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Moon Druid Beast Master build guide in BG3

So many animals!

There are so many great combinations of classes in Baldur's Gate 3 to make a great build. Some builds can be extremely fun and entertaining, even if they are not the most optimized. If you have ever wanted to gather as many animal friends as you can, the Moon Druid Beast Master build can give you the ability to summon animals and become one as well. I found this build to be a lot of fun for roleplaying, and it can give you a lot of advantages in combat and utility in BG3.

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Best stats for Moon Druid Beast Master build in BG3

For the Moon Druid Beast Master build, you will want high Wisdom, as it will be your spellcasting modifier for both your Druid spells and your Ranger spells. You will also want high Constitution to increase your health and maintain Concentration, and moderately high Dexterity for initiative and attack rolls when not using Wild Shape. Here are the best stats for a Moon Druid Beast Master in BG3:

  • Strength: 8
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Constitution: 16
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 17
  • Charisma: 8

Moon Druid Beast Master leveling guide in BG3

For a Moon Druid Beast Master build, you can level up Druid to have a stronger Wild Shape or you can level up Ranger for a stronger Companion. For the best build, you should take eight levels of Druid to unlock the Sabre-Toothed Tiger Wild Shape, and four levels of Ranger to unlock the Companion. Your companion will not be as strong, but you will unlock three feats and a very powerful Wild Shape with two attacks and some additional abilities. Here are the abilities you will unlock at each level of Druid:

1Druid Spells
2Wild Shape (Bonus Action): Badger, Bear, Cat, Spider, Wolf
Lunar Mend (Bonus Action)
3Druid Spells
Wild Shape: Dire Raven, Deep Rothe
5Wild Strike
6Wild Shape: Panther, Owlbear
Primal Strike
7Druid Spells
Wild Shape: Sabre-Toothed Tiger

Each Wild Shape has different abilities and stats that can be helpful in various situations. Most of the time, you will want to choose one of the Wild Shapes from the most recent level like using a Deep Rothe at Level 4, then using an Owlbear at Level 6, and finally, using a Sabre-Toothed Tiger at Level 8.

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The abilities Wild Strike and Primal Strike can make your Wild Shapes deal much more damage. Wild Strike allows you to have an additional attack in a turn, while Primal Strike makes your Wild Shape attacks magical, bypassing resistances.

It is important to note Druids do not benefit from most armor abilities while in Wild Shape, so you will have to depend on increasing your Wild Shape abilities with leveling up.

Here are the abilities you will unlock for each level of Ranger:

1Choose 1 Favored Enemy
Choose 1 Natural Explorer Environment
2Choose Fighting Style
3Ranger's Companion (Action)

For the Favored Enemy, it is best to choose Ranger Knight, which gives you Heavy Armor and History proficiency. For Natural Explorer, you should take Beast Tamer to be able to summon a Familiar. At Level 2, choose Defense as your Fighting Style to increase your AC. The additional AC and Heavy Armor proficiency will not help in Wild Shape, but you can take the Barkskin spell to keep your AC at 16 while Wild Shaped.

Best feats for Moon Druid Beast Master in BG3

With this build, you will have access to feats at Druid Level 4 and 8, and Ranger Level 4. Here are the best feats to take for a Moon Druid Beast Master build in BG3:

Ability Score Improvement
You increase one Ability by 2, or two Abilities by 1, to a maximum of 20.
MobileYour movement speed increases, and difficult terrain doesn't slow you down when you Dash.
If you move after making a melee attack, you don't provoke Opportunity Attacks from your target.
Tavern BrawlerWhen you make an unarmed attack, use an improvised weapon, or throw something, your Strength Modifier is added twice to the damage and Attack Rolls.
ToughYour hit point maximum increases by 2 for every level you have gained.

The best choice for feats at first is the Ability Score Improvement to increase your Wisdom. There are not many feats that are very beneficial for Druids, but taking Mobile or Tavern Brawler can be helpful both in and out of Wild Shape. If you want to take Tavern Brawler, you should change your build to put points into Strength instead of Dexterity.

Following Patch #3, Druids are much more viable to play, with Primal Strike being fixed, and NPCs not running in horror when Wild Shaped. Patch #3 also removed the ability for Rangers to resummon their Companion in combat, but the small change shouldn't affect gameplay too much.

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Moon Druid Beast Master build guide in BG3

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