How-to Find the Prismatic Hammer – The Outer Worlds

If you’re looking to locate and get the Prismatic Hammer in The Outer Worlds, then we’ve got the exact location you’ll need to go. This is a powerful Science 2-Handed Melee weapon, so if you’re running a build that wants to bash people, you will absolutely want to locate this weapon! How-to Find the Prismatic […]

The Outer Worlds Trophy List

The Outer Worlds Trophy List has been revealed! We’ve got a full look at all the trophies you can grab for your PlayStation 4. There’s a pretty healthy list of them available, and you’ll be able to earn them in a variety of different ways. There’s likely some light spoilers in the list, so if […]

The Outer Worlds Perks List

We’ve got a full list of all of the perks in The Outer Worlds! Perks are incredibly useful and can give you big bonuses to specific stats and will increase your overall effectiveness. There are three tiers worth of perks, and you can access additional tiers by acquiring them. The Outer World Perks List Perks […]