The Vex in Echoes in Destiny 2.
Screenshot via Bungie

Destiny 2 2024 Roadmap Brings Vex, Vampires, & The Dreadnaught

Really miffed I couldn't think of a better third V word for the title.

An all new look at the 2024 content roadmap for Destiny 2 gave us plenty to be excited for, with some rather exciting new activities, mechanics, and sweet, sweet lore to dig into. Here we'll go through everything that was revealed for each Episode and give you the really good bits.

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Destiny 2 Echoes Content Roadmap

Reworked Nessus in Destiny 2.
Screenshot via Bungie

Echoes will be the very first Episode we get to dive in to with the new year of content ahead. This one will focus on the return of Failsafe, everyone's favourite slowly degrading colony AI crush, and some more Vex shenanigans. That means we'll be returning to Nessus, albeit it with a fancy new paintjob.

We'll of course be getting a new seasonal activity with this, known as 'Breach Executable', which is described as being a three man 'arena style offensive', which will likely focus on the sealing of geysers of Radiolaria fluid. (Known lovingly as 'Vex Milk').

As mentioned earlier, Nessus will be getting a bit of a face lift. Due this new Vex offensive, things that were only in the Vex Net have started to breach out into real space, and I'm hoping this means the changes will be substantial, as Nessus has remained virtually untouched since release back in 2014.

And of course, we'll be getting new goodies like armor and weapons, one of which is certainly... interesting to look at. (I cannot overstate how much I hate the Warlock headpiece. It's like some kind of massive metal bird head or something. Deeply upsetting stuff.)

The new armour sets for Episode Echoes in Destiny 2.
Screenshot via Bungie

Looks like we'll also be getting into some deeper exploration of some major landmarks too, with some very cool scenes being shown off. What the nature of this exploration will be is unclear as of now, but it'll likely tie in with the seasonal activities in some way (or fingers crossed, a new dungeon).

Another revelation is that the Vex will be getting a new enemy type, and if the images shown are anything to go off, I am absolutely mortified. Very few details were given on this sadly, but here's hoping it's some kind of Vex Mouse Droid, and not what they put on screen when they were discussing this new combatant.

Potential new enemy type in Destiny 2.
Screenshot via Bungie

Destiny 2 Revenant Content Roadmap

  • A new armor concept for Revenant in Destiny 2.
  • A weapon concept in Destiny 2.
  • The potion crafting station in Destiny 2.

They used a word I couldn't have expected from Destiny 2 in a million years in this bit, and I'm thrilled. Fallen? Meh. Fallen Vampires? Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Described as having 'Dark Fantasy themes', Jason Reynolds (Creative Lead) goes on to say "it's about slaying Vampires, with a touch of Splicer mixed in." I could not possibly be more signed up for anything, because that sounds like an absolute blast to me. You'll take on the mantle of 'Slayer Baron' (I mean come on) for this Episode, and go out monster hunting.

Information on this Episode was slightly less forthcoming as it is still a ways away, but we'll likely get more closer to release. What we do have however, is some of the coolest looking weapon and armor concepts, and a really sweet new 'Potion Crafting' mechanic that will allow you to more directly impact what it is in the game you're pursuing. This appears to be in relation to more direct control of the kinds of loot you can pick up, but this is yet to be seen.

We'll be seeing the return of Fikrul, one of those big Scorn bozos, as he attempts to use his new space magic in an attempt to raise a new army of Darkness for himself. The activity isn't revealed for this season, but it's likely to focus around 'Fikrul's Vampire Keep'.

Destiny 2 Heresy Content Roadmap

The Dreadnaught in Destiny 1.
Screenshot via Bungie

And the final Episode for the yearly content will be Heresy, this one with a major focus on the Hive, the Pantheon, and a new eldritch entity of some description. Details on this one are ever scarcer than Revenant, but we've still got some juicy bits to look forward to.

The big reveal was that we'll be going back to the Dreadnaught, the ship belonging to Crota, otherwise known to veterans and raiders as 'The Taken King'. This alone is exciting enough, as it's likely we'll be delving into regions of the Dreadnaught we've never seen before, but what exactly we'll be doing there is still a mystery.

Another major focus is on the Pantheon of the Hive itself, which will apparently be seeing a bit of a shakeup. What this could mean is absolutely beyond me, as they don't exactly seem the healthiest family unit to begin with. Not quite sure I can imagine Savathûn and Xivu Arath having an... argument? I figured they'd just try and kill each other or something. (They probably will.) Either that or it'll be a shakeup of the Worm Gods of the Hive, which would open a whole other can of something-other-than-worms.

We did of course get some more lovely concept art though, and apart from that atrocious set from Echoes, looks like we're in for some treats this year.

  • Armor concept for Heresy in Destiny 2.
  • Another armor concept for Heresy in Destiny 2.
  • A fusion rifle concept for Heresy in Destiny 2.
  • A sword concept for Heresy in Destiny 2.

All in all, we're in for a mighty exciting year. We'll be seeing the return of a fan favourite character in Echoes, the introduction of Vampires (still can't get over how cool that is) in Revenant, and the return of an all time favourite location in Heresy. And on top of it all, a continuation of the Destiny we've sometimes loved and sometimes hated throughout 2024, and as revealed at the end... into 2025 too.

Teaser for 2025 content in Destiny 2.
Screenshot via Bungie

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Destiny 2 2024 Roadmap Brings Vex, Vampires, & The Dreadnaught

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