Apex Legends Tier List – Best Legends & Characters

We're taking a look at the best Legend characters in Apex Legends!

Our Apex Legends Tier List ranks the best characters from top to bottom! This list will order the best Legend options with the pros and cons of each choice, and rank them in order from best to worst. We'll be keeping this list updated when new Legends are added, or balance changes are made to the game!

The great thing about Apex Legends is that overall most of the Legend characters are pretty well even. There are some standouts, and there are some other characters that are a bit on the weak side at the moment, but in the right hands everyone is at least viable.

Some characters are better suited for certain play-styles. If you like to run and gun then Bangalore with her smoke ability and her speed when under fire is very good. Pathfinder also falls into this camp with versatility of movement and is a bit underrated. While the passive is pretty weak, the grappling hook tactical once mastered can be dominating at jumping in and out of the fray. If you like support then Lifeline is a great choice and each of her abilities is useful, and if you want a bulkier option then Gibraltar is an obvious choice.

Apex Legends Best Legends Tier List

Here's a tier list of all of the current Legend characters in Apex Legends. If a Legend is in a particular tier, they are likely very close to all of the other options within that tier. While you might disagree with the rankings, this is an attempt to quantify their overall viability. If you specifically play one class a lot, then of course it's going to be better for you than another Legend.



  • Tactical Ability: D.O.C. Heal Drone - Call your Drone of Compassion to automatically heal nearby teammates over time.
  • Passive Ability: Combat Medic - Revive knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall. Healing items are used 25% faster.
  • Ultimate Ability: Care Package - Call in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear.

Lifeline is probably one of the best options available right now and you are always happy to see one on your team. She's especially dominant in the early game where she can not only heal herself and teammates with her drone, but she can revive fallen teammates quickly along with having a barrier for protection.

Her Care Package ultimate ability is very strong in the early and mid-game as well. It gives you guaranteed healing, gear, and an attachment. This almost always leads to an upgrade for someone in the early game, and allows you to get more healing and regen in the mid-to-late game. This ability is also great for a teammate who had to be resurrected at a beacon who has lost all their gear. They can get some quick upgrades and get back into the fight asap.

Her revive passive on its own is solid, but in addition to that you even can heal yourself with items 25% faster as a bonus! Lifeline's entire ability package is incredibly useful, and it makes her a must have in just about every squad.

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  • Tactical Ability: Into the Void - Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage.
  • Passive Ability: Voices from the Void - A voice warns you when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it’s on your side.
  • Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Rift - Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them.

Wraith is an interesting hero, and is very good in the right hands. The problem for her is that while she can get away from potential damage with her tactical ability, she can easily be tracked and if you don't have a team nearby to support you then you will be an obvious target. The passive is just okay, and by the time you hear the voice you will likely already have a good idea that an enemy is around you.

The Ultimate Ability can be very interesting in certain situations, but unfortunately it's pretty obvious when Wraith is using it and can be shot while creating the portal. You can potentially bait opponents into the rift as a tactic, but again this is going to be a fringe scenario. This ability is one of the fastest movement options in the game right now. So, while the portal can sometimes be detrimental, you can cover a lot of ground using this ability if you need to.

The Twitch streamer Dizzy is known for being one of the best players in the game right now. He mains Wraith and just about always runs the Wingman. Watching him demonstrates the high points of this class, you avoid shots with the small hitbox and you can move quicker by using the heavy hitting pistol.

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  • Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher - Fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.
  • Passive Ability: Double Time - Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.
  • Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder - Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

Bangalore is a great run-and-gun type hero if you are into the aggressive style of play. She can dive into a fight with her speed boost passive, and escape by using her smoke launcher. Her smoke ability can be used in many different ways, you can cover the escape of your team, cover teammates who are reviving or looting, and create distraction for you team to make an aggressive push.

The passive ability is solid as well, and you don't actually need to be getting shot for it to trigger. If you are sprinting and there's nearby gunfire it will activate, and give you a great boost of speed that you can push with or escape with.

The Ultimate Ability is the weakest part about her, but it's still surprisingly good at flushing out enemy teams or protecting your own team. You and your teammates do not take damage from it, so if you are pinned down you can launch a barrage down on top of you. Alternatively, you can obviously use it as a way to flush out an enemy team. The problem for this ability is that it's really slow and obvious, so most players will be able to avoid it with relative ease.

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  • Tactical Ability: Stim - Move 30% faster for 6 seconds. Costs health to use. While active, Octane is affected less by attacks that cause slowdown. 2 second recharge.
  • Passive Ability: Swift Mend - While not taking damage, Octane restores 1 health every 2 seconds.
  • Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad - Deployable jump pad that catapults players through the air. Takes 90 seconds to recharge.

It's very early on, but I feel like Octane is a pretty quality Legend option and has a couple of things going for him. He has a relatively small hitbox, which is a pretty big advantage in this game. He also has two movement based abilities which are extremely strong in Apex Legends.

His Tactical Ability is a lot stronger then you'd think. The health cost is not a big deal, especially since getting to move faster is really strong and makes you hard to hit. The ability to now be slowed down is also quite strong, because if you are being hit by heavy ammo it will slow your character down. Octane can avoid this disadvantage.

The Ultimate Ability is decent, it's not game changing but it can be used to make some interesting plays. It will take sometime to really find the potential of it, but I expect it will end up being pretty solid once more people get a chance to play with it.

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  • Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook - Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly.
  • Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge - Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring’s next location.
  • Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun - Create a zipline for everyone to use.

Pathfinder seems a bit underrated right now, but once players start figuring out the grappling hook ability you will start seeing them a whole lot more. The plays you can make with this tactical ability alone make this character worth choosing. At first glance the grappling hook seems like a standard aim at a spot and be pulled in that direction, but in reality if you fire at a target and face a certain direction you will swing rather than be pulled directly to it. This gives you the ability to swing around objects for big plays and makes it so you can gain a ton of momentum.

This video shows some good examples of how-to use the grappling hook:

The Zipline Gun ultimate is strong and can be used in many different ways. It can be utilized for escape, aggression, or just traversing problematic terrain. The Zipline you create remains for the entirety of the game, so even if it wasn't useful initially, there's a chance it can come into play later during a fight.

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  • Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather - Briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures in front of you.
  • Passive Ability: Tracker - See tracks left behind by your foes.
  • Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt - Enhances your senses, allowing you move faster and highlighting your prey.

Bloodhound is probably one of the more interesting characters, and the Ultimate Ability is actually pretty good. The problem is that the tracking abilities only really work well in a very communicative team, or if you are paired with another hero. Bloodhound is pretty good if you have a Bangalore on your team that can obscure an area and allow you to get some easy kills with your ultimate or tactical ability. Overall, the passive and tactical ability are only semi-useful in the right situation.

Bloodhound is a Legend who is better in an aggressive player's hands. If you are thirsty for kills then Bloodhound can be very strong because you'll catch hints of players and can use the tactical to locate them more easily.

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  • Tactical Ability: Psyche Out - Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
  • Passive Ability: Encore! - Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for five seconds when knocked down.
  • Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act - Deploy a team of Decoys to distract enemies while you cloak.

At first glance, you'd probably say Mirage is a weak character. Reading his abilities kind of leaves you scratching your head on how he'd be useful, but in practice he ends up being surprisingly tactical.

Let's get the passive out of the way first, it's pretty weak. The decoy isn't fooling anyone at this point, and being cloaked isn't super useful (you are also still pretty obvious even in cloaked mode). Going for a thirst kill in Apex Legends is pretty common, especially in the early game when loot is scarce. It might buy you a second or two, but it's not enough time to make a rela difference.

Mirage's Tactical Ability, however, is extremely useful and versatile! Sending out decoys can be a great distraction and give you a quick advantage, you can use it to check areas for enemy squads, or send it ahead towards a beacon to see if it's safe.

Mirage also has one of the best get out of jail free abilities in his ultimate. While the decoys aren't super useful, they do provide distraction and a bit of cover from fire. The main perk is obviously the invisibility that can quickly get you out of harm, or it can allow for a great flank opportunity.

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  • Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection - Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.
  • Passive Ability: Gun Shield - Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.
  • Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment - Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.

Gibraltar is just okay across the board. His tactical, passive, and ultimate are all useful which makes Gibraltar a solid pick for anyone just wanting to contribute to the team.

The Dome of Protection tactical is great for blocking incoming fire, protecting your team while reviving or looting, or being used as a way to throw shots at enemies while bouncing in and out of it. The drawback to this ability is that your enemies can use it in the same way you can. They can jump in and out of it while you are inside to throw shots at you and get back to protection. It's still a very solid ability, and useful in a lot of situations.

Gibraltar's passive makes him both a good potential sniper and aggressive character. If you are in an even fight, you will generally always win because you can take more damage than your opponent with the shield. This doesn't mean you are an unstoppable tank with this shield, but it does mean you've got more shield than every other Legend. The sniping aspect gives you an advantage because you can basically take a shot from an opposing sniper and block it, where your opponent can't do the same. If they risk taking the shot, you can tank it with the shield and fire back.

His ultimate is decent but isn't a stand out. It's very similar to Bangalore's ultimate, and is kind of slow to develop. It does do a good job zoning out teams, or can force enemies away from your team if you drop it on top of you.

The biggest problem for Gibraltar is that he is... well... big. He's a big target, and that matters in a game like this where players are hurling tons of a shot at you. His hit box is large, so he's a pretty easy spot and not too hard to hit!

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  • Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap - Drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.
  • Passive Ability: Nox Vision - Allows you to see enemies through your gas.
  • Ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade - Blankets a large area in Nox gas.

Caustic isn't a terrible Legend, he's just a bit too under-powered to be very useful. His canisters are obvious and don't do much damage. The majority of this game takes place in a lot of open areas, so his gas isn't extremely useful unless you are fighting in close quarters. His passive only works well if you actually catch someone in the gas, and this usually only really occurs with his ultimate.

The ultimate is likely the best part of Caustic. You can heave the grenade from a long distance and it covers a large area. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much damage and it is usually easily escaped. Caustic is largely good for zoning, but unfortunately for him that type of play isn't as highly rewarded at the moment.

Caustic might also get worse as days go on because players will realize you can just shoot the bottoms of the canisters to disengage them.

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