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All Seraph Cipher Seasonal Artifact Mods in Destiny 2

Looks like it's going to be a hand cannon season.

Seasonal Artifacts and the Mods they contain are the lifeblood of a season in Destiny 2. This continues to hold true with the Seraph Cipher in Season of the Seraph. With 25 new and returning Mods, players have plenty of interesting options to custom-build their Guardians this season.

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What Seasonal Mods are in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph

First Column

  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon (Arms) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Aiming down sights with any hand cannon you are wielding loads a powerful explosive payload that stuns unshielded combatants.
  • Overload Scout Rifle (Arms) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Landing consecutive hits on combatants with any scout rifle you are wielding disrupts combatants, stunning them, delaying ability energy regeneration, and lowering combatant damage output. Strong against Overload Champions.
  • Piercing Bowstring (Arms) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Bows gain shield-piercing arrows, which bypass combatant defenses.
  • Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle (Arms) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Pulse rifles you are wielding fire shield-piercing rounds and stun Barrier Champions.
  • Overload Rounds (Arms) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Uninterrupted fire from your equipped auto rifles and SMGs grants bullets that stun combatants, delaying ability energy regeneration and lowering combatant damage output. Strong against Overload Champions.

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Second Column

  • Grenade Launcher Holster (Legs) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Gradually reloads your stowed Power grenade launchers over time. Multiple copies of this perk stack to reduce the time taken to fully reload.
  • Legacy Ambush (Helm) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Increases the duration and effectiveness of the Ambush Origin Trait and the Bray Inheritance Origin Trait.
  • In-Flight Compensator (Helm) - 3 Energy Cost
    • Increases the airborne effectiveness of all equipped items.
  • Bow Dexterity (Arms) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Faster ready and stow speed for bows.
  • Mobile Retrofit (Legs) - 3 Energy Cost
    • +5 Mobility.

Third Column

  • Hand Cannon Targeting (Helm) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Improved target acquisition, accuracy, and aim-down-sights speed for hand cannons.
  • Pulse Rifle Loader (Arms) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Increases reload speed of pulse rifles.
  • Energy Diffusion Substrate (Chest) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Gain a small amount of resistance to all damage dealt to you by combatants. Additional copies of this mod will increase this effect.
  • Sharp Shooting (Helm) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Greatly increases the duration and effectiveness of the Tex Balanced Stock Origin Trait and the Veist Stinger Origin Trait.
  • Resilient Retrofit (Chest) - 4 Energy Cost
    • +5 Resilience.

Fourth Column

  • Unstoppable Grenade Launcher (Arms) - 7 Energy Cost
    • When you ready or reload a grenade launcher, for a short period, that weapon stuns Unstoppable Champions.
  • Counter Charge - 3 Energy Cost
    • Become Charged with Light whenever you or a member of your fireteam stuns a Champion.
  • Advance Scout (Class Item) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Champions you stun take additional damage from teammates.
  • Lord Kelvin's Basilisk (Class Item) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Void and Stasis grenades cause disruption, delaying ability regeneration and lowering combatant damage output. Strong against Overload Champions.
  • Low Entropy Superconductor (Class Item) - 1 Energy Cost
    • Stasis and Arc melee abilities stun unshielded combatants. Strong against Unstoppable Champions.

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Fifth Column

  • Passive Aggressive Guard (Class Item) - 6 Energy Cost
    • Receive less damage from combatants that are close to you while you are wielding a glaive.
  • Weakened Clear (Class Item) - 5 Energy Cost
    • When using a Grenade Launcher, damaging a boss, damaging a Champion, or breaking a combatant's shield reloads your stowed weapons and weakens the combatant.
  • Monochromatic Maestro (Class Item) - 6 Energy Cost
    • Dealing damage with elemental abilities grants increased damage to weapons of the same element for a short duration. Dealing damage with elemental weapons grants increased damage to abilities of the same element for a short duration.
  • Solo Operative (Class Item) - 5 Energy Cost
    • While you are the only member of your fireteam, you deal increased damage to all combatants.
  • Lucent Finisher (Class Item) - 3 Energy Cost
    • Defeating a Lucent Hive Lightbearer or Champion with your finisher spawns Heavy ammo for you and your allies.

There's definitely an emphasis on hand cannons, bows, and grenade launchers. Interesting is the Solo Operative mod which should make clearing Legendary Lost Sectors and dungeons all by your lonesome more tolerable. Do you have a loadout planned for this season? Let us know in the comments!

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All Seraph Cipher Seasonal Artifact Mods in Destiny 2

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