Will FFXIV mods get you banned & is XIV Mod Archive safe to use?

In Final Fantasy XIV, mods and third-party addons are a contentious topic. As a result, some players might have a few reservations before using XIV Mod Archive and other modding sites. Unfortunately, in Final Fantasy XIV, all third-party tools and addons are prohibited. In a recent post by the game’s director Naoki Yoshida, this ban was reiterated. And […]

How to beat all bosses in Core Keeper

Core Keeper is an isometric cave crawler and explorer with procedurally generated worlds. There are a half dozen bosses for you to slay within each world, each spawn in a unique location. Below, we’ve run down how to defeat the various bosses in Core Keeper and the tactics you should employ to stay alive. Bear […]

All Final Fantasy XIV Warrior Quests

In Final Fantasy XIV, Warrior is one of the four Tank classes. The job unlocks after leveling Marauder to 30. From there, a series of Warrior quests will unlock new abilities and advance a side story. Below, we’ve listed all of the Warrior Quests in Final Fantasy XIV. We’ve also listed the level requirement for […]