Baldurs Gate 3 All Companions, Ranked (2023)

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Whether you’re trying to create the most fascinating story or the strongest party, Baldur’s Gate 3 gives you the tools to put together a dream team of companions. At the time of writing, there are 10 companions whom you can find on your travels, and they can all co-exist in your camp. Only three get to travel with you at any one time, however, giving you some potentially tough choices to make. Below you’ll find our rankings of all these companions, making those choices somewhat easier.

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Best Companions in BG3

The problem with ranking companions in a game such as Baldur’s Game 3 is it is definitely subjective. Two of the biggest factors are which alignment you feel you want the party to pull towards and which party role your main character will fulfill. If you want to play a rogue, for example, it's going to be tricky to squeeze Astarion into your party as a second thief. And if you want to roleplay as good, siding with a dark boss enemy isn’t going to sit well with you! So, with that in mind, here is my personal subjective ranking for the potential companions in BG3.

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10. Wyll 

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I found Wyll incredibly annoying, almost from the outset. He bounds into the game with an admirable flourish, looking like Book from Firefly and kicking ass as he leaps into battle. But once you start talking to Wyll, you'll discover his personality is a mixture of smug and know-it-all. You can see his storyline twist coming from a mile away, and it seems the enemy can see his attacks that way too. A warlock with melee tendencies just doesn’t fit into my plans.

9. Halsin

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You’ll be sick to death of hearing Halsin’s name by the time you find him later in Act 1, and you won’t be able to get him into your party until Act 2. By then you’ll probably be pretty secure in your lineup, and despite everyone in Druid Grove rating him highly, in truth, he is just a druid. If you really want a druid, you’re either going to be playing one yourself or (spoiler alert) there’s a more compelling one (personality-wise) a little further down this list. 

8. Gale

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Gale has a bit of a Wyll issue for me, in that his voice and personality immediately turned me off (despite being well done). Another know-it-all who clearly thinks they’re superior to you, why would you want to hang out with this guy? Especially when his story sees him seemingly wanting to eat some of your best items as a snack. He’d only make my party if I really needed a wizard in my lineup, as no one else really fits that bill. 

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7. Jaheira

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A lot of people are going to have Jaheira higher on their lists, as she’s a beloved part of Baldur’s Gate lore. She also arrives in BG3 in Act 2, at a time you're likely to want to freshen up your party. The downside is it's a bit of a faff to get her to become a companion, which frankly put me off as I already have a solid party. Also, weirdly, she’s another druid. I can understand putting one druid companion in, but two? It’s not as if there’s a dearth of class options in the game… 

6. Karlach

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I like Karlach’s personality best of all, with her street attitude and positive outlook shining through in her fantastic voice acting. The Karlach storyline is a little pedestrian, but she's just fun to have along for the ride thanks to her sunny demeanor. Unfortunately, the barbarian class doesn’t seem to fare too well in BG3, and if you’re only running with one dedicated melee specialist, there are better options available.   

5. Minthara

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If you intend to play Baldur’s Gate 3 as an evil character, you can once again move Minthara a good few places up this list—perhaps even into the number one spot. To get on her good side as it were, you’re going to have to betray the Druid Grove to have her join you during Act 2. But is Druid Grove really that good? It may be worth it either way to get a strong paladin into your party, giving you a strong mix of tank and healer in one

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4. Shadowheart

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I would’ve had Shadowheart in a higher spot if I didn’t enjoy playing a cleric as my main, and if she wasn’t one of the weaker cleric subclasses (Trickery). I’d definitely pick her if you need a healer in the party, especially as you can build her to either be melee or ranged depending on your needs. Better still, she has a rich and compelling storyline, and she immediately warms to you after you save her life. She’s no pushover though, but I felt a bond with her personality straight away. 

3. Minsc

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A regular in the games, novels, and adventures, Minsc is a bit of a favorite from the Baldur’s Gate series. He doesn’t arrive in BG3 until much later in the game (Act 3), but by then it’s nice to have a fresh companion to add to the ranks, especially one with such a rich personality. Minsc is also a Ranger, which is a great combat addition to most parties, as you can build him as either a melee or ranged specialist. 

2. Lae’zel

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Lae’zel is the only one of the potential Baldur’s Gate 3 companions who feels genuinely alien. From the moment I met her on the ship, I wanted to know more, and rather than being an arrogant representative of her race, she feels like a typical member of a society that sees itself as higher on the food chain. In terms of party utility, she makes for an excellent frontline melee fighter whom you can mold into a tank or straight DPS.

1. Astarion

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The well-spoken yet down-on-his-luck personality of Astarion gave me something of a Withnail vibe which I automatically warmed to. The obsessiveness mixed with the slightly corny yet well-done vampire angle keeps his storyline appealing. There’s a big chunk of vulnerability that cuts through the arrogance enough to make him work, unlike the likes of Wyll and Gale. Plus, he’s a rogue, and you gotsta have a rogue.

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Baldurs Gate 3 All Companions, Ranked (2023)

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