How to complete Vox Obscura in Destiny 2

Time to help the Cabal.

No matter what may be happening in the main story of Destiny 2, players can still make time to take on missions from previous expansions and seasons. Vox Obscura is one such mission in which players must work with Empress Caiatl to quell a Psion uprising.

Drop in, kill some Cabal, strengthen ties between the Empress and the Vanguard, and get some loot - that's the gist of Vox Obscura. Here's how to get it done.

Where to find the Vox Obscura Exotic mission

The Vox Obscura mission is now in the Legends section of the Director's Destinations. Note that to play the Vox Obscura mission, players must own The Witch Queen expansion or Season of the Risen.

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All Vox Obscura Exotic Mission Rotator rewards

Players who choose to undertake the Vox Obscura mission will be able to farm Season of the Risen gear, including the Dead Messenger Exotic grenade launcher. Perhaps more importantly, they can also obtain red borders of those weapons to be used in crafting.

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  • Dead Messenger - Exotic Grenade Launcher
    • Upon completing the first run, Guardians will receive the red border of this weapon. Break it down to unlock it for crafting.
  • Dead Messenger Exotic Catalyst - Completing the mission on Legendary will reward the Catalyst.
  • Piece of Mind - Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Thoughtless - Legendary Sniper Rifle
  • Sweet Sorrow - Legendary Auto Rifle
  • Under Your Skin - Legendary Combat Bow
  • Explosive Personality - Legendary Grenade Launcher
  • Recurrent Impact - Legendary Machine Gun


Players can add the Tusked Allegiance armor to their collection and show off their allegiance to Empress Caiatl and their new Cabal allegiance.

Vox Obscura Exotic Rotator Mission modifiers

Normal (1800 Power)

  • Champion Foes: Unstoppable Champions.

Legend (1830 Power)

  • Equipment Locked
  • Maximum effective Power is 1815
  • Champion Foes: Barrier and Unstoppable Champions.
  • Shielded Foes: Enemies may have Solar and Void shields.
  • Empath: Guardians have enhanced radar and take increased melee damage.
  • Void Threat: Incoming Void damage increased by 25%.
  • Overcharged Weapons: Weapon overcharges from the Seasonal Artifact are active. Kinetic weapons do increased damage when your subclass element matches an active surge.
  • Overcharged Grenade Launcher: Grenade launchers receive a 25% damage bonus.
  • Strand Surge: Outgoing Strand damage is increased by 25%.
  • Solar Surge: Outgoing Solar damage is increased by 25%.

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Vox Obscura Exotic Mission Rotator Walkthrough

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Sneak into the Hangar

By sneak into the hangar, we mean murder your way from the drop zone into the hangar. This will be the building on the right with the red light. Pop inside, take out the Psions, and grab an Interceptor to blow open your exit.

Clear the Airfield and Destroy the Signal Towers

Here's where the "mechanic" for this mission comes into play. There aren't any puzzles to solve or plates to stand on and activate. Instead, it's a race against the clock. You'll have eight minutes to do the next few bits. Make your way down to the airfield and blow up the Goliath Tank guarding it. With that done, grab the Drake, and head back the way you came, but hang a left instead of going back in the hangar.

In this next section, you'll have to contend with swarms of War Beasts, Threshers, and Scorpius Turrets. The objective is to destroy each of the three signal towers. Next to each are two generators that must be destroyed. With the generators reduced to scrap, a shield will appear in front of the tower. A few well-placed shots from the Drake will take both the shield and tower out.

Don't stress too much if your Drake is destroyed as there is a deployment pad for another opposite the towers. To mitigate the orbital strikes, look for the yellow bar Psion Spotters, and take them out. With all of that nonsense dealt with, use the Drake to shoot your way into the base.

Race to the Control Room

The Cabal army doesn't take kindly to those who break into their bases. Despite you beating the first timer, this defending force has started another. This time, you have 15 minutes to beat the mission before this base is bombed from orbit. Upon entering the base, you'll see three markers on your HUD. It doesn't matter which one you pick as they all lead to the same lower level.

Once you push through the Cabal and reach the lower level, you'll need to enter three override codes. These are guarded by Psion Codewardens who are in turn guarded by Psion Commanders. These Commanders are immune to damage from outside their bubble. As such, you'll want to get in their personal space to make the Codewarden vulnerable. With the Codewarden down, you can activate the terminal in the room. Rinse and repeat twice more.

Vox Obscura Boss

You're still on the clock for this fight and there will be what feels like an endless swarm of enemies. Stay calm, play it safe, and try to keep cover over your head. This fight is handled in three phases as you whittle away the boss' health.

At the beginning of each new phase, the boss will summon support and become invincible, like the previous Codewardens. To make him vulnerable again, you'll need to take down three Psion Commanders. They are on the left and right sides of the room and in the back.

Be extremely careful as you move around the room as you'll be under pressure from Scorpius Turrets on the central pillar. Caution is the name of the game as dying here will push you back to the start of the race to the control room. Keep moving around the room to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed and you should emerge victorious before the timer runs out.

With the rogue Psion leader taken care of, head to the control room in the back and call off the orbital bombardment. Then make sure to head to the room on the right to collect your loot!

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How to complete Vox Obscura in Destiny 2

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