I recommend you experiment with this due to the chaos and destruction it brings to your playthrough.
philipsInstant production cheat. This essentially allows you to instantly produce resources without having to wait for them.
questmasterAllows you to toggle quests
rallytheliegesInstantly start the Rally of the Lieges
rembrandtGrants 100,000 gold and mana to your empire
reuvensExcavate every diggable area on the map
ruijterAdds a single hero item for every hero
spaargarenUnlocks empire development
spinozaGain 100,000 souls
tasmanExplore the entirety of the current map at play
unexploreToggles tasman cheat off, disabling vision of the entire map
unlockforgeupgradesUnlocks every item forge infusions
verdoemenisIncrease the Build the Affinity Province Improvements for Magic Victory
voorheesInfinite Skill Points cheat
warlordInstantly declare wars on all existing factions
willemTriggers instant defeat
demoActivates the cheats masterskills, philips, and rembrandt simultaneously
flyingdutchmanActivates the cheats barentz, crujiff, and rembrandt simultaneously
forgemasterActivates the cheats unlockforge, unlockforgeupgrades, gainforgeresources, and instantforge simultaneously
defeat1Triggers Instant Defeat for Player 1
defeat2Triggers Instant Defeat for Player 2
defeat3Triggers Instant Defeat for Player 3
defeat4Triggers Instant Defeat for Player 4
defeat5Triggers Instant Defeat for Player 5
victory1Triggers Instant Victory for Player 1
victory2Triggers Instant Victory for Player 2
victory3Triggers Instant Victory for Player 3
victory4Triggers Instant Victory for Player 4
switch_tmSwitch between either classic or simultaneous turns (may freeze the game)

These codes are very helpful when it comes to World Map exploration or while you're building your alliance with other empires. These cheats will only work if you're playing solo against A.I. If there's another human player on your team, the Console Command terminal will not pop up.

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All Console Commands and Cheat Codes for Tactical Combat Map

These next set of cheats are only applicable during the Tactical Combat phase. This is very helpful if you're having a difficult time grasping the combat mechanics of Age of Wonders 4.

cruijffUnlimited movement cheat
exhaustRemoves all action points on a selected unit
wakeupReplenish all action points on a selected unit
happyIncreases Morale by 20 for a selected unit
sadDecreases Morale by 20 for a selected unit
medicSets a unit to Max HP
weakenSets a unit to Minimum HP
winnowInstant Win on Combat Map
runawayInstant Lose on Combat Map
alwayscritAllows all hits to be critical
alwaysfumbleAllows all attacks to fumble
alwaysgrazeAllows all attacks to only graze
alwaysmissAllows all attacks to miss
alwayshitAllows all attacks to hit and inflict status effect when available
killerbunnyRouts all selected units
getoutEliminates all selected units
levelupIncreases the level of all selected units
nolimitRemoves the turn limit
refreshRefresh all ability cooldowns for the selected unit
restartRestarts combat to the very beginning. I like using this cheat as it allows me to experiment with unit interactions, as well as replay any combat until I get the best possible outcome.
runawayRetreat all owned units
koningsActivates refresh and wakeup simultaneously
normalhitsTurns off all hit modifiers. This is the go-to cheat if you want to remove every hit modifier cheat you put into your playthrough.

Similar to World Map Cheats and console commands above, these cheats will only work during single-player sessions. This is a great way to have fun in Age of Wonders 4, one of the best strategy games on PC.

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Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands & Cheat Codes List

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