Plague Inc. Bio-Weapon Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete!

Plague Inc.’s Bio-Weapon plague type poses a unique challenge when compared to its siblings. Its closest comparison is the Nano-Virus, in that its key challenge isn’t flying under the radar but managing its unique traits. In this case it’s the Bio-Weapon’s lethality, which gradually increases over time. You want to keep this as low as […]

Plague Inc. Nano-Virus Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete!

Nano-Virus is an interesting type of plague in Plague Inc., as you begin a game with humanity immediately being aware of it and working double-time to “cure” it. We say “cure”, as it’s more of a kill-code that deactivates the virus. A Nano-Virus is a man-made form of plague that looks like a microscopic robot […]

How to Infect Greenland in Plague Inc.

If you’ve played Plague Inc. before, chances are that you really hate the country Greenland. That’s because it can be notoriously difficult to infect, due to its isolated location and freezing environment. It’s so much of a problem, in fact, that we’ve decided to dedicate an entire guide to tackling the problem of Greenland. Fortunately […]