Club Penguin Rewritten Codes (June 2021)

We're taking a look at all of the working Club Penguin Rewritten Codes that will get you a whole lot of free rewards! These codes will get you some great looking cosmetics for your penguin, as well as some coins, and even some Card-Jitsu Cards all for free.

Dressing up your penguin is half of the fun! So, be sure to take advantage of these codes because they'll get you some fun additional cosmetics that you can mix and match to create new outfits with.

All Club Penguin Rewritten Codes List

Here's where we'll be listing all of the available and expired codes from the game. Make sure when you're entering one from the list that you copy exactly as it is displayed. It is sometimes hard to distinguish numbers from letters, and it's easy to accidentally mess it up if you type it in yourself!

Checked June 14

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes (Working)

AUTHENTICBROWSRedeem for Big Brow, Biggest Brow (New)
COINSFORFURNIRedeem for 10000 Coins (New) (Expires June 26)
MOUNTAINPACKRedeem for Khaki Expedition Jacket, Blue Expedition Jacket, Yellow Expedition Jacket (Limited Time)
MISSIONSRETURNEDRedeem for Dark Vision Goggles, Black Suit, Black Bowtie, and Black Sunglasses (Limited Time)
FREEHOODRedeem for a UK Hoodie. (Always Available)
FREEHOOD2Redeem for a Green Crosshatched Hoodie. (Always Available)
ONLINESAFETYRedeem for a Laptop. (Always Available)

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes (Expired)

These codes are no longer available and can't be redeemed anymore.

  • uMhPXWwvJ
  • vo5Xbkjra
  • ZaBpMQMoK
  • i8GmE4A5e
  • iJQT3C5aG
  • N72dXvnJz
  • hB9ar4Wu7
  • ustjAMs8H
  • NXD7WqECh
  • q7yXfo7YU
  • BUGSBUNNY21—Redeem for 1000 coins, Yellow Bunny Ears
  • EASTERBREAK— Redeem for a free 5000 Coins, and Blueberry Bunny Costume
  • GREENPROPELLER20—Redeem for Green Propeller Cap
  • STIMMY— Redeem for 1400 Coins and a Money Bag
  • SHAMROCKPACK— Redeem for 1000 Coins, Emerald Kilt, Shamrock Shirt, Shamrock Dress, Shamrock Hat, and a Leprechaun Tuxedo (New)
  • HELLOMARCH— Redeem for 5000 Coins, a Golden Quilted Jacket, and Green Bunny Slippers. (New)
  • zTy3Mhm8d - Redeem to give you access to three items from the treasure book
  • 30KCOINS -  Redeem for 30,000 coins
  • CARDJITSU3003 - Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards
  • CARDDECK - Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards
  • ONLINESAFETY - Redeem for a Laptop
  • FREEHOOD2 - Redeem for a Green Crosshatched Hoodie
  • HIDDENPUFFLE - Redeem for a Puffle Whistle
  • FREEHOOD - Redeem for a UK Hoodie
  • CLUBPENGUIN15 - Redeem for a reward
  • THEFAIR20 - Redeem for a Tie Dye Shirt, Caramel Apple, and 20,000 Coins
  • R6RKN4YNY - Redeem for Scrubs
  • AY3T2S2ND - Redeem for a Puffle Care Sash
  • M44YJRX8T - Redeem for a Puffle Care Cap
  • EARTHDAY20 - Redeem for a Rock-Hopper Costume, Snow Leopard Costume, and Elephant Costume
  • EASTERBUNNY - Redeem for a Yellow Bunny Slippers & 2,000 Coins
  • BROWNHAT20 - Redeem for a Brown Skater Hat
  • CHACHING - Redeem for 1,000 coins
  • COFFEEAP - Redeem for a Coffee Apron
  • FIELDOPS - Redeem for a EPF Suit
  • REDHOCKEY - Redeem for a Red Hockey Jersey
  • BLUEHOCKEY - Redeem for a Blue Hockey Jersey
  • 50KPENGUINS - Redeem for a Beta Grid Sweater
  • 100KPENGUINS - Redeem for a Blue Skater Hat
  • HAPPYEASTER - Redeem for a Green Bunny Slippers
  • WORLDPENGUIN - Redeem for a Blue Crosshatched Hoodie and 1000 coins.
  • 10KFOLLOWERS - Redeem for a Black Diva Shades and 100 coins
  • BUILDERS - Redeem for a Hard Hat and Safety Vest
  • COVEPARTY - Redeem for Water Wings
  • MUSICJAM - Redeem for a MP3000
  • REDKEYTAR - Redeem for a Keytar
  • SUMMERLEI - Redeem for an Island Lei
  • CARDJITSU - Redeem for a Stone Ninja Suit
  • VIDEOGAME - Redeem for a Blue Lei
  • 1MILLION - Redeem for an  Ocean Blue, Beta Hat T-Shirt, and 2,000 coins
  • CPBIRTHDAY - Redeem for a Party Hat T-Shirt
  • SUITUPEPF - Redeem for an  Elite Body Armor
  • ONEYEARUS - Redeem for a Glowing Grid Jacket
  • 2MILLION - Redeem for a Sunset Lei and 1000 coins
  • MUSICJAM18 - Redeem for a White Electric Guitar and 1000 coins
  • MJ18HOODIE - Redeem for a Black Penguin Band Hoodie
  • CONGRATS1 - Redeem for 5,000 coins
  • REDVSBLUE1 - Redeem for a Go Red Background and Go Blue Background
  • FALLFAIR18 - Redeem for a Tie Dye Shirt
  • APPLEFAIR18 - Redeem for a Candy Apple and 500 coins
  • CJDEVCAST18 - Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards
  • DEVCAST18 - Redeem for a 1st Anniversary Hat Shirt
  • HALLOWEEN18 - Redeem for a Green Spider Costume
  • CARDFIRE - Redeem for a Five Card-Jitsu Cards
  • XMASDAY18 - Redeem for a Candycane Scarf
  • ANNIVERSARY2 - Redeem for a 2nd Anniversary Hat T-Shirt
  • REDNOSEDAY19 - Redeem for a Red Nose
  • STRAWBERRY1 - Redeem for a Strawberry Costume, Very Cherry Background, and 500 Coins
  • ORANGEPODS - Redeem for an  Orange MP3000
  • CANADA19 - Redeem for a Red Ski Goggles and 500 Coins
  • FUNFAIR19 - Redeem for a Stuffed Bunny and 500 Coins
  • MILESTONE20 - Redeem for an  eReader
  • THREEYEARS - Redeem for a 3rd Anniversary Hat T-Shirt and 3000 coins
  • PINKSHIRT20 - Redeem for a Pink Polo Shirt and 1000 coins
  • POTOGOLD - Redeem for a Pot O'Gold and 1000 coins
  • TIMESISSUE150 - Redeem for a Newspaper Hat

How to Redeem Codes in Club Penguin Rewritten

Redeeming codes in Club Penguin is a pretty simple process. Here's a look at how-to do it step-by-step:

  • Go to the Club Penguin Rewritten Home Page
  • At the top right of the screen, look for the Unlock Items Online icon and click on it.
  • Select your penguin that you'd like the reward to go to.
  • Login with your password.
  • Select the "I have a code" option.
  • Copy one of our codes and paste it into the box.
  • Hit the Done button to receive your reward!
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  1. Use Code AUTHENTICBROWS for Big brow and Biggest Brow

    1. Thank you!

  2. Have you put COINSFORFURNI for 10k coins?

    1. I have now πŸ˜€

      1. its not working for me πŸ™

        1. What one isn’t?

  3. I don’t think MONEYMONEY works as of 12 May πŸ™

    1. Cheers for the heads up!

      1. It worked for me but it dosent work no more

  4. how about the MOUNTAINPACK code?

    1. When I checked yesterday there wasn’t anything. Must have happened after I finished my shift!

  5. can you put codes like everyday and check if there’s new ones?

    1. I will when I can πŸ™‚

      1. thank you

    2. We don’t make the codes, sorry!

  6. Wow al the codes I put work except for the one that is finally ball caps it seems it has expired

    1. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. your welcome!

  7. Hey, are there any more codes that you can put? pls

    1. I’ve just added one today πŸ™‚

  8. hey there’s some new codes like MONEYMONEY

    1. I’ve just added it along with another code. Cheers!

  9. I think the GREENPROPELLER20 code has expired

    1. Did EASTERBREAK work for you?

    2. Yes it has, thank you for letting us know!

  10. Did the stimmy code expire?

    1. Is anyone else unable to redeem this code?

  11. i think the STIMMY code is expired
    it said so when i entered it

  12. Does anyone know where i can redeem codes because the button doesnt show up for me on the server list page

    1. I thought I didn’t have it but it’s there, when you go on the site, before you even login click on the top right coin icon… then log in and it’ll ask if you have a code

    2. Weird, the Coin button is the only way to redeem, I think.

  13. does the valentines code aka VALENTINES21 still work? it gives you a valentines hoodie and 5000 coins

    1. I’ve just checked it. It doesn’t work for me

  14. Hey, i can’t seem to click on the actual unlock items icon, it wont direct me anywhere. What should i do?

    1. Good question, it’s not working for us, either. We’ll investigate this further, stay tuned.

  15. when i click on it nothing happens?

    1. The link at the bottom? It works for me. Or are you talking about something else?

  16. idk where to put in the codes i try to go to the login page & hit unlock items online but there’s no link & nowhere to put them in

  17. I can’t find where to put in the codes πŸ™

    1. I think the site is down or being revamped. I’ll take a look into it πŸ™‚

  18. 2 things: 1: The code is ” zTy3Mhm8d” and 2: It is NOT expired, it can still be used.

    1. Hey, thanks for the catch, it’s much appreciated. πŸ™‚

  19. can yall make the codes not expire?

    1. If we could we would, but we have no control over it sadly!

  20. hi can u add more new codes please

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like no new codes have been released. We’re keeping our eyes out for new ones, though!

  21. the code zT3mHm8d doesnt work

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  22. The real treasure book code is zTy3Mhm8d the one up there is incorrect

    1. Thank you!

  23. Hello, there is two new codes at the moment:
    one is 30KCOINS which gives you 30,000 coins, and another is zTy3mHm8d which gives you access to get three items from the treasure book.

    1. Appreciated!

  24. There are some new codes out for December 2020, but, like most codes, they will expire, so redeem them quickly! The codes are: zTy3Mhm8d and 30KCOINS. The first one will give you access to the club penguin treasure book, and will allow you to choose 3 items out of it! the second one gives you 30k coins, as you might have guessed. Enjoy!

  25. hey is there one for the treasure book

  26. hi, is there any halloween codes

    1. Not that I’m aware of.

  27. If halloween event is over, What will the next codes be? If there was a halloween code

  28. when will the november codes come out?

    1. I think all the codes come out in their month ( for example the June codes come out in June ) and I don’t blame you if it doesn’t come exactly on time for it must take a lot of time and effort to get all these codes in one month. all of these codes work great and they are awsome

  29. Hi, there is a new code celebrating the 15th anniversary. The code is ‘clubpenguin15’ πŸ™‚

    1. Appears to be expired.

  30. hi, any other codes right now?

    1. Not that I’m aware of!