All answers in NBA 2K22 2KTV Episode 11

Episode 11 of 2KTV in NBA 2K22 is out now with 2,000 VC available to earn. The new episode revolves around new music on the 2K Soundtrack, upcoming events, and lots of any-answer-counts questions. Related: Best Dribble Moves in NBA 2K22 Each answer will reward 100 or 200 VC. All answers can be found below: […]

All changes in NBA 2K22 2nd Roster Update

2K Sports released the second roster update for NBA 2K22, and there are some big changes to a lot of players. As the season progresses to the quarter-way point, some players have flourished while others are off to a slow start. The biggest change to the roster is Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. MVP frontrunners […]

How to get the Sick Burn Achievement in Halo Infinite

To earn the Sick Burn achievement in Halo Infinite, you must kill an enemy player with a fully-charged shot with the Ravager. The Ravager is a Power weapon that launches three plasma bursts per shot. The fully-charged plasma burst also causes an area of effect that looks like light red fire. The Ravager must be […]