How to plant seeds in V Rising

Knowing how to plant seeds in V Rising can be difficult because it’s not as straightforward as other games. It’s difficult to expect anyone to know exactly what to do unless they are familiar with what needs to be done. Go to your territory and place borders around the tiles you want to plant seeds […]

How to move your Castle Heart in V Rising

Upon starting V Rising, players are encouraged to build a castle, which will serve as their home base where they can store resources. Moving the Castle Heart is fairly simple. You can move your Castle Heart by pressing the B button to open the Build mode. Click on the Castle Heart and then move it to a better location. You […]

All achievements for Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage DLC

Destroy All Humans! – Clone Carnage is a standalone DLC for the Destroy All Humans! remake. Several of the achievements below directly mention that multiplayer is required in Destroy All Humans! – Clone Carnage, so if you want them, you need to be great at multiplayer. There are 38 achievements in total Superior Genes Win […]

Best Bitlife Mods to download APK

A mobile app called Bitlife lets players live their lives as they please without worrying about the consequences. Bitlife is based primarily on text and is available free of charge. We present the version below for educational purposes, but we do not recommend anyone use them. They are not allowed by developers or publishers, and […]