Best Base Locations in Grounded

Grounded is all about survival. There is danger around every corner, and the responsibility to take care of your character by eating, drinking, and treating them for diseases or ailments. The environment can also be ruthless, so it’s essential to know where the best places to build a base are to keep you or your […]

Grounded Hot and Hazy Update | New Areas, Creatures, Weapons, and Armor

Grounded, the 2020 action-survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, recently announced a new update to their Game Preview title. This new update is called Hot and Hazy and features many new content, features, and fixes to the game. This update is about the same size as the previous one (Brood Mother update), offering similar new content. Both new […]

How to Delete your Twitch Account

Twitch has a very simple and quick process for deleting your account. It takes just a few clicks, and Twitch will remove your profile from the site. This is a necessary feature if you wish to remove extra accounts you have made or if you wish to leave the site for good. Here is a […]

When does the M1 Pro and M1 Max release?

During Apple’s newest keynote event on October 18, the tech company announced all-new chipsets for their latest models of MacBook Pros. They are calling these new chips: M1 Pro and M1 Max for the 14″ and 16″ models of the Macbook Pro, respectively. According to the Apple event, these new chips and their respective MacBook Pros […]