All Fabulous Feast Fame Pass Rewards in Fall Guys

Fall Guys constantly receives new cosmetics, emotes, and more through updates and Fame Passes. The Fabulous Feast Fame pass includes delicious rewards and cosmetics; let’s take a look. All cosmetics in Fall Guys Fabulous Feast Fame Pass The Fabulous Feast Fame Pass introduces numerous new costumes, emotes, and ways to customize your Fall Guys experience. […]

10 of the Rarest Fall Guys Skins (November 2023)

Fall Guys has been making big splashes in the battle royale genre ever since it’s launch back in 2020. The colorful aesthetic along with dangerous platforms and obstacles makes for an utterly chaotic yet fun experience. And since the game’s free to play, more and more players are jumping in to try it out. Players […]

All Fall Guys FFXIV rewards and costs

Fall Guys is teaming up with Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) to bring a special crossover event where you can participate in various activities and obtain exclusive rewards inspired by the world of FFXIV. The collaboration event runs from October 31, 2023, until December 31, 2023, at 6:59am PST. The event also brings a new Gold […]

All Trick or Yeet Fame Pass Rewards – Fall Guys

Fall Guys’ change to the season pass allows me to collect even more skins, cosmetics, and other accessories thanks to the number of Fame Passes per season. With Halloween around the corner, I’m especially excited for the spooky costumes in the Trick or Yeet Fame Pass. You may be wondering if you should purchase the […]