Playing Among Us in Animal Crossing: New Horizons might be possible!

Among Us in Animal Crossing? What an unlikely combo, but entirely possible with fan-made rules!

Among Us is one of this year's most popular games. It's so original that other games will want to use some of the mechanics and features in their own games. When Fall Guys was at its peak, we saw that gamers were creating their own Fall Guys minigames in Minecraft and Fortnite, and they looked awesome. But what about Among Us in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? We bet that's a combination that you would never have expected to hear, ever! Well, thanks to fan-made rules, it's entirely possible.

The rules were spotted by GameSpot in the Animal Crossing subreddit and posted by user micmartperez. The rules give a detailed overview of how to create Innersloth's game based on lies and deceit in the cute and cuddly world of Animal Crossing. For a quick recap for what Among Us is - it's a game set in space where a crew is tasked with different jobs to prepare the ship for departure. While among them is an imposter trying to sabotage, kill, and frame the people on board the ship.


  • Goal — The goal of the crew is to find all 6 fruits randomly assigned to them.
  • Win — The crew wins once everyone has found their fruit and return to base.
  • If killed or voted out — Change shirt to red, you cannot speak or text for the rest of the game. If an emergency meeting is called and you were just killed you must show up so they can see you are wearing a red shirt, are dead, but cannot discuss anything.

**NO TOOLS, only impostor can use tools including pole and ladder**


  • Goal — Is to kill all crew members by hitting them with any type of tool, even bug nets.
  • Win — Once they are equal to the number of crewmates that are still alive (you could change it, so they
    have to kill everyone).
  • Sabotage — You can sabotage by moving one fruit at a time and cannot keep it for more than 30
    seconds. (The option to sabotage can be taken out since there is no way to enforce it but if you trust your
    friends go for it.)
  • If voted out — Change shirt to red, you can only sabotage.

**Starts with the net but other tools like pole are scattered around the island**

Emergency Meetings

  • Calling emergency meetings — You can call an emergency meeting by returning to base or starting point and making your character text “EM” or if you’re doing voice chat, you can call an emergency meeting by saying emergency meeting once you’re in base. Each player gets 1 emergency meeting (Can be changed to 2).
  • If voted out — Change shirt to red, cannot speak or discuss for the rest of game.

** If emergency meeting is called you cannot be killed or kill **

Game Set Up

  • To Start — If it’s a brand-new game, designate an area to be the meeting area or base (I recommend Resident Services plaza) then players must scatter the impostor tools and fruits (one player takes one type of fruit and scatters, no one should be scattering more than one type of fruit ALSO if you are scattering the tools you cannot have any fruits). Once the items have been scattered return to base and enter players names into a randomizer (like a Secret Santa generator, with the role names aka impostor or crewmate and fruit [Pear Crewmate] or [Impostor], as the names or if you are all present do paper slips with roles in a hat or something like that). Then the game starts! (You can say it if you’re using voice chat or text “start” so the players see it on their screen)

** If replaying whoever has the item scatters it before assigning roles again using the randomizer (So impostor that rounds at the end scatters tools and let’s say the crewmate that had pears scatters pears **

  • Amount of fruits — Scatter 6 fruits of each type (can be more or less depending on host)
  • Number of players — There are 6 fruit types in total counting coconuts, but bamboo shoots, pumpkins, and turnips can also be used so 9 different types total. SO, | would say 8 players (Max of players allowed in island) with 1 or 2 impostors, discuss with your team.
  • Attire — Everyone should wear Space Suit, Space Helmet, and Space Boots. Players can wear any bag (that do not interfere with the attire) to personalize their look.

** No one can show other players what type of fruit they got, it is encouraged to keep it a private so impostors can lie about having a certain fruit or pick it up by using his sabotage privileges **

Of course, in the Animal Crossing version, there's no killing to be had; however, micmartperez breaks down the jobs for each role extremely well. The rules cover all the bases of what to do if you're 'killed,' voted out, and how to win. But players have to channel the spirit of the Among Us title within Animal Crossing; without a helping hand, the rules will not work. Creativity can only go so far, and the Animal Crossing community is nothing but creative.

Among Us has shown how popular a game can be in a short amount of time, even Innersloth revealing that the Among Us 2 sequel has been canceled in favor of working on an original new game and further updates for Among Us.

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