The Red, Green, Orange, Pink, and Blue Knights from Castle Crashers
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Castle Crashers Characters Tier List

Choose the best crasher

Castle Crashers has 31 playable characters to choose from, ranging from trusty knights to the king himself. I'll rank every Castle Crashers playable character so you can see which will give you the upper hand and which will test your skills.

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Castle Crashers Knights Tier List

This tier list covers all of the playable characters within Castle Crashers. I tend to play the game solo, so that has influenced my thoughts on the rankings greatly. Some of the rankings, like that of the Blue Knight, are universally accepted in the Castle Crashers scene. Whether you agree or disagree with our thoughts, hopefully this tier list will help you choose your next Castle Crashers knight.

SBlue Knight, Iceskimo, Industrialist, Fencer
ABear, Fire Demon, Orange Knight, Red Knight, Saracen
BBrute, Necromancer, Ninja, Pink Knight, Snakey
CAlien, Blacksmith, Cult Minion, Green Knight, Hatty Hattington, King, Skeleton
DBeekeeper, Conehead, Gray Knight, Royal Guard, Stoveface
FBarbarian, Civilian, Open-Faced Gray Knight, Peasant, Thief

All Castle Crashers Characters, ranked

This ranking starts with the best S-Tier Castle Crasher characters and ends with the worst.

All S-Tier Characters in Castle Crashers

If you want the advantage, choose one of these characters.

The Blue Knight freezing a Barbarian enemy in Castle Crashers
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Blue Knight

The Blue Knight is inarguably the best choice of the four Knights the game begins with. He has affinity with ice, giving their magical and elemental infusion attacks the ability to freeze enemies. Their freezing abilities can be used to trap enemies in an endless cycle of being frozen followed by a combo attack that freezes them again. If you're new to the game, choosing Blue Knight will get you to the top fast.


The Fencer is one of two Castle Crashers heroes that has saw-themed magical abilities. This makes them perfect for doing a lot of damage to hoards of enemies and bosses alike. Their abilities are identical to the Industrialist with the main difference being in their weapons. The Fencers weapon, called the Fencer's Foil, increases Strength, Agility, and Magic by 1 point each.


The Iceskimo is the only hero besides the Blue Knight able to freeze their enemies. They start with the fishing spear, a pretty good weapon that increases strength and magic in exchange for reducing agility. The only thing that puts it behind the Blue Knight is its smaller magical attack. It does not freeze, but the snowball it produces is able to stun enemies.


Like the Blue Knight and Iceskimo, the magical capabilities of the Industrialist set it above the rest. In particular, their heavy magical attack sends saw blades along the ground to do devastating damage to all enemies in front of them. This is great for taking down big bosses and small fry alike.

All A-Tier Characters in Castle Crashers

While not as all-powerful as the S-Tier characters, these knights still pack a hefty punch.

Playing as the Red Knight in the arena within Castle Crashers
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides


The Bear is one of two heroes able to create tornados. These tornados are perfect for juggling enemies and do damage equal to a mix of players' Magical and Physical damage. Their starting weapon is a club that increases Strength and Defense by 5 while lowering Agility by 3. This is already a good weapon, but they can be made even stronger by choosing a weapon that increases both Magic and Strength like the NG Golden Sword.

Fire Demon

The Fire Demon is one of two heroes that use mainly fire-based attacks. Their Splash attack creates a set of flaming pillars in front of the player that do about as much damage as the Brute's vine attack. Additionally, their fireball projectiles light enemies on fire as they damage them. Lastly, their Elemental Infusion deals the player's base magic damage plus their physical damage and the damage the enemy takes from being on fire.

Orange Knight

Harness the power of fire as the Orange Knight! Their Elemental Infusion and magical attacks have the ability to set enemies on fire. While it deals one hit of damage over time like Poison does, it does extra damage since many of the enemies in the game are weak to fire.

Red Knight

The Red Knight is the electrocutioner of the four starting knights. Their electric magic attacks are able to stun enemies in place, giving you the opportunity to land devastating combo attacks. Like the other three starting Knights, their original weapon isn't great. Replace it to increase your destructive power and become a force to be reckoned with.


Saracen fits into our A-Tier because of their Sandstorm attack and ability to juggle enemies in the air. Their projectile attack consists of several gusts of sand that knock even more enemies into the air. If you're playing with friends, they're the perfect character for taking on hoards of smaller enemies.

All B-Tier Characters in Castle Crashers

Any of these little characters would be a solid addition to your playthrough.

The Castle Crashers Pink Knight doing a rainbow Splash Attack
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides


At first glance, the Brute may not seem like a B-Tier hero. This is because both its regular and air projectile attacks deal base magic damage while its Elemental Infusion is the common 4x damage multiplier. However, its Splash attack is what separates them from the rest of the pack. It is a series of thorny vines emerging from the ground in front of you, each doing its own damage to hit enemies. It's great for stacking damage onto bigger bosses and enemies that can take chain attacks.


The Necromancer is a unique hero that uses skeleton-based magical attack. Their magic projectile launches a speedy skeleton that bolts into enemies, exploding upon contact. On the other hand, their long-ranged Splash Attack unleashes a set of skeleton hands from the ground. These hands appear quickly and are handy for juggling enemies, but they will stay visible for longer than they actually do damage. One of the Necromancer's greatest strengths is the Evil Sword they carry, giving them an extra 2 Magic and 7 Defense.


Ninja is another non-elemental character that throws a weapon as a magic projectile and does 4x their base damage for their Elemental Infusion. One of the things that sets them apart from other non-elemental heroes is their SA weapon, which gives them +6 Agility and a 2% chance of hitting criticals in exchange for taking away 2 Defense. Additionally, their Splash Attack is a cloud of smoke that does damage quickly while knocking enemies (including Beefys!) down.

Pink Knight

The Pink Knight is one of several DLC characters available in Castle Crashers. Their Splash Attack, Rainbow Chain, rapidly damages and stuns enemies while hitting them multiple times. This puts it on relatively equal ground with the saw attacks used by the Industrialist and the Fencer. Additionally, their projectiles are able to deal critical damage. While I originally placed the Pink Knight in the A-Tier, their inability to stun Beefy enemies dropped them down to B-Tier.


Snakey's power comes mainly from their starting weapon and stronger magical attack. They begin with the Snakey Mace, which increases Magic by 5 and Agility by 3 while decreasing Defense by 2. It also gives them a 2% chance to poison attacked enemies. While their light magic is a weak throwing knife, their stronger magic sends large roots through the ground in front of them to attack unsuspecting enemies.

All C-Tier Characters in Castle Crashers

These knights aren't anything special, but they aren't the bottom of the barrel either.

The Alien in Castle Crashers firing a large beam from their Alien Gun
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides


The Alien specializes in using ray gun attacks that have the potential to light enemies on fire. Their lighter magical attack will not set enemies on fire while their heavy magical attack and elemental infusion attack will. The major downside is that the Alien is unable to use any other weapon—it's the Alien Gun or nothing.


The Blacksmith is another of the DLC characters available for Castle Crashers. Its magical attacks mainly feature the Weapons Frog found in the Blacksmith area in the game. Attacks using the weapons Frog are really only good for crowd control as they don't do a lot of damage and hit enemies fewer times than most other attacks. Its projectile magic is a small flaming hammer that sets enemies on fire for one second after being hit.

Cult Minion

As an enemy, the Cult Minion is a formidable foe. I just haven't found them as useful as a player-controlled hero. They utilize dark magic, with their projectile being a fast-moving dark ball and their Splash Attack being dark energy bursting up from the ground. Their weapon is Glow Stick that decreases Strength by 4 while increasing Magic and Defense by 5 each.

Green Knight

The Green Knight is the poison-user of the four starting Knights. Their simpler magical attack is a small ball of poison while their larger attack is a gust of poison. Poisoning an enemy causes it to take extra damage over a short period of time so long as they are not resistant. It is not a bad hero by any means, but they are overshadowed by the strength of the other three starting knights.

Hatty Hattington

Hatty is a special character available for purchase in the Insane Store in the Remastered Version of Castle Crashers. What makes them special is the fact that they have three magical abilities rather than the standard two. Unfortunately, there is a significant enough delay between casting their Splash Attack and it actually beginning that makes them a little harder to use.


The King is the only hero in Castle Crashers to have a healing ability. He also has a nice starting weapon in the King's Mace, which gives players +3 Strength, +2 Magic, and +3 Defense. However, the slowness of their healing ability combined with their somewhat simple knife-throwing light magic attack have settled them in our C-Tier. However, they could easily rise up the ranks if played in the right team composition in a multiplayer game.


Like the Cult Minion, the Skeleton utilizes dark magic to attack enemies. It has the same abilities consisting of dark magic projectiles and bursts of dark energy emerging from the ground. Its weapon is the Skeleton Mace, which increases Defense by 3, Agility by 5, and decreases Strength by 2.

All D-Tier Characters in Castle Crashers

Playing as any of these characters will be an uphill battle.

The Gray Knight launching off a barrage of arrows in the Castle Crashers arena
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides


The Beekeeper uses interesting bee-themed attacks to deal damage to their enemies. While the premise itself is cool, there are too many weaknesses to make them a great knight to pick. Their Splash Attack drops bees directly above enemies' heads, allowing enemies to block it using their shields. This makes it one of the few Splash attacks that can be blocked in Castle Crashers. Additionally, its other magical attacks only do basic magic damage without applying any status effects or stuns.


The Conehead has the same magical abilities as the Gray Knight with the added bonus of their Elemental Infusion doing 4x their base attack instead of 2x. These factors, plus the fact that their projectile attack is a bomb instead of a knife, pushes them into C-Tier. Their starting weapon is the Light Saber, which buffs Agility by 2 and has a 2% chance of applying the Electricity effect to enemies.

Grey Knight

The kit of the Grey Knight is a mixed bag. Like many weaker characters, their heavy attack consists of a barrage of arrows raining down from the sky. Unlike them, their light magical attack consists of a bomb that can set enemies on fire. They potentially would have been higher on this list because of that. However, they dropped a tier due to the fact that their Elemental Infusion attack does half the damage of other non-elemental characters.

Royal Guard

The Royal Knight is on a similar playing field as the Conehead. Their projectile attack is a thrown bomb, while their splash attack is a barrage of arrows. Their Elemental Infusion does the same 4x base damage, with the major difference being their Falchion sword which increases Strength by 1 and Defense by 3.


Stoveface has the same knife projectile and arrow Splash Attack that has put many characters in the F-Tier of our list. They're a pretty average character with their main advantage being their starting weapon. They begin with the Gladiator Sword, which increases Strength by 1, increases Defense by 3, lowers Magic by 1, and adds a 1% chance of critically hitting enemies.

All F-Tier Characters in Castle Crashers

Playing as any of these characters will be an uphill battle.

The Thief firing a volley of arrows in Castle Crashers
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides


The Barbarian is only a small step up from the Civilian and Peasant heroes in the F-Tier. Like them, their Elemental Infusion attack does 4x their normal damage. While their magical abilities seem different, they are essentially variations of the basic throwing knife and arrow rain abilities. There are just so many other characters that will serve you better than the Barbarian.


To be honest, the Civilian just doesn't have a lot going on. They have the typical knife-throw basic magic attack as well as the heavier magic attack that rains down arrows. Both of these are shared among multiple playable characters and simply don't do as much as other characters.

Open-Faced Gray Knight

As the name and appearance implies, the Open-Faced Gray Knight is almost identical to the regular Gray Knight. The first major difference between the two is in their basic magic attacks. While the Gray Knight has the bomb, the Open-Faced Gray Knight has the weaker throwing knife attack shared by the other weaker heroes. The second major difference comes in their Elemental Infusion attacks. The Open-Faced Gray Knight has a stronger Elemental Infusion. However, the rest of their kit leaves them at the bottom of this list.


The Peasant and the Civilian feel like the same character in two different appearances. The Peasant has the same knife-throw and arrow rain magical attacks that most heroes without elemental effects have. The only reason you'd really need to play the Peasant would be to unlock the Civilian.


The Thief is the final hero that has a pretty basic starting weapon, the knife-throwing light magic attack, the larger rain of arrows magic attack, and the Elemental Infusion that does 4x their base attack. Their weapon is the Thief Sword, which decreases Strength by 1 and increases Agility by 3. The Thief's main use is in unlocking the B-Tier knight Snakey.

Want to try out all of the Castle Crashers characters to make your own list? Check out How to unlock all characters in Castle Crashers here on Pro Game Guides.

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Castle Crashers Characters Tier List

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