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Diablo 4 Best Sorcerer build for early game

The power of Thor and Zeus combined!

In Diablo 4, you can choose one of five classes to start the game, and the Sorcerer is one of them. The Sorcerer is an exceptionally powerful class, allowing you to further delve into elemental sub-types as you progress through the build. I completed the campaign as a Sorcerer, progressing up to level 50, and defeating Lilith with powers similar to Emperor Palpatine was a fun experience. So, if you want to become a powerful mage in Diablo 4, we have you covered. Here's the best Sorcerer build for the early game in Diablo 4.

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Early game Best Sorcerer build for Diablo IV

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before investing skill points for an optimal early-game Sorcerer build in Diablo 4. Sorcerers can use elemental magic, including Fire, Frost, and Shock, and these elements are improved upon as you progress through the build. The foundations for any of the Sorcerer builds don't need to pertain to a specific element up to level 25. The best thing about the skill tree is that you can refund all invested skill points at any time to respec your build.

That being said, I followed the path of a Lightning Sorcerer in the endgame, channeling the powers of Thor and Zeus combined to make a build that depends heavily on critically damaging the opponent and stunning them. I recommend the Lightning Sorcerer build, not only for the mana-efficient abilities but also to relax and enjoy the game. Unlike other classes, Sorcerers can fight from a distance and sneakily move into close range to deal devastating damage. Additionally, you can take advantage of certain passives by unlocking the Enchantment Slots as you progress through the game.

This Diablo 4 build guide will help you quickly progress from level one to 25, after which you can choose an Ultimate ability that critically boosts your character. The best thing about this build is that you can change from being a Lightning-type Sorcerer at any time to make your character more Fire/Frost oriented. Then once you hit 50, you are free to change this to endgame builds depending on your preference.

As a Sorcerer, I highly recommend players use a Staff or Wand for their basic casting weapon and only equip gear that comes with critical damage, crowd control, health, or mana boost. I prefer selecting gears with critical damage and mana boost over anything else, as this feeds into your build to make it even stronger.

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Skill Points Progression for Sorcerer in Diablo IV

The Sorcerer Skill Point Progression in Diablo 4 I followed for my build is highlighted below. Keep in mind that my primary attacks are Arc Slash and Charged Bolts, while Ice Armor provides basic defense. You should ideally get the offensive and defensive abilities first before focusing on movement and additional buffs. By level 15, your build should have a setup that gives you the chance to create space to negate cooldowns. We'll be focusing on the 24 taking you to level 25. There are 58 skill points in total, 48 from leveling and 2 from each area to get 10.

Skill Point OrderSkill NameWhere to find
1Arc SlashBasic Skill
2Arc Slash (2)Basic Skill
3Charged BoltsCore Skill
4Enhanced Charged BoltsCore Skill
5Destructive Charged BoltsCore Skill
6Arc Slash (3)Basic Skill
7Ice ArmorDefensive Skill
8Enhanced Ice ArmorDefensive Skill
9TeleportDefensive Skill
10Enhanced TeleportDefensive Skill
11Shimmering TeleportDefensive Skill
12HydraConjuration Skill
13Enhanced HydraConjuration Skill
14Invoked HydraConjuration Skill
15FireballCore Skill
16Shimmering Ice ArmorDefensive Skill
17Static DischargeMastery Skill
18Shocking ImpactMastery Skill
19Shocking Impact (2)Mastery Skill
20Shocking Impact (3)Mastery Skill
21Enhanced Arc SlashCore Skill
22Glinting Arc SlashCore Skill
23Arc Slash (4)Core Skill
24Arc Slash (5)Core Skill
25Unstable CurrentsUltimate Skill

Sorcerer passives explained - Diablo IV

  • Elemental Attunement
    • This Passive reduces your cooldown for Defensive Skills. Since we are using Teleport and Ice Armor for this build, you want to invest in Elemental Attunement to always have a Defensive Skill ready.
      • For Rank 3 Elemental Atttunemnt your Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 15% chance to reduce your Defensive Skill cooldowns.
  • Align the Elements
    • This is one of the best Passives to select as a Sorcerer as it changes how you approach boss fights.
      • You get a 1% damage reduction against Elites for every second your character doesn't take damage, up to 40%.
      • Rank 3 Align the Elements has a 3% damage reduction against Elites.
  • Coursing Currents
    • Coursing Current is critical for a Lightning mage build as it increases Critical Strike Chance while using Shock Skills.
    • Using Arc Slash, Charged Bolts, Teleport, and Lightning Spear will feed into increasing Critical Strike Chance.
  • Electrocution
    • Electrocution is a great passive to protect yourself from enemies, and it ties in heavily with Coursing Current.
      • Enemies deal 5% less damage after getting hit for a Critical Strike by your Shock Skill.
  • Convulsion
    • Likewise, Convulsion ties in with Coursing Currents to give you a slight movement boost.
      • Critically Striking an enemy with Lightning moves gives a +3% movement speed boost for three seconds.

How to play the Sorcerer Build in Diablo IV

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The build highlighted above takes advantage of Fire, Frost, and Shock elemental damage types with the focus being on stunning and critically damaging enemies. The Arc Slash is the bread and butter of this build, and you will need to move close to the enemy. I recommend leveling up the Arc Slash to level 2 before you start selecting Core Skills. Arc Slash is going to be your primary method to Stun enemies.

Once you unlock Core Skills, get the Charged Bolts as this will be your secondary attack move for this build. Charged Bolts require 30 Mana, and should properly balance out your offensive moves. When you reach level 15, equip Fireball to the first Enchantment Slot. This ensures that whenever you kill an enemy they explode in a Fireball for 50% of its damage. Ideally, you should also get Ice Armor before level 10. Teleportation is great, but you can evade the basic enemies by simply using the dash ability, so it's best to focus on reinforcing your build with the Ice Armor.

Hydra is one of the best Conjuration Skills in the game simply because of its efficient mana cost, and constant damage capabilities. Rank one Hydra lasts for around 10 seconds, and it's best to use this ability when your Core and Defensive Skills are on cooldown. This will give a continuous flow of Fire damage to enemies, which you can capitalize on with Charged Bolts and Lightning Spears.

The core essence of this build is the Shocking Impact Mastery Skill. This ensures that you deal 45% Lightning damage to enemies every time you Stun them. You will need to unlock Static Discharge to access Shocking Impact in the skill tree, but remember, this build does not focus on Cackling Energy as much as stunning and dealing critical damage.

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Sorcerer Build Rotations in Diablo IV

As the skill tree is based on how many skill points you use to unlock the next set of skills in the tree, we'll organize the rotation based on this. You have two options, invest heavily into two skills early on, so you can kill things easily. Then when you're at a certain level, respec into this build and carry on.

We'll add rotations for each added skill, so the rotation will become habitual over time.

  • Level 1-2 - Arc Slash
    • Use Arc Slash until you get to level 3 to get Charged Bolts
  • Level 3-8 - Charged Bolts
    • Use Charged Bolts and Arc Slash in any way you see fit until level 7/8, where you'll get Ice Armor and Teleport.
    • Use Arc Slash and Charged Bolts to deal the initial damage, and Teleport to move out of a cluster of enemies. You can also rush a group of enemies with Teleport if your abilities are not in cooldown.
  • Level 9-15 - Hydra and Fireball
    • Hydra will be your source of inflicting Fire damage on enemies, giving you the time to heal up and run down cooldown timers.
    • You also need to get Fireball to get the Enchantment Slot passive worked into your attack moves. This way, every time you kill an enemy you will blast them with Burn damage.
  • Level 15-20 - Shocking Impact
    • Use the abilities mentioned above until you unlock the Mastery Skills in the tree, from where you need to get the Shocking Impact passive.
    • Shocking Impact deals massive Lightning damage to stunned enemies. This feeds in with Arc Slas as you will use it quite often to stun foes at close range.
  • Level 20-25 - Unstable Currents
    • Before getting Unstable Currents Ultimate Skill, you need to level up Arc Slash and get the Enhanced and Glinting passives.
    • Beyond level 25, you need to get Prime and Supreme Unstable Currents to make your Ultimate even stronger.

Sorcerer Level 25 - Against enemies in Diablo IV

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

While fighting mobs and large groups of weak enemies, use the following skill rotation:

  1. Start the fight by using Charged Bolts and combine it with Arc Slash.
  2. Use the Ice Armor when you start taking damage, and immediately cast Hydra to give you time to move around.
  3. Hold on to your healing Potions and use them only when your health cuts down to half. Ice Armor can protect your character for a short time, and you must strike during this duration.
  4. Use Teleport to move in between or around enemies as it will deal Lightning damage that has a chance of stunning enemies. If they are stunned, keep hitting Arc Slash to eliminate them and get the mana reduction passive.
  5. Use Charged Bolts to finish off any vulnerable enemies, and cast Hydra at a distance to keep feeding into Fire damage.
  6. Repeat the rotation when cooldowns are ready.

Sorcerer Level 25 - Against Elites/Bosses in Diablo IV

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  1. To use Arc Slash, you'll need to be at melee range, and this can be dangerous against Elites. Activate Ice Armor just before moving close to the boss, and start hitting away with Arc Slash and Charged Bolts.
  2. Cast Hydra at a distance to deal constant damage to weaker enemies or traps spawned by the boss.
  3. To dodge the Elites at close range, you will need to use the Evade ability at regular intervals. Usually, I hit Arc Slash four times to run down the Evade cooldown, and then move behind the enemy sneakily.
  4. I highly recommend saving the Teleport for dire situations, as it is better used to move in close to the boss when they are stuck in an attack animation. You should also save it for situations where you are at low HP and need to create distance to heal.
  5. The combo should be between Arc Slash, Ice Armor, and Charged Bolts. Move in close to the Elites when the Ice Armor is available, and move away when it is on cooldown. Hydra recharges quickly, so you can keep using that in between moving in and out of the pocket.
  6. Repeat the rotation after cooldown timers are done.

Sorcerer Specialization in Diablo IV

As for specialization, you can always follow down the path of becoming a Lightning Sorcerer as I did. Eventually, you will unlock Vyr's Mastery as the Key Passive. You will also need to max out Static Discharge, Lightning Spear, and Teleport to become a master of Lightning. After reaching level 40, I started investing more in Core and Conjuration Skills to get a steady flow of damage.

Alternatively, you can go ahead with Frost or Fire elemental-type endgame builds, as this early build features the best abilities these two elements have to offer. Ice Armor is unquestionably the best Defensive skill to select as a Sorcerer, as it offers a continuous barrier as compared to Flame Shield. With the Enhanced and Shimmering Ice Armor, you will gain mana regeneration and will also Freeze enemies in regular intervals. This works exceptionally against groups of enemies, as you can effectively control the crowd without wasting too much mana.

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Diablo 4 Best Sorcerer build for early game

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