Dredge Best Engine Build Setup

While Dredge is billed as a fishing RPG, there are definitely a few ARPG elements you’ll need to get on top of if you want to succeed. This includes when you have to fish in some of the more dangerous areas of the map, especially at night, when you can find yourself hunted by all […]

Dredge Hooded Figure Guide & Locations

Sinister fishing RPG Dredge sees you captaining a small trawler around a group of islands that seem idyllic by day and then anything but at night. Fishing and dredging allow you to raise funds and find the gear you need to improve your boat, but it’s the characters that bring the game to life. These […]

How to get a Ghost Shark in Dredge – Location guide

There are over 120 types of fish to catch in Dredge, with some harder to pin down than others. The Ghost Shark is one of these, and its Encyclopedia entry doesn’t help in finding it, either, with its listed location being completely wrong. Here’s how to get a Ghost Shark in Dredge. Where to find […]

Where to find a Black Grouper in Dredge

With over 120 sea creatures to catch in Dredge, you’ll have your hands full if you’re going for a complete Encyclopedia. Some fish are harder to get your hands on than others, with the Black Grouper being one of them; it can be elusive if you don’t know where to look. Here’s where to find […]