Is there skill-based matchmaking in Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a widely popular platforming battle royale title that features lobbies of 60 players. The goal is to make it through a series of rounds and eventually claim the Crown. As a multiplayer experience, you may be wondering if Fall Guys has skill-based matchmaking. Does Fall Guys have skill-based matchmaking? The answer is […]

10 of the Rarest Fall Guys Skins (August 2022)

Fall Guys has been making big splashes in the battle royale genre ever since it’s launch back in 2020. The colorful aesthetic along with dangerous platforms and obstacles makes for an utterly chaotic yet fun experience. And since the game’s free to play, more and more players are jumping in to try it out. Players […]

How to claim Amazon Prime Fall Guys Rewards

One of the best ways to get good-looking skins for your characters in Fall Guys is by redeeming the exclusive skins available through the Amazon Prime Rewards section. To claim this monthly Amazon Prime Fall Guys Rewards, you need to have an active Amazon Prime subscription account and connect your Amazon Prime account with your […]