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Crusader Kings 3 is the third installment of the Crusader Kings franchise, which was released in September 2020. Since then, players have found they can use the console commands implemented into the game to alter the game's mechanics. This allows for players to change their playstyle, create different scenarios, or add a degree of fun and difficulty to the game. In the table below, we have listed all the commands in Crusader Kings 3 and what they do.

Note: The Command column lists the command itself. The Parameters column lists the optional syntax that can be included in the command. When entering the parameters, do not include the [] characters, these are shown in the table below for organization only. If you use them, these parameters must be included in the order shown below. The Effect column explains what the command does. For all of the effects listed below, if no [character id] is specified, it defaults to the player character.

age[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] to the age of [character id]. Negative values reduce age.
add_claim[title id] [character id]Adds the claim [title id] to [character id].
add_doctrine[doctrine id] [faith id]Adds [doctrine id] to [faith id].
add_dread[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of dread to [character id].
add_maa[regiment id] [character id]Adds [regiment id of men at arms to [character id].
add_perk[perk id] [character id]Adds [perk id] to [character id].
add_piety[amount]Adds [amount] piety to player character. Negative values reduce piety. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount] is specified.
add_prestige[amount]Adds [amount] prestige to player character. Negative values lower it. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount] is specified.
add_realm_law[law id] [character id]Passes [law id] in the realm for [character id].
add_realm_law_skip_effects[law id] [character id]Adds [law id] in the realm for [character id] without additional effects.
add_relation[relation id] [character id] [character id2]Adds [relation id] between [character id] and [character id2]
add_secret[secret id]Adds [secret id] to the player character.
add_stress[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] stress to [character id].
add_title_law[title id] [law id]Adds [law id] to [title id]. Only works for the developers.
add_trait[trait id] [character id]Adds [trait id] to [character id].
add_lifestyle_xp_all[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] experience to all lifestyles for [character id]. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount] is specified.
add_diplomancy_lifestyle_xp[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] diplomacy lifestyle experience to [character id]. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount is specified]
add_martial_lifestyle_xp[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] martial lifestyle experience to [character id]. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount is specified]
add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] stewardship lifestyle experience to [character id]. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount is specified]
add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] intrigue lifestyle experience to [character id]. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount is specified]
add_learning_lifestyle_xp[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] learning lifestyle experience to [character id]. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount is specified]
change_culture[county id] [culture id]Changes the culture of [county id] to [culture id]
change_development_level[amount] [county id]Adds [amount] development to [county id]. Defaults to player's capital if no [county id] is specified.
change_fervor[amount] [faith id]Adds [amount] fervor to [faith id]. Defaults to players faith if no [faith id] is specified. Negative values decrease amount.
change_diplomacy[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] diplomacy skill to [character id]. Negative values decrease the amount.
change_martial[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] martial skill to [character id]. Negative values decrease the amount.
change_stewardship[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] stewardship skill to [character id]. Negative values decrease the amount.
change_intrigue[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] intrigue skill to [character id]. Negative values decrease the amount.
change_learning[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] learning skill to [character id]. Negative values decrease the amount.
change_prowess[amount] [character id]Adds [amount] prowess skill to [character id]. Negative values decrease the amount.
change_character_modifiers[character id]Removes all character modifiers from [character id].
clear_title_laws[title id]Removes all title succession laws from [title id].
discover_all_eras[character id]Discovers all innovations culture of [character id].
discover_era[era id]Discovers [era id] and all innovations for player character's culture.
discover_fascination[character id]Discovers the current fascination for culture of [character id].
discover_innovation[innovation id] [character id]Discovers [innovation id] for culture of [character id].
dynasty_prestige[amount] [dynasty id]Adds [amount] renown to [dynasty id]. Negativ values decrease the amount. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount] is specified.
end_schemesNoneAll schemes targeting the player character are ended.
event[event id] [character id]Triggers [event id] for [character id]
gain_all_dynasty_perks[character id]Gives all dynasty legacies for the dynasty of [character id].
gain_all_perks[character id]Gives all lifestyle perks to [character id]
give_title[title id] [character id]Gives [title id] to [character id].
gold[amount]Gives player character [amount] gold. Negative values decrease the amount. Defaults to 1000 if no [amount] is specified.
instabuildNoneForces all holdings and buildings in the player character's domain to finish in a day.
instant_birthNoneForces all pregnancies to end in a day.
join_era[era id] [character id]Enters [era id] for the culture of [character id].
kill[character id]Kills [character id].
know_schemesNone.Discovers all schemes targeting the player character.
merge_culture[culture id] [culture id2]Changes the culture of all counties with [culture id] to [culture id2]
pregnancy[character id] [character id2]Forces pregnancy for female [character id] from [character id2]. Defaults to unknown father if [character id2] is not specified.
remove_doctrine[doctrine id] [faith id]Removes [doctrine id] from [faith id]. Defaults to player characters faith if no [faith id] is specified.
remove_nick[character id]Removes the current nickname from [character id]
remove_relation[relation id] [character id] [character id2]Removes [relation id] between [character id] and [character id2].
remove_trait[trait id] [character id]Removes [trait id] from [character id].
set_culture[culture id] [character id]Changes the culture for [character id] to [culture id]
set_dread[amount] [character id]Sets dread to [amount] for [character id]
set_faith[faith id] [character id]Sets the faith for [character id] to [faith id].
set_focus[focus id] [character id]Sets the focus for [character id] to [focus id]
set_nick[nickname] [character id]Sets nickname for [character id] to [nickname]
set_sexuality[sexuality id] [character id]Sets the sexual orientation for [character id] to [sexuality id]
set_stress[amount] [character id]Sets stress to [amount] for [character id].
set_diplomacy[amount] [character id]Sets diplomacy skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_martial[amount] [character id]Sets martial skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_stewardship[amount] [character id]Sets stewardship skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_intrigue[amount] [character id]Sets intrigue skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_learning[amount] [character id]Sets learning skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_prowess[amount] [character id]Sets prowess skill to [amount] for [character id].
yesmenNoneAI Characters accept all proposals.

Debug and Testing Commands

The following commands are used for testing specific aspects of the game.

clearNoneClears console history.
dump_bookmark_protraitsNoneCreates bookmark portraits of all bookmark characters and stores them in Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\common\bookmark_portraits.
effect[effect script]Executes scripted effect.
faction_spawn[faction type]Spawns [faction type] if necessary conditions apply.
generate_cadet_coaNoneGenerates a new coat of arms for the player character's house.
help[command]Prints descripted of [command] to the console.
instamoveNoneArmies move one barony per day.
map_editorNoneOpens the map editor.
nomenNoneAI characters refuse all proposals.
observeNoneEnters observer mode.
play[character id]Switches character to [character id].
portrait_editorNoneOpens the portrait editor.
reload[filename] [target]Reloads mod and game files into memory.
run[filename]Executes the commands in [filename].
set_is_ai[character id]Allows the AI to control [character id]
set_is_player[character id] Disallows AI to control [character id]

Those are all the commands for Crusader Kings III. For more great guides and content, be sure to check out the Pro Game Guides Homepage.

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