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Balatro Joker Tier List – All Cards Ranked

No time for joking around.

Balatro is a unique poker-themed roguelike that allows players to use a mix of poker skills and Joker trump cards. In this Belatro Joker tier list, I'll share cards that got me big wins alongside others that didn't get me far.

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Balatro Best Jokers Tier List

I've created the Joker tier list below based on the cards I gravitate toward and the ones that do the best for how I play. Depending on your playstyle, your rankings of these Balatro Joker cards may differ vastly.

TierJoker Cards
SAstronomer, Blueprint, Brainstorm, Ceremonial Dagger, Chicot, Constellation, Green Joker, Hiker, Luchador, Mr. Bones, Perkeo, Triboulet
AAncient Joker, Bloodstone, Blue Joker, Burnt Joker, Canio, Cartomancer, Diet Cola, Even Steven, Fibonacci, Fortune Teller, Gros Michel, Half Joker, Odd Todd, Onyx Agate, Raised Fist, Rough Gem, Satellite, Scary Face, Seeing Double, Shortcut, Space Joker, Spare Trousers, Supernova, Vagabond, Yorick
B8 Ball, Abstract Joker, Arrowhead, Banner, Baron, Baseball Card, Bootstraps, Bull, Burglar, Business Card, Certificate, Delayed Gratification, Driver's License, Drunkard, Egg, Flash Card, Four Fingers, Glass Joker, Golden Ticket, Hanging Chad, Hit the Road, Hologram, Invisible Joker, Juggler, Loyalty Card, Marble Joker, Merry Andy, Mime, Mystic Summit, Oops! All 6's, Pareidolia, Photograph, Red Card, Reserved Parking, Riff-Raff, Scholar, Seance, Seltzer, Shoot the Moon, Smeared Joker, Smiley Face, Sock and Buskin, Splash, Swashbuckler, The Duo, The Family, The Order, The Tribe, The Trio, Throwback, Walkie Talkie
CAcrobat, Blackboard, Campfire, Card Sharp, Castle, Cavendish, Chaos the Clown, Clever Joker, Cloud 9, Crafty Joker, Crazy Joker, DNA, Devious Joker, Dusk, Erosion, Flower Pot, Gluttonous Joker, Gluttonous Joker, Golden Joker, Greedy Joker, Hallucination, Ice Cream, Joker, Joker Stencil, Jolly Joker, Lucky Cat, Lustful Joker, Mad Joker, Mail-In Rebate, Obelisk, Ramen, Ride the Bus, Rocket, Runner, Showman, Sixth Sense, Sly Joker, Stuntman, Superposition, The Idol, To Do List, To the Moon, Troubador, Turtle Bean, Wee Joker, Wily Joker, Wrathful Joker, Zany Joker
DCredit Card, Faceless Joker, Hack, Madness, Matador, Midas Mask, Misprint, Popcorn, Square Joker, Trading Card, Vampire

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Best Joker Cards in Balatro - What They Do & Which to Choose

S-Rank Joker Cards

  • Astronomer - All Planet and Celestial packs in the shop are free.
  • Blueprint - Blueprint copies the abilities of the Joker to the right.
  • Brainstorm - Brainstorm copies the abilities of the Joker on the far left.
  • Ceremonial Dagger - After selecting a blind, the Joker to the right of the Ceremonial Dagger will be destroyed. The Ceremonial Dagger's "Mult" value will be increased by 2x the destroyed Joker's sell value.
  • Chicot - Chicot disables the effect of every Boss Blind.
  • Constellation - Constellation's "Mult" value, which begins at "X1", will be increased by "X0.1" for every Planet card that is used.
  • Green Joker - For every hand played, the Green Joker gets +1 "Mult." For every discard, the Green Joker loses 1 "Mult."
  • Hiker - Every played card gains 4 chips permanently when they score.
  • Luchador - Selling the Luchador card disables the current Boss Blind.
  • Mr. Bones - If the chips scored are at least 25% of the required chips, Mr. Bones prevents death and self-destructs.
  • Perkeo - Perkeo creates a copy of one random consumable in your possession at the end of the Shop. The copy will be a "Negative" edition of the original, allowing for an extra consumable to be held.
  • Triboulet - Triboulet allows played Kings and Queens to give 2x "Mult" when they score.

A-Rank Joker Cards

  • Ancient Joker - Each played card with the designated suit gives x1.5 "Mult" when they score.
  • Bloodstone - Played cards with the Heart suit have a one in three chance of giving x2 "Mult" when scored.
  • Blue Joker - The Blue Joker adds +2 to the value of the chips for every card still in the deck.
  • Burnt Joker - The level of the first poker hand discarded in each round is upgraded.
  • Canio - When a face card is destroyed, Canio gains x1 "Mult." Canio begins with x1 "Mult."
  • Cartomancer - A Tarot card is created every time a Blind is selected, as long as there is space for it.
  • Diet Cola - The Diet Cola card can be sold to get a free Double Tag.
  • Even Steven - When even-numbered cards score, Even Steven gives +4 to the value of "Mult."
  • Fibonacci - Each played Ace, 2, 3, 5, and 8 will add +8 to the value of "Mult" if they score.
  • Fortune Teller - The Fortune Teller gains +1 "Mult" for each Tarot Card used on the current run.
  • Gros Michel - Gros Michel adds +15 to the value of "Mult." There is a 25% chance that Gros Michel is destroyed at the end of each round.
  • Half Joker - The Half Joker adds 20 "Mult" if a hand contains 3 cards or less.
  • Odd Todd - When odd-numbered cards score, Odd Todd gives +30 chips.
  • Onyx Agate - Played cards with the Club suit, giving +8 "Mult" when scored.
  • Raised Fist - The Raised Fist adds the rank of the lowest card doubled to the value of "Mult."
  • Rough Gem - When cards with the Diamond suit are played and scored, they earn $1.
  • Satellite - Satellite gives players $1 at the end of each round for each unique Planet card used in the current run.
  • Scary Face - Scary Face gives played face cards an extra 30 chips when they score.
  • Seeing Double - If a played hand has a scoring Club and a scoring card of any other suit, the hand gets x2 "Mult."
  • Shortcut - The shortcut allows straights to skip one number and still be valid. For example, the player could play "5 6 7 9 10" as a legal straight.
  • Space Joker - The Space Joker has a 25% chance of upgrading the level of the hand that is being played.
  • Spare Trousers - Spare Trousers gain +2 "Mult" if a played hand contains Two Pairs. This includes playing both Two Pairs and Full House hands.
  • Supernova - Supernova adds the number of times the current hand's type has been played to the value of "Mult." For example, if you've previously played 4 full houses and have just played another, the Supernova card will add 5 to the value of "Mult."
  • Vagabond - If the player has $3 or less, the Vagabond creates a tarot card when a hand is played.
  • Yorick - After using 23 discards, Yorick gives x5 "Mult."

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Balatro Joker Tier List – All Cards Ranked

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