Among Us Imposter Tips – How to Win as the Imposter!

Master the art of assassinating as an Imposter in Among Us

Party game Among Us has taken the internet by storm. A game based on the simple concept of killer/detective has managed to lure a huge crowd, and it’s only getting bigger. The game recently leaped PUBG on steam in terms of the overall player base and is one of the most viewed games on Twitch right now. However, not everyone is proficient at the game, especially when it comes to being an Imposter. The art of being a successful Imposter in Among Us requires proper strategizing and risk managing. Although it might seem straightforward at first, there’s a lot than meet the eyes. There are certain tricks and tactics that players can use to ensure a successful win rate as Imposter. Here is a detailed guide that will help players to significantly improve their gameplay when playing as an Imposter.

Make The Most Of Vents

Vents in The Skeld map

Every Imposter will have the ability to use Vents, which Crewmates can’t. It’s important to use these Vents effectively as they allow the user to essentially travel anywhere on the map. This is great for quickly assassinating a Crewmate and then venting out to a completely different location. It’s very unlikely that someone will suspect you since the dead body will be found in an entirely different location. However, remember to randomize your location each time, so it doesn’t become obvious that you are the Imposter. Keep in mind that any other player in your proximity will be able to see you venting in or out. A smart killer will wait for everyone to disperse and then use Vent to carry on its plan. Hiding inside a vent and waiting for perfect prey is another great tactic for securing some easy kills. Another thing to note is that while in Vent, the kill cooldown will pause, and it won’t resume until the player comes out.

Memorize Different Tasks And Act Accordingly

Fake tasks

One of the most common mistakes that Imposters make is not keeping a track of the existing tasks. Even though as an Imposter, you don’t have to perform any task, it’s still crucial to keep an eye on the fake tasks available and act accordingly. Memorize all the tasks so that if anybody suspects you of being an Imposter, you have a proper alibi. One should also remember the location of different tasks on the map. However, always avoid tasks such as ‘Shields,’ which can be cross verified by other players visually.

Beware of Cameras

Camera outside Security room in Skeld

Another rookie mistake that many players make is killing or venting away in front of a camera. If someone is actively looking through the security camera, it will display a red flashing light, which is the cue for you to play passively for a while until the other player stops accessing. Cameras can be found both in The Skeld and Polus, and it can be accessed centrally(Security Room) by any player. Keep an eye on the cameras and avoid doing any mischiefs in front of it.

Here are the camera locations on all of the available maps:

The Skeld

  • Outside Security Room, right next to the Reactor Room
  • Near the west exit of Cafeteria, north to the Med Bay
  • The entrance of the Navigation Room
  • The entrance of the Admin Room


  • Near the east exit of the Office
  • Near the west side of the Office
  • Near the west side of Laboratory
  • Near the west exit of Office, south to the central camera
  • Right next to the Boiler Room, south to O2 Room
  • Near the east exit of the Security room

Mira HQ doesn't have cameras.

Use Sabotage

Sabotaging in The Skeld

Sabotaging is a great way of disrupting or distracting everyone on the map. Not only it buys enough time to set up for a kill, but it also puts a lot of pressure on Crewmates to change their ongoing game plan. Shutting doors, depleting Oxygen, and switching off lights are few of the ways an Imposter can Sabotage on the map. If the Crewmates are unable to fix the depleting Oxygen issue on a given time period, they’ll automatically lose the game. However, never stand idle during the Sabotage period as it might put you under the suspect spotlight. Always try to fix the Sabotage issues if you are near the task, as it will help you in gaining other players’ trust.

Don’t Panic, Play Bold


Among Us is very much like a game of Poker, where the better bluffer always has an upper hand. Panicking is never helpful and will lead to you getting caught in most situations. Be bold and try to play the bluff card as confidently as possible. Report dead bodies if you have to and don't shy away from voting your Imposter teammate out if conditions are dire. Being decisive during sticky situations will help you immensely to progress smoothly in the game.

Randomize Your Strategies

impostor killing in Among Us

Playing with random players and playing with friends is completely different. If you are playing with a bunch of friends, the chances of them being familiar with your tactics and approach are pretty high. The best possible way to come out of triumph in these situations is to change your approach consistently. Don’t stick to one proven strategy, and keep a bunch of different tactics in your arsenal. This will not only confuse other players, but it will also affect their decision making, which eventually will make your Imposter experience much smoother.

Overall, the main aim of an Imposter should be to minimize the RNG elements in the game as much as possible. Playing an Imposter shouldn't be considered an easy path, and it definitely requires experience and proper skills. However, with enough practice and decent game knowledge, any player should be able to handle the role of an Imposter.

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