Backrooms Race Clicker Codes (September 2022)

Click to build up speed and outrun your opponents in Backrooms Race Clicker. This Roblox title puts a horror spin on the click race genre, really giving you the motivation to race as hard as you can. Click as fast as you can to become a speed demon, reach the backrooms, and claim a top […]

Slime Tower Tycoon Codes (September 2022)

The slime business is booming, and Slime Tower Tycoon shows just how profitable and fun raising slimes can be. Build the ultimate and tallest slime tower in this Roblox title. Collect droplets from slimes and sell them to increase your slime collection to climb the leaderboard. Codes in Slime Tower Tycoon will give you various […]

How to get a refund for Google Stadia hardware and games

After numerous rumors of closure and some scaling back, Google Stadia is officially ending and shutting down on January 18, 2023. This was a hard decision for Google, but a blog post details the shutdown largely due to Stadia’s reception. In addition, the post details that Google would be giving refunds for Stadia. This may leave you wondering how […]

Is Stadia shutting down in 2022?

Stadia is Google’s premier gaming platform. A console that uses cloud streaming, Stadia launched in 2019. Three years on, the platform provides access to hundreds of games, from indie projects to AAA titles. But is Google ending support for Stadia in 2022? Is Google Stadia shutting down its service? The answer is no—but Google has […]

When is Google Stadia shutting down and why?

In shocking news, Google Stadia’s life ends as Google announces plans to shut down its game streaming service, finally confirming the rumors. As Stadia has been on the market and a part of the gaming industry for a brief time, you may wonder when and why Google Stadia will go down. When will Google Stadia shut […]