Crown Tundra: How to get Regeleki or Regidrago

There’s a plethora of mysteries in the Crown Tundra to be solved, and then there are even more mysteries once they have been solved! A few of these are pretty well hidden, such as how to get Spiritomb; who would have thought by interacting with a random tombstone would trigger a riddle. Another family of […]

Crown Tundra: How to get Galarian Zapdos

Legendary Pokémon are always a treat to find, especially when you least expect it. If you’re playing Crown Tundra blind without knowing anything about it, you might be in for a lot of shocks as you’ll find Legendary Pokémon all over the place! It’s truly a change in atmosphere when you expect to find higher-level […]

Crown Tundra: How to get Galarian Articuno

Have you ever wanted a game where you can find and capture all Legendary Pokémon in one title? Well, The Pokémon Company has just done that in their latest expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield, the Crown Tundra. Did you ever expect to see Galarian versions of Legendary Pokémon before? Especially the first-ever Legendaries back […]

Crown Tundra: How to get Galarian Moltres

Plenty of surprises are in store for you if you’re playing the latest Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion, the Crown Tundra. No doubt, you’ve heard that every single Legendary Pokémon is able to be captured and added to your Pokédex, and this also includes the Legendary birds from the Kanto region, back in Pokémon Red […]

Crown Tundra: How to get Terrakion

There are tons of quests to be completed in the new expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield called the Crown Tundra. This new region takes players to the freezing plains, where snowy mountains and icy lakes are in abundance. The open wild here is massive, and no doubt everywhere you turn, you’ll find a few […]