All Magilumic Orbs in The DioField Chronicle and how to get them

In The DioField Chronicles, you lead your army of mercenaries into battle against various threats. While your units do the bulk of the fighting, you do have access to powerful summons through Magilumic Orbs. These are devastating tools which may leave you wondering how to unlock all Magilumic Orbs in The DioField Chronicles. How to […]

Bot Clash Simulator Codes (September 2022) – Do any exist?

Collect and upgrade your bots for battle in Bot Clash Simulator. You will need them to defend you as you travel through various worlds and face the threats that lie within. Become the greatest bot builder and battler as you climb the leaderboards. Using codes in Bot Clash Simulator will give you rewards when they […]

How to recruit all characters in The DioField Chronicle

You lead the Blue Foxes Mercenary Group in The DioField Chronicle. You will need able-bodied soldiers to complete your missions and defeat your enemies. There are several units you can meet and recruit throughout the game, which may leave you wondering how to recruit all unlockable units in The DioField Chronicles. How to unlock all […]

List of streamers participating in the Omega Strikers Creator vs. Event Tournament

Omega Strikers is a free-to-play competitive game with fast-paced air hockey gameplay. This is combined with a champion system, creating mechanics involving scoring and knocking out other players. To create hype for the game, the developer, Odyssey Interactive, is hosting a streamer tournament that runs from Sept. 18, 2022, through Sept. 28, 2022. This may […]