Braindom Answers Key – All Answers to Every Level!

Braindom is a relatively new game that you can test your wits against to figure out answers to tricky puzzles! While some of these are easier than others, they do test your brain quite a bit, and will force you to think outside of the box to get them correct. You will no doubt be stumped a couple of times on your way up the ladder, so we're compiling all of the answers and solutions for the game in this post!

Braindom Answers Guide

Here's the entire list of solutions for all of the puzzles that are currently available in Braindom! These are just quick and to the point, so if you don't want to spoil yourself, make sure and try to solve each level on your own.

The level of a certain puzzle seems to be changed on occasion, so some answers might not make sense. Let us know in the comments if there's a level that doesn't match up.

Level 1

Just tap the belt that's at the top of them, not the black belt which would technically be the highest belt in martial arts.

Level 2

Drag the dead plant out of the shadow and into the sun.

Level 3

Complete the puzzle by matching the colors and pieces to what is missing.

Level 4

A is lying because her necklace matches the baby's hair ties.

Level 5

Press any number to complete the level.

Level 6

He says I Love You.

Level 7

The bottom left one is the rooster.

Level 8

Umbrella on the shirt sleeve of the woman holding the dress, purse on the dress/belt area of the woman with the green hair tie, and flower in the hair of the woman in front with the light blue shirt on.

Level 9

Drag away the pillow to find the phone then tap on it!

Level 10

Drag the two carts out of the way to expose two thieves. Drag a couple of people walking out of the way to expose the other two. There should be four in total!

Level 11

Drag the strawberries into the mixer then tap on the mixer control to make the milkshake.

Level 12

The black cat is being neglected behind the guy in the yellow shirt with blue shorts.

Level 13

Drag the rock out of place on the right side of the screen to expose some milk. Give the milk to the kid then hit the jump button to make it across the hole.

Level 14

Tap the eyes icon to place it in the first box, then place the telephone icon in the second.

Level 15

Shake your phone to add salt to the salad. That means actually physically shake it and it will pour salt!

Level 16

Don't use a tool just tap and rotate your finger on the wheel to get it to spin.

Level 17

The toothpaste is unnecessary because there's no toothbrush.

Level 18

There's no trick to this one, you just need to remember the order: Llama, Duck, Flamingo, Zebra, Bear, Jaguar, Iguana.

Level 19

The small doll is on the third shelf on left in the back of the room. The horse rocker is behind the kid's drawing in the front. The truck is under the conveyor belt on the left, right above the horse rocker.

Level 20

Tap and hold on the word "plane" in the text and drag it over to where the red circle is on the right.

Level 21

There's five of the emoji, because one has its tongue out but it's making the same face.

Level 22

You can pop two of the balls by tapping on them which leaves you with 4 balls.

Level 23

He's saying Strawberries.

Level 24

The safe way to go is with the evil looking whale.

Level 25

There's 6 cat tails in total!

Level 26

You would choose the door with the icebergs and igloo because you have a torch...

Level 27

Flower is in the leaves of the tree on the very right, snail is in the woman on the lefts hair, and the bug is on the lady on the lefts elbow.

Level 28

Drag the blue balls onto the yellow ones to turn them green which gives you four green balls.

Level 29

Tap on the shadow of the shark, no trick to this one.

Level 30

Drag the bird cage off of the bird, and then tap on the window to let it go free.

Level 31

The logo with the leaf tilted to the right is correct.

Level 32

The Twitter logo (blue with white bird in it) is the fake because it's backwards.

Level 33

Pinch the sides of the wallet and draw your fingers together to make it smaller. It will then fall into the bag.

Level 34

Do the pinch motion anywhere on the screen and you will shrink an unseen larger star that is covering the screen. Tap on it once it is small enough.

Level 35

B is lying.

Level 36

There's a whale in the blonde woman's hair who is being photographed.

Level 37

Tap on the window to wake up the sleeping guy.

Level 38

Drag the bottles into the fridge and one will get cool, which shows that it has water in it.

Level 39

There's 0 four-leaf clovers, it's a trick!

Level 40

Number 8 has 6 circles in it, number 4 has 3, and number 2 has 2 in it.

Level 41

The unicorn is on the top shelf on the box of corn flakes, the pig is on the bottle of liquid next to the mom's head, and the gingerbread cookie is in the shopping cart next to the loaf of bread.

Level 42

Tap on the sun then the glasses.

Level 43

Draw a circle with your finger where the bike is missing a wheel.

Level 44

The piece with the blue, white, and pink goes on the left. The piece that's green and purple goes on the right. It looks wrong because it's facing the wrong direction.

Level 45

Swipe down on the toilet paper to roll it out, then tap and drag where there are only two pieces.

Level 46

Use two fingers on the cat and pull them outwards to make it bigger! The dogs don't want to mess with a large cat.

Level 47

It's the second shadow of the boy, look at the backpack and how the apple matches.

Level 48

Drag the black bar in-between the two center pieces to create a sixth grey piece. The answer is 6, but you can't complete it until you drag the black bar.

Level 49

The piece with mostly blue and a touch of white flowers goes on the left. The all grassy piece goes on the right.

Level 50

Shake your phone to drop all of the fruit from the tree!

Level 51

The heart is in the bride's veil that's at the top of the screen.

Level 52

Drag all over the crew members onto the lines near the middle of the road. Once you have them all position just hit the stop button.

Level 53

Put one finger on the metal trap portion, then use another finger to tap and drag the cheese off of the trap.

Level 54

It's important to remember your PEMDAS, which is an acronym for the order of operations in math: Parentheses, Exponents (Powers & Square Roots), Multiplication & Division (left-to-right), and Addition & Subtraction (left-to-right). If you do the math, you'll get 3 from the left parentheses, and 0 from the right one. When you multiply these together, you end up with the answer... which is 0.

Level 55

Number 2 is the correct answer, someone's kid.

Level 56

The apple is equal to 2.

Level 57

Tap and drag the very top left icon that is a circle with three lines in it to the car's missing wheel area.

Level 58

Use two fingers to touch and hold both sides of the barbell with the weights on it. Drag your fingers up to help him finish the rep!

Level 59

Tap on the clothes iron which is yellow, and then tap on the man's face.

Level 60

Tap multiple times on the rocks to break them up enough to be sieved.

Level 61

Tap on the animal with the antlers, that's the deer.

Level 62

Facebook logo is face because it's upside down.

Level 63

Drag all the bottles with skulls on them into the trash can. Then draw the word "poison" from the puzzle into the bin as well.

Level 64

The first option where she's kicking her leg back and in a puddle is correct.

Level 65

The logo with white and blue where the letters aren't backwards is the right one.

Level 66

The pizza is on the father's shirt.

Level 67

The piece that's all blue with a slight bit of green on the tab goes on the left. The bright blue piece with orange on it goes on the right.

Level 68

Swipe down on the envelope and it will turnover. Drag the pen to the address box to write the address.

Level 69

Put two fingers in the center of the image and draw them outwards to make him fall asleep.

Level 70

Tap and hold on the A box and drag it around the puzzle. Checkmarks will appear on the spots that are the same color. There are 4 in total.

Level 71

Shake your phone to break down the building.

Level 72

The fish can be found at the bottom left on the ground.

Level 73

The mistake is that the word "spot" is listed twice. It has nothing to do with the number, so just tap the extra spot word.

Level 74

Combine the triangles together to create a star. Then order them by the amount of sides with the square at the top and star at the bottom.

Level 75

There's 15 wheels because you need to count the word "wheels" as well.

Level 76

Draw a circle where the missing cherry is to create an additional cherry.

Level 77

Tap the words from the bottom to the top in order. The words themselves from bottom to top, not what the words actually represent.

Level 78

The F is in the puzzle clue, not on the board full of E's.

Level 79

Tap on the phone that's peeking out of his jacket. They are both telling the truth, so tap both of their names at the same time. This only works once you have the phone shown.

Level 80

Tap on the bananas to make them drop from the tree for the monkey.

Level 81

The 7 is backwards so tap on it!

Level 82

This is a memory puzzle, so just do as the puzzle says and tap in the following order: Turtle, Whale, Sea Horse, Piranha, Crab, Jellyfish, Starfish.

Level 83

The dog is the foreigner, it's a pug!

Level 84

Draw a line to make a leg for the stool with your finger.

Level 85

The white eggs with green and blue spots match.

Level 86

Look for the shadow with shorts on and the two hairs coming out of the top of her head.

Level 87

Drag the word green from the puzzle description and place it in the white circle.

Level 88

Choose the man walking and the casket emojis in order to complete the puzzle.

Level 89

The cheese can be found on the woman's shirt who is on the pink exercise ball.

Level 90

Drag the word law from the puzzle description onto one of the books.

Level 91

Give Alice the cupcake so she can become large enough to grab the keys.

Level 92

Give Alice the potion so she'll shrink and be able to open the door.

Level 93

Tap on a key shadow then tap on the key that matches it.

Level 94

The fourth key matches the first, sixth key for the second, third key with third, second key with fourth, first key with the fifth, and the fifth key with the sixth house.

Level 95

Pinch together your fingers on the key to shrink it to fit.

Level 96

Draw the top of a bun on the lettuce to finish the sandwich.

Level 97

Combine the circles together to create the number 1.

Level 98

The red and blue winged butterflies without the large spots are matching.

Level 99

The screw matches with the screwdriver, the shoe/cleat matches with the ball, hook and fish, and teapot and teacup are the final match.

Level 100

Tap and hold on the number 100 in the level at the top of the screen and drag it to the batter icon on the phone.

Level 101

Match the rain cloud to the umbrella, bird house to bird, pencil to notepad, and ice skates to mittens.

Level 102

At the top right there's a small ladybug with four dots.

Level 103

Draw some triangle like teeth onto the edge of the saw!

Level 104

Heart emoji and gun to create heart attack.

Level 105

The bone can be found at the bottom right in the balls of yarn.

Level 106

Drag the piggy bank off the shelf and onto the floor to drop money.

Level 107

Drag the strawberries into the blender and then shake your phone.

Level 108

Max is the blonde kid, Bob is the brown-haired kid, and Emma is the little girl.

Level 109

Drag the woman in orange down and under the two men and place her near the other woman.

Level 110

It will look like number 3.

Level 111

Wheel goes with car, chicken with nest, lighter with fire, and world with moon.

Level 112

He says I Love You.

Level 113

The donkey kind of looks like a horse.

Level 114

Count the legs to determine the number of each animal! The ant has six, so the answer is 6!

Level 115

Light the candle with the match, move the candle to the lantern on the shelf.

Level 116

The books are the odd ones out.

Level 117

The shadow with an earring, without a bird and sword is the correct one. The option on the very right.

Level 118

The man is lying because the kid has a beauty spot that matches the woman.

Level 119

Tap the numbers from the bottom to the top, don't worry about what the number represents.

Level 120

Four-leaf clover and star emoji create lucky star.

Level 121

Draw a line from the tv cord to the cord that's plugged into the wall.

Level 122

Double tap on the top of the drone to remove the battery and stop it!

Level 123

Piece with orange and pink goes on the bottom, and the piece with many colors goes in the top spot.

Level 124

Erasers with pencils, plane with sky, heart with hospital, camera with portrait.

Level 125

Memory game again, just tap them in order: Banana, Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry.

Level 126

Piece with orange and pink on one side and swirls of color on the other goes on the left. Piece with a lot of blue goes on the right.

Level 127

The mouse is next to the rock that is directly under the starfish.

Level 128

Tap and hold on the gate and move it away from the road to free up the traffic.

Level 129

There's a key in the fish bowl, grab it and bring it to the closet. This will open it up and there's a key inside. Bring that key to the bird cage to unlock it.

Level 130

Pull the collar off the smaller dog and put it on the Y-shaped stick. The rock will then be placed into the slingshot. Tap on it to fire and complete the puzzle!

That's all of the current levels in the game right now! If more are added in the future, we'll update this guide.

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  1. Cannot solve what on my phone is Level 295..
    what is the sum of the numbers at this level?

  2. help with level 282 dont know how to use the blow dryer.

    1. I think it’s a glitch in the game, no one seems to be able to do it. Looks like the end of the road!

  3. Level115 isn’t right

    1. Fixed now, thanks.

  4. Level 209 on my version is what’s he saying Elephant Shoes? How to solve?

  5. How do i solve 142. Have purchased brain points but nothing seems to happen!!! Help

    1. You have to color the blue person pink. Mine didn’t work the first time, so I had to close the game and then reopen it for it to work right. Good luck!

      1. I’m on level 195 “get the Prince and the princess together”. I press the hint Buton and it just says hint 337 and nothing happens 😡