Best Eldritch Invocations in BG3

Get your Patron to hook you up.

A Warlock's secret weapon are his or her Invocations—boons granted by a Warlock's Patron that offer various bonuses. Choosing the right ones for Wyll has been difficult for me, but now that I've got a handle on it, I can spare you the trouble. Your choice of Invocation will differ depending on your build, but I'll share my recommendations for the best Baldur's Gate 3 Warlock Invocations below.

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Best Warlock Invocations in Baldur's Gate 3

TierEldritch Invocation
SAgonizing Blast, Devil's Sight, Mask of Many Faces, Repelling Blast, Lifedrinker
AArmor of Shadows, Fiendish Vigor, Mire the Mind, Book of Ancient Secrets, Minions of Chaos
BThief of Five Fates, Sign of Ill Omen, Dreadful Word, Sculptor of Flesh
CBeast Speech, Beguiling Influence, One With Shadows, Otherworldly Leap, Whispers of the Grave

S Tier

Agonizing Blast

  • Available Level 2

Eldritch Blast is one of the best tools in a Warlock's toolkit, making Agonizing Blast a must for the bonus to damage. Adding your Charisma modifier at max can pump up your damage output by 5 for each beam, letting Warlocks deal some serious damage with just a cantrip.

Devil's Sight

  • Available Level 2

Dropping Darkness on a group of enemies is a great way to blind them and keep them from targeting your party. It becomes even more powerful when your Warlock can blast spells into the darkness, or dive in and unleash attacks if you have Pact of the Blade—your enemies literally won't see you coming with this combo. Devil's Sight also prevents enemies from blinding you with Darkness.

Mask of Many Faces

  • Available Level 2

Mask of Many Faces requires a bit more subtlety when used, but it can be extremely powerful in dialogue options. Some characters react better to certain races, and being able to transform at will lets you take advantage of all these. You can also use this to become smaller races and access hidden paths.

Repelling Blast

  • Available Level 2

Shoving enemies is one of the most powerful abilities in the game (especially near areas with great heights), so it's fortunate Repelling Blast lets you safely shove enemies from the comfort of your Eldritch Blast range; you can even push multiple enemies by spreading out your beams. Take advantage of this to control the battlefield by freeing allies from melee range or by pushing foes to their demise.


  • Available Level 12

Lifedrinker is to Pact of the Blade Warlocks what Agonizing Blast is to those who fight from a distance. This Invocation lets you add your Charisma modifier as Necrotic damage to your attacks; for a Bladelock, dealing additional free damage is always helpful, and with multiple attacks, this bonus stacks up.

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A Tier

Armor of Shadows

  • Available Level 2

Warlocks are not the most fragile class, but they don't have the best armor options either. Having Armor of Shadows allows you to cast Mage Armor at will without expending a spell slot, ensuring your Warlock has some form of protection even if they aren't wearing armor. Mage Armor lasts until a long rest, so you can always have this active.

Fiendish Vigor

  • Available Level 2

Fiendish Vigor is an additional bonus to your health that allows you to cast False Life at will without expending a spell slot. It provides seven temporary hit points, which may not seem like much, but could be just enough to prevent your Warlock from going down. Since it does not require a spell slot, you are free to use this as you please.

Mire the Mind

  • Available Level 5

Mire the Mind is an Invocation that gives you access to Slow, allowing you to take other spells when leveling up. Slow is easily one of the best debuff spells, as it reduces enemy speed and limits what actions they can take. It can affect multiple enemies with a single cast, making it great for crowd control.

Book of Ancient Secrets

  • Available Level 7

This Invocation further expands your spell book and how many spells you can cast per day. It has been nerfed compared to its 5e tabletop version, but grants Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb, and Silence to your Warlock, making it a great choice for Warlocks who prefer to hang back and cast spells.

Minions of Chaos

  • Available Level 9

Minions of Chaos is perfect for Warlocks that prefer to summon creatures and have them do their bidding. This Invocation lets you cast Conjure Elemental, creating a minion that can draw enemy aggro and support your frontline fighters. Action economy is king in Baldur's Gate 3, so having another body to act is helpful regardless of the situation.

B Tier

Thief of Five Fates

  • Available Level 2

Thief of Five Fates adds the Bane spell to your arsenal and lets you cast it without expending a spell slot. It is one of the best debuff spells, especially at low level. It adds a negative modifier to all afflicted enemies' attack rolls and saving throws, making it harder for them to hit your party and save against any spells or effects.

Sign of Ill Omen

  • Available Level 5

Sign of Ill Omen gives you access to Bestow Curse, but this Invocation is less useful than other debuff Invocations despite this spell's power. For one, you can only place a curse on one enemy rather than the multiple targets Thief of Five Fates and Mire the Mind allow. Secondly, you are forced to use a spell slot to cast it. So it's not bad, but there are better options.

Dreadful Word

  • Available Level 7

Dreadful Word gives your Warlock access to Confusion—one of the most annoying spells in Baldur's Gate 3. While it is powerful due to its potential to affect multiple enemies, you are somewhat reliant on RNG when they are affected by Confusion. The randomness of its effects holds this Invocation back, but it can turn the tide of battle if used correctly.

Sculptor of Flesh

  • Available Level 7

Polymorph is one of the most fun spells in Baldur's Gate 3, and Sculptor of Flesh adds it to your Warlock spell book. My favorite use for this Invocation is transforming a large enemy into something smaller and then throwing them off a cliff. Polymorph can take enemies out of the fight that couldn't easily otherwise, making it extremely handy.

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C Tier

Beast Speech

  • Available Level 2

Beast Speech isn't necessarily a bad Invocation, but there are other ways to Speak with Animals: Druids, Oath of the Ancient Paladins, potions, scrolls, and even an early magic item will let you cast this spell. Speaking with animals unlocks new dialogue options and can open doors you may not have access to, but it isn't worth using an Invocation slot for.

Beguiling Influence

  • Available Level 2

Beguiling Influence is fairly pointless, as it only provides proficiency in Deception and Persuasion. As a Warlock, you should already have one or both of these skills in your proficiency list, making picking an Invocation to get them a waste.

One With Shadows

  • Available Level 2

One With Shadows would be great if it didn't have the glaring weakness of requiring you to be stationary. Furthermore, casting a spell or attacking breaks invisibility, limiting it even more. I'm sure One With Shadows comes in handy occasionally, but not enough to warrant an Invocation choice.

Otherworldly Leap

  • Available Level 9

Despite how broken jumping is in Baldur's Gate 3, Otherworldly Leap falls behind compared to other Invocations. Triple jump distance through Enhanced Leap can be powerful, but there are just better choices for Invocations and your action. Casting Fly is almost always my preferred route.

Whispers of the Grave

  • Available Level 9

Like Beast Speech, Whispers of the Grave is accomplished through other means that tie up an Invocation. Speak with Dead can reveal important information, but Clerics can easily get access to this spell. Also, I found a magic item early on that lets me cast it, so I recommend avoiding Whispers of the Grave.

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