How to craft and upgrade items in Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome’s crafting system is divided into three parts: Equipment, Tactical, and Upgrade. These all have the same menus, but they only change what the player does. In the Equipment tab, new items are created. In the Tactical tab, tactical items are created for use in battle. In the Upgrade tab, items are upgraded. Before crafting, players must […]

Should I side with Theophilus or Zenobia in Expeditions: Rome?

Expeditions: Rome challenges players to choose who will rule the Temple of Apollon, but the choice doesn’t make much difference. Players are given the option of siding with Theophilus or Zenobia and whether to execute or imprison one or the other after hearing what both sides have to say. If you side with either one, […]

Should I give Archelaus back to Mithridates in Expeditions: Rome?

A meeting will take place between the player and Mithridates in Expeditions: Rome, during which both sides will discuss hostages. One of these hostages is Archelaus, a powerful opponent that can be traded back for extra troops. Even though it may seem like a good deal (a few hundred troops for Archelaus), that decision will […]