Club Penguin Rewritten Codes (October 2020)

We're taking a look at all of the working Club Penguin Rewritten Codes that will get you a whole lot of free rewards! These codes will get you some great looking cosmetics for your penguin, as well as some coins, and even some Card-Jitsu Cards all for free.

Dressing up your penguin is half of the fun! So, be sure to take advantage of these codes because they'll get you some fun additional cosmetics that you can mix and match to create new outfits with.

How to Redeem Codes in Club Penguin Rewritten

Redeeming codes in Club Penguin is a pretty simple process. Here's a look at how-to do it step-by-step:

  • Go to the Club Penguin Rewritten Home Page
  • At the top right of the screen, look for the Unlock Items Online icon and click on it.
  • Select your penguin that you'd like the reward to go to.
  • Login with your password.
  • Select the "I have a code" option.
  • Copy one of our codes and paste it into the box.
  • Hit the Done button to receive your reward!

All Club Penguin Rewritten Codes List

Here's where we'll be listing all of the available and expired codes from the game. Make sure when you're entering one from the list that you copy exactly as it is displayed. It is sometimes hard to distinguish numbers from letters, and it's easy to accidentally mess it up if you type it in yourself!

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes (Working)

Here's a look at a list of all the currently available codes:

  • CARDJITSU3003 - Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards
  • CARDDECK - Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards
  • ONLINESAFETY - Redeem for a Laptop
  • FREEHOOD2 - Redeem for a Green Crosshatched Hoodie
  • HIDDENPUFFLE - Redeem for a Puffle Whistle
  • FREEHOOD - Redeem for a UK Hoodie

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes (Expired)

These codes are no longer available and can't be redeemed anymore.

  • CLUBPENGUIN15 - Redeem for a reward
  • THEFAIR20 - Redeem for a Tie Dye Shirt, Caramel Apple, and 20,000 Coins
  • R6RKN4YNY - Redeem for Scrubs
  • AY3T2S2ND - Redeem for a Puffle Care Sash
  • M44YJRX8T - Redeem for a Puffle Care Cap
  • EARTHDAY20 - Redeem for a Rock-Hopper Costume, Snow Leopard Costume, and Elephant Costume
  • EASTERBUNNY - Redeem for a Yellow Bunny Slippers & 2,000 Coins
  • BROWNHAT20 - Redeem for a Brown Skater Hat
  • CHACHING - Redeem for 1,000 coins
  • COFFEEAP - Redeem for a Coffee Apron
  • FIELDOPS - Redeem for a EPF Suit
  • REDHOCKEY - Redeem for a Red Hockey Jersey
  • BLUEHOCKEY - Redeem for a Blue Hockey Jersey
  • 50KPENGUINS - Redeem for a Beta Grid Sweater
  • 100KPENGUINS - Redeem for a Blue Skater Hat
  • HAPPYEASTER - Redeem for a Green Bunny Slippers
  • WORLDPENGUIN - Redeem for a Blue Crosshatched Hoodie and 1000 coins.
  • 10KFOLLOWERS - Redeem for a Black Diva Shades and 100 coins
  • BUILDERS - Redeem for a Hard Hat and Safety Vest
  • COVEPARTY - Redeem for Water Wings
  • MUSICJAM - Redeem for a MP3000
  • REDKEYTAR - Redeem for a Keytar
  • SUMMERLEI - Redeem for an Island Lei
  • CARDJITSU - Redeem for a Stone Ninja Suit
  • VIDEOGAME - Redeem for a Blue Lei
  • 1MILLION - Redeem for an  Ocean Blue, Beta Hat T-Shirt, and 2,000 coins
  • CPBIRTHDAY - Redeem for a Party Hat T-Shirt
  • SUITUPEPF - Redeem for an  Elite Body Armor
  • ONEYEARUS - Redeem for a Glowing Grid Jacket
  • 2MILLION - Redeem for a Sunset Lei and 1000 coins
  • MUSICJAM18 - Redeem for a White Electric Guitar and 1000 coins
  • MJ18HOODIE - Redeem for a Black Penguin Band Hoodie
  • CONGRATS1 - Redeem for 5,000 coins
  • REDVSBLUE1 - Redeem for a Go Red Background and Go Blue Background
  • FALLFAIR18 - Redeem for a Tie Dye Shirt
  • APPLEFAIR18 - Redeem for a Candy Apple and 500 coins
  • CJDEVCAST18 - Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards
  • DEVCAST18 - Redeem for a 1st Anniversary Hat Shirt
  • HALLOWEEN18 - Redeem for a Green Spider Costume
  • CARDFIRE - Redeem for a Five Card-Jitsu Cards
  • XMASDAY18 - Redeem for a Candycane Scarf
  • ANNIVERSARY2 - Redeem for a 2nd Anniversary Hat T-Shirt
  • REDNOSEDAY19 - Redeem for a Red Nose
  • STRAWBERRY1 - Redeem for a Strawberry Costume, Very Cherry Background, and 500 Coins
  • ORANGEPODS - Redeem for an  Orange MP3000
  • CANADA19 - Redeem for a Red Ski Goggles and 500 Coins
  • FUNFAIR19 - Redeem for a Stuffed Bunny and 500 Coins
  • MILESTONE20 - Redeem for an  eReader
  • THREEYEARS - Redeem for a 3rd Anniversary Hat T-Shirt and 3000 coins
  • PINKSHIRT20 - Redeem for a Pink Polo Shirt and 1000 coins
  • POTOGOLD - Redeem for a Pot O'Gold and 1000 coins
  • TIMESISSUE150 - Redeem for a Newspaper Hat
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  1. Hi, there is a new code celebrating the 15th anniversary. The code is ‘clubpenguin15’ 🙂

    1. Appears to be expired.

  2. hi, any other codes right now?

    1. Not that I’m aware of!

  3. Hi, there is a new code which is THANKYOU20, and gives you a clothing item for your body.

    1. Looks like it’s expired now.

  4. Hi! I noticed you don’t have the fair code on here! It is THEFAIR20 and it gets you a tye dye rainbow shirt, caramel apple holdable item, and 20,000 free coins.

    1. Added now, thanks!

  5. Thank you soo much guys this is awsome and hepls with alottt of love, Ash

  6. brownhat20 and above are all expired

    1. Fixed, thanks!

      1. thefair20 no longer works

        1. Fixed, thanks.