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Diablo 4 Barbarian Skill Tree & best builds

Here are the best builds and skills for Barbarian in Diablo IV.

If you like close combat and in-your-face action in video games, then Diablo IV's Barbarian class is for you. These physical warriors pack a punch with both one and two-handed weapons like axes, maces, and hammers and are essentially a giant damage sponge. Here is every Skill on the Diablo 4 Barbarian Skill Tree and the best Barbarian builds for dominating the battlefield.

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Diablo 4 Barbarian Skill Tree

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Barbarian has seven Skill types, all with a mix of Active and Passive Skills: Basic, Core, Defensive, Brawling, Weapon Mastery, Ultimate, and Key Passive.

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Basic Skills

Skill NameTypeEffect
BashActiveBash the enemy with your weapon, dealing 12 damage. After bashing enemies four times, your next Bash will Stun for 1.25 seconds. This increases to two seconds if using a Two-Handed weapon.
FlayActiveFlay the enemy, dealing 1 damage and inflicting 14 Bleeding damage over five seconds.
FrenzyActiveUnleash a rapid flurry of blows, dealing 6 damage with each pair of hits. If Frenzy hits an enemy, its Attack Speed is increased by 20% for three seconds, up to 60%.
Lunging StrikeActiveLunge forward and strike an enemy for 12 damage.

Core Skills

Skill NameTypeEffect
Double SwingActiveSweep your weapons from opposite directions, dealing 11 damage with each weapon. Enemies caught in the center are damaged by both.
Hammer of the AncientsActiveSlam your hammer down with the fury of the Ancients, dealing 23 damage to a concentrated area.
RendActiveCleave enemies in front of you, dealing 4 damage and inflicting 37 Bleeding damage over five seconds.
UpheavalActiveTear into the ground with your weapon and fling debris forward, dealing 29 damage.
WhirlwindActiveRapidly attack surrounding enemies for 5 damage.
Pressure PointPassive Lucky Hit: Your Core skills have up to a 10% chance to make enemies Vulnerable for 2 seconds.
Endless FuryPassiveBasic Skills generate 5% more Fury when using two-handed weapons.

Defensive Skills

Skill NameTypeEffect
Challenging ShoutActiveTaunt Nearby enemies and gain 40% Damage Reduction for eight seconds.
Ground StompActiveSmash the ground, dealing 3 damage and Stunning surrounding enemies for three seconds.
Iron SkinActiveSteel yourself, gaining a Barrier that absorbs 50% of your missing Life for five seconds.
Rallying CryActiveBellow a rallying cry, increasing your Movement Speed by 30% and Resource Generation by 50% for six seconds, and nearby allies for three seconds.
Imposing PresencePassiveGain 5% Maximum Life.
Martial VigorPassiveDamage Reduction against Elites is increased by 4%.
OutburstPassiveGain two Thorns. Also gain two Thorns for each two bonus Maximum Life you have.
Tough as NailsPassiveIncrease your Thorns by 20%. When enemies hit you, they take an additional 1% of your Thorns as Bleeding damage over five seconds.

Brawling Skills

Skill NameTypeEffect
ChargeActiveBecome Unstoppable and rush forward, pushing enemies with you, then swinging through them for 10 damage and knocking them back.
KickActiveThrow a powerful kick that deals 5 damage and knocks back enemies in front of you. Enemies who are knocked back into terrain take an additional 17 damage and are stunned for three seconds.
LeapActiveLeap forward and then slam down, dealing 13 damage and knocking back surrounding enemies on impact.
War CryActiveBellow a mighty war cry, increasing your damage dealt by 15% for eight seconds and nearby allies for 4 seconds.
Booming VoicePassiveYour Shout Skill effect durations are increased by 10%.
Raid LeaderPassiveYour Shouts also heal allies for 1% of their Maximum Life per second.
Guttural YellPassiveYour Shout Skills cause enemies to deal 8% less damage for five seconds.
Aggressive ResistancePassiveGain 4% damage reduction while Berserking.
Battle FervorPassiveWhen a Brawling Skill damages at least one enemy, gain Berserking for one second.
Prolific FuryPassiveWhile Berserking, Fury Generation is increased by 6%.
SwiftnessPassiveMovement speed is increased by 4%.
Quick ImpulsesPassiveReduce the duration of Control Impairing effects by 6%.

Weapon Mastery Skills

Skill NameTypeEffect
Death BlowActiveAttempt a killing strike, dealing 50 damage to enemies in front of you. If this kills an enemy, its cooldown is reset.
RuptureActiveSkewer enemies in front of you, dealing 5 damage, then rip your weapon out, damaging enemies for their total Bleeding amount and removing all Bleeding damage from them.
Steel GraspPassiveThrow out a trio of chains that deal 7 damage and pull in enemies.
Pit FighterPassiveDeal 3% increased damage to close enemies and gain 2% Distant Damage Reduction.
No MercyPassive3% increased Critical Strike chance against Immobilized, Stunned, or Slowed enemies.
Slaying StrikePassiveDeal 8% increased damage against Injured enemies.
Expose VulnerabilityPassiveDealing direct damage with a Weapon Mastery Skill causes your next Core Skill to make enemies Vulnerable for one second.
Thick SkinPassiveEach time you take direct damage, gain 0.4% Base Life as Fortify.
Defensive StancePassiveIncrease the Damage Reduction gained while you are Fortified by an additional 3%.
CounteroffensivePassiveWhile you have Fortify for over 50% of your Maximum Life, you deal 5% increased damage.
HamstringPassiveYour Bleeding effects Slow enemies by 10%.
Cut to the BonePassiveYour Bleeding effects deal 6% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies.

Ultimate Skills

Skill NameTypeEffect
Call of the AncientsActiveCall upon three Ancients to aid you in battle for six seconds:
• Korlic leaps at enemies, dealing 34 damage and swings his weapons in a frenzy, dealing 12 damage per hit.
• Talic spins in a whirlwind, rapidly attacking enemies for 21 damage.
• Madawc upheaves the ground, dealing 64 damage.
Iron MaelstromActiveActivate three times to attach chains to each of your weapons and perform an attack:
• First, your Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon slams into the ground, dealing 25 damage and Stunning enemies for two seconds.
• Second, your Two-Handed Slashing weapon swipes in front of you, dealing 8 damage and inflicting 50 Bleeding damage over five seconds.
• Third, your Dual Wield weapons swing around you, dealing 13 damage per hit.
Wrath of the BerserkerActiveGain Berserking and Unstoppable for five seconds. For the next 10 seconds, dealing direct damage with Basic Skills grants Berserking for five seconds.
Heavy HandedPassiveWhile using Two-Handed weapons, you deal 5% increased Critical Strike damage.
WallopPassiveYour Skills using Bludgeoning weapons deal 5% increased damage if the enemy is stunned or Vulnerable.
Brute ForcePassiveYour Overpower deals 15% increased damage when using a Two-Handed weapon.
Lucky Hit: Skills using Bludgeoning weapons have up to a 10% chance to stun enemies for three seconds, or up to a 15% chance when using a Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon.
Tempered FuryPassiveIncrease your Maximum Fury by three.
Furious ImpulsePassiveEach time you swap weapons, gain two Fury.
Invigorating FuryPassiveHeal for 3% of your Maximum Life for each 100 Fury spent.
DuelistPassiveAttack speed is increased by 3% while using One-Handed weapons.

Key Passive Skills

Skill NameTypeEffect
UnconstrainedPassiveIncrease Berserk‘s maximum duration by five seconds and increase its damage bonus by 25%.
Walking ArsenalPassiveDealing direct damage with a Two-Handed Bludgeoning, Two-Handed Slashing, or Dual Wielded weapon grants 10% increased damage for six seconds. While all three damage bonuses are active, you gain an additional 15% increased damage.
Unbridled RagePassiveCore Skills deal 135% increased damage, but cost 100% more Fury.
Gushing WoundsPassiveWhen causing an enemy to Bleed, you have a chance equal to your Critical Strike chance to increase the Bleed amount by 100% of your Critical Strike damage bonus. Overpowering a Bleeding enemy creates an explosion that inflicts three Bleeding damage over five seconds.

Best Barbarian Builds in Diablo 4

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Depending on your playstyle, I recommend three Barbarian builds: Fury, Bleed, and Frenzy.

Fury Build

As the name suggests, the Fury build is all about building up your Fury so you can unleash the most devastating attacks possible and wipe out enemies quickly and efficiently.

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The Skills required for this build are:

  • Frenzy
  • Enhanced Frenzy
  • Hammer of the Ancients
  • Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients
  • Furious Hammer of the Ancients
  • Combat Frenzy
  • Iron Skin
  • Enhanced Iron Skin
  • Tactical Iron Skin
  • Hammer of the Ancients 2
  • Hammer of the Ancients 3
  • Hammer of the Ancients 4
  • Hammer of the Ancients 5
  • Leap
  • Enhanced Leap
  • Power Leap
  • Death Blow
  • Enhanced Death Blow
  • Fighter's Death Blow
  • Thick Skin
  • Thick Skin 2
  • Thick Skin 3
  • Defensive Stance
  • Wrath of the Berserker

Bleed Build

The Bleed build inflicts the Bleed status effect on foes, dealing damage over time on top of what you're already dealing with your attacks for an extra punch.

The Skills required for this build are:

  • Flay
  • Enhanced Flay
  • Rend
  • Enhanced Rend
  • Violent Rend
  • Battle Flay
  • Iron Skin
  • Enhanced Iron Skin
  • Tactical Iron Skin
  • Rend 2
  • Rend 3
  • Rend 4
  • Rend 5
  • Leap
  • Enhanced Leap
  • Power Leap
  • Rupture
  • Enhanced Rupture
  • Warrior's Rupture
  • Thick Skin
  • Thick Skin 2
  • Thick Skin 3
  • Defensive Stance
  • Wrath of the Berserker

Frenzy Build

The Frenzy build focuses on dealing damage fast with a flurry of attacks, which is perfect against mobs and during Events.

The Skills required for this build are:

  • Frenzy
  • Frenzy 2
  • Frenzy 3
  • Frenzy 4
  • Enhanced Frenzy
  • Combat Frenzy
  • Upheaval
  • Upheaval 2
  • Upheaval 3
  • Upheaval 4
  • Upheaval 5
  • Enhanced Upheaval
  • Furious Upheaval
  • Rallying Cry
  • Rallying Cry 2
  • Enhanced Rallying Cry
  • Tactical Rallying Cry
  • Challenging Shout
  • Challenging Shout 2
  • Enhanced Challenging Shout
  • Strategic Challenging Shout
  • War Cry
  • Enhanced War Cry
  • Power War Cry
  • Booming Voice

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Diablo 4 Barbarian Skill Tree & best builds

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