All Unlockables in The Evil Within 2

Evil Within 2 is one of the most frightening games you can play by executive producer Shinji Mikami. He is also responsible for directing the first installments of the Resident Evil and Dino Crisis games. In Evil Within 2 specifically, several unlockables can be attained after beating the game on different difficulty modes. We’ve outlined […]

All The Evil Within 2 trophies and how to achieve them

Players can unlock over 52 achievements or trophies by playing Evil Within 2. Two of these achievements are gold and platform, while the rest fall under the silver (14 total) and bronze (36 total) range. Our guide at PGG will review all 52 achievements and list the steps to unlocking them. That said, here are all 52 achievements and the steps for […]

Is The Evil Within 2 scary?

The first Evil Within game was hugely successful due to its tense chase sequences and gory horror. In response to this reception, Bethesda Softworks released a sequel titled The Evil Within 2, which keeps the same protagonist. This sequel follows Sebastian Castellanos as he searches for his daughter Lily in the Union simulation. The Evil […]